New House: A Peek Into a Few Organized Spaces

Jul 13

Moving. You know I’ve personally survived this gig several times, but something happened throughout this particular experience. Between the unpacking we’ve done for clients over the last 6 months, to managing the prep / move out of my own home, to moving into this new home…and even yesterday when we (at the very last minute) helped a stressed out mom unpack a few spaces in her new home = I’ve learned and experienced enough to write a book.

Since I don’t have a book in me right now…l mean, what publisher in their right mind would even offer me a book deal – haha!…lucky you, I’ll be sharing it all here. And it’s important content you won’t want to miss, especially if you’re moving in the near future. There’s definitely a new wing of the business underway, I’ll say that much.

Anyway, after being here a few weeks, I’m thrilled that most of the boxes are unpacked. Just a few remain, but if I never see cardboard or sticky packing tape in my personal home ever again I’ll be a very happy girl! While unpacked, not every space is organized to perfection. I’ll pace myself, as usual. But if you know me – the most important spaces are already taking shape and thought it would be fun to give you a peek.

I also have sad news to announce at the end of this post. After reading, you can only imagine this one is going to need a FULL blog post all its own. But I couldn’t write about the new house today without at least touching on it – this special guy was everything to us. And this house will certainly not be what it could have been without him and his incredible spirit.

Another note…I do have plans to finish sharing what happened during the month of May, how I survived it (organized, of course) and have loads of photos / experiences to share. But before I share photos of these new home spaces, I wanted to add these last photos of the driveway – snapped on the day I officially drove out for the last time and said goodbye…

I love the house so much and it’s always going to be a treasured memory, but frankly, once I saw it empty I felt nothing. A surprising feeling, I know. I wasn’t sad or emotional – there were no tears.

A true testament to the old adage. A house is just a house – we…YOU, your family, the contents, the memories…THAT is what makes it a HOME. Walking through the empty house didn’t touch me for some reason. Could be I had already grieved it over a long period of time…or could be the kids weren’t there and our stuff was gone. Could have been due to pure and utter exhaustion. More than likely, I think! I don’t know – interesting though.

But this driveway is a whole other emotion. This is the piece of the property I fell in love with from day one. Before we ever pulled all the way in to see this blank landscape…

The flowers bloom in the summer and I loved looking out the kitchen window to see them. Loved driving in and out no matter the season. The years of heartfelt comments about it from people walking by on the nearby trail. Or the comments from visitors who had the privilege of driving in / out. Such a special space and it was hard to say goodbye…

But I did – without tears…and with the help of someone special by my side.

Will be sharing more soon. In the meantime, let’s start focusing on the new chapter! Because I am SO beyond ready to start living!…


The first space I dug into was the kitchen. With kids home for summer and the kitchen definitely being the heart of any home we live in (the garage coming in a close second – ha!), it was imperative to get it whipped into shape quickly. Specifically the fridge and pantry. You saw a glimpse of the pantry last week, but here it is again…

( cereal containers | caddies | baking ingredient jars | glass candy jars | chocolate chip jars )

With the exception of the caddies, which were a part of the giveaway last week, all of the products here are from the old house. I love how everything transitioned seamlessly. It was a test of my own work, honestly. I want to know if what I am suggesting or bringing into client’s homes holds the test of time as well. So this was a good checkpoint for myself on that note.

( wicker basket | metal basket )

It’s a pretty large walk-in pantry. I broke up the space in 2 sections. From the drawer section over to the right is all food and baking. From the drawer section around to the left is overflow kitchen appliances, paper products, vitamins, medicines, tea and cookbooks…

Breaking it up helps define the space. Promise this space will eventually have a post of its own. Want to live here a while before sharing that.

How about this new Sunday Fridge?…

( fridge containers )

Geez. It’s a far cry from my teeny fridge across town but I’m still the same girl – simple, minimal and this will only contain what we actually eat week to week. Or I should say day to day with the way these kids are eating all summer.

One recent morning was sorta quiet with kids still in bed. The sun streaming into this corner of the kitchen had to be captured. I am so thankful and really wanted to soak in the moment. “Excited” about this new chapter doesn’t even come close. Could never imagine being this happy or more in love with my people…

A few cabinets need a little help but otherwise the kitchen is great in its current state. Just a lot of labor keeping the counters and floors clean.


The next space in need of quick organization was the office. It’s nowhere near organized – there are beautiful built-in’s and lots of drawers / cabinets so it’s going to take time….and I don’t necessarily want everything filled. But what was most important was getting the must-have client project items and materials out of boxes. Although the move was underway and most of my focus, this business was still very much open with deadlines and items to stay on top of. Including important partnerships.

I was excited again that all of the organizing products from the previous home office worked seamlessly in here! For example, you may recall my gift wrap shelf from the old house

The containers from these drawers fit perfectly in the new drawers…

( drawer organizers )

Like a glove! I couldn’t believe my good fortune on this situation.

Heaven = right here…

The kids have already been in this drawer making notes for one another and wrapping summer birthday gifts. Love it!

On another office wall I organized a high cabinet using white paper magazine files…

( paper magazine files | acrylic magazine holder )

You’ll recall the magazine file organization method I had many years ago…

Well, now that I searched out the post it looks like that was from over 4 years ago! Blog post is here.

These didn’t hold up well over time and ended up discolored. So I upgraded to paper and these will definitely stand the test of time concealed behind cabinet doors…

The magazine holders contain office supplies I access occasionally while making the best use of vertical space. I don’t like to stack in an already high, out of reach area. Organizing this way still allows you to store a lot of items but makes it way easier to grab when needed…

Love these and have plans for more of them on another wall I’ll share soon!


