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Aug 23

Maybe it’s me emerging from a hectic, exhausting, emotional 10-week long summer…or the fact we are in the throes of all things back to school, back to schedules / routines…could be due to navigating changes…but I am desperate for all things organization, order and simple. Craving balance…calm…happiness for everyone. Everything from feeling like myself again to finding a space I feel comfortable in to work, design and write to scratching the itch of a DIY home project to desperately seeking workout motivation to healthy meal planning…and most importantly, finding time to connect with family and friends.

Is that asking too much?

Maybe. Maybe not.

Did I mention I need a vacation? Other than a short, but fun, trip to Mount Zion early June, I haven’t been anywhere since New Years. And that trip was with kids. I haven’t had an adult vacation in years.

A vacation / break is needed. Feeling it with every move I make…every night getting kids tucked in…every exhausted morning wake up.

Don’t get me wrong – there is so much going right in my life. I don’t miss a day counting those blessings. Matter of fact, I’ve been using the gratitude section of my new planner Making it a point to focus on the positive in my life for which I am tremendously grateful…

I don’t know, maybe deep down I’m still sad about the move…the loss of the house…losing Charlie (for sure I am missing him so much)…feeling unsettled. There’s definitely ex stuff swirling, which will not be talked about in here but I’m upset with how things are going and how it’s not at all what my plan was for that road. I know that’s taking its toll.

The last 2 months have been incredible but stressful – not going to lie. If anything, I’m going to be honest. More sleepless or restless nights than I prefer to admit. Less gym stress-relieving time than I imagined. Looking forward to the kids being on a schedule and seeing routines take shape so that Sam can begin to be a little more Sam again.

Yesterday I was interviewed on a podcast and today I emailed the host asking her to delete the entire recording and reschedule it. I was not myself. Truthfully, a topic wasn’t sent to me in advance so it completely all my doing. But normally I am quick on my toes – easy to adapt and roll with it. The old Sam would have made the best of it all and made it fun. Not yesterday!

I’ll get there.

Now that the kids are back in school, I’m excited to plan more time at the gym, more time writing / journaling, time to focus on my health, and more. My face is definitely showing signs of the lack of sleep – puffy eyes, dull, pale. I’m going to look into some new skincare products and routines that will boost my spirits and self-esteem…which has tanked over the last year.

Sorry to sound like such a downer – I promise, there are lots of times during the day I laugh, smile and feel connected. Am just feeling that dark cloud looming and I want to get a stick to beat it away. 🙂

There is a point to this post here. No, I’m not here to complain or share a pity party. When push comes to shove and I’m feeling out of control, organization and journaling helps guide me back. That includes doing organizing projects for families. This could also be a contributing factor to my feelings of sadness. I love helping people and with the busy kid-filled summer, there was little time to work or focus on designing / sourcing for projects. And doing anything positive for someone else = that always boosts my spirits!

Recently, some new organizing items crossed my radar and wanted to share them with you. If you’re having a rough day and shiny organizing things make you happy too – hope you enjoy!!!


You guys know me for tackling those challenging spaces – it’s what I am sought out for most often. Lately, there’s been some real mind-numbing spaces I’ve faced. Recently found some beautiful options for small space living and this system is awesome!…

This is great for a small kitchen