If you guessed from the intro we lost our beloved cat, Charlie…I am heartbroken to say it’s true. And even typing this seems surreal. This guy was my guy. My boy. And I still today walk outside calling his name and at no given time find myself saying out loud, “I miss my boy”. The depth of loss here can’t be described.

This was taken hours before moving – in fact the movers were there loading the truck and he stuck close throughout. As if he knew I needed a steady companion. He seemed in a more loving mood than normal…for an already loving cat that says a lot. Looking back I am so grateful to have snapped this. This is how I held him and was the only person who could hold him this way. It always seemed a little awkward but it’s how I held him since he was a kitten…just 7 years ago…

If someone attempted holding him that way – no can do. Each of the kids had a special way of holding him as well.

And this was the day we drove away from the house the last time. He was quiet, which wasn’t typical of him for a car ride. I snapped it to send to the kids…reassuring him he was on his way to the new house and very happy. Which he was!

He greeted us at the driveway or inside the house every time we got home. If he was outside, as soon as I opened the car door he hopped onto the warm dashboard and took a nap…

Of course I sat in the car, worked on emails and snapped photos of him adoringly – with the doors open. I have hundreds of these…and in all sorts of funny positions. A few he has himself squished between the windshield and dash…I guess it was pretty warm there.

Also have an equal amount of paw shots…one of my favorite to kiss…and squeeze and use to point at the kids when they were in trouble while I was holding him…they loved that and laughed every time…

Had my car washed yesterday and requested they NOT wipe down the dashboard. You can imagine the looks I was given – ha! I want his cat hair to stick around a while longer.

Whether I was editing photos or writing, he was either in my lap…

Or curled up on the chair behind me…

He loved this chair. His face is so fricking irresistible we couldn’t control ourselves – he received millions of kisses on every square inch of his face over 7 years…

This was my favorite sleep position…

You may think I’m crazy for sharing so much about this guy and think you aren’t a cat person…but I can assure you, every single person who met him who claimed they weren’t a cat person – suddenly became one. He was a dog in a cat costume. And loved by everyone…and he loved everyone too, including his bunny sibling, Posey…

No matter who came to visit (as long as you weren’t a dog about his size – ha!), he greeted you and let you pet / love him. Maybe not pick him up because only a few were allowed to do that but he was warm and kind and always rubbed your leg, leaving cat hair on your pants. He was a treasured member of the family and we are so devastated. We are thankful for literal hundreds of photos and videos of this guy. Be prepared for an awesome blog post about him where I include incredible and funny moments!

This was taken on my birthday this year in May. Not one birthday or back to school photo or holiday photo was the same without him in it…

Thanks for letting me share a little bit about Charlie and our new home. I’ll be back soon sharing more!!

Hope you’re having a great great weekend guys!!



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  1. Josie Hernandez says:

    Not a cat person. But you talk about Charlie like I would talk about our dog Charlie. So lovable and a million kisses on his face & paws. So sorry he didn’t make it to be a permanent member of your new home, but awe… have so many memories of him. Hugs from your kitty Charlie.

    • Samantha says:

      Awe, I know – people say they aren’t cat people but this guy was super special. You’ll read more about him in an upcoming post and understand why. Truly such a special member of this family and I’m so sad without him!

      Thank you so much for the sweet note!!


  2. Jann Schott says:

    Oooh. I have tears reading about your beloved Charlie. I’m so sorry that he’s gone. For what it’s worth, there is a company called cuddle clones (dot com) that replicates any animal. Hubby had my sweet dog, Daisy, immortalized as a Christmas gift. I cried when I received it, because it looked so much like her. The collar she had fits this replica. It brought me comfort having this in my life.

    Your house is starting to look like a home! I look forward to seeing the progress!

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Jann!

      Thank you so much – we are all so sad about it too. Lots of tears. We miss him and it’s just not the same without him here.

      What a thoughtful gesture from your husband and thank you for the suggestion!

      Thank you…it’s definitely feeling a little more like home. Memories have already been made here and the kids love it…we are very happy and enjoying the next chapter. Look forward to sharing more!!


  3. Sandra says:

    So sorry about sweet Charlie. What a beautiful kitty. Tears in my eyes for your loss.

  4. Lisa says:

    Hello! So excited to see a few glimpses of the new house. I couldn’t wait for you to start sharing! Congrats to you all on getting this new chapter. As for Charlie….my heart breaks for you. I lost my Simba back in March after 19 years. That kitty had been through so many life changes with me. She too was also very affectionate. So, I completely understand. I have so many photos of those furry paws that only a crazy cat lady could love. For awhile I would wake up during the night still hearing her little meow…..I guess just letting me know that she’s all good now and all is ok. It takes time, but you have sweet memories to hold onto.

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Lisa,

      Thank you so much for your sweet comments and for sharing about your own cat. They really have a way of getting into that special place in your heart. Loved him greatly!!!


  5. Melanie says:

    I am so sorry to hear about your kitty Charlie. I can 100% relate to your sadness…just recently I had to say goodbye to my beloved kitty Lola who was just a little over 15 years old. It’s truly like losing a member of your family…I’m still heartbroken over it. Thank you for sharing your story and your beautiful photos!

  6. Mrs Mike says:

    I am so sorry for the loss of your fur baby. My beloved kitty was 19 when she passed but I still miss her every day. Thank you for sharing your photo’s of your kitty.

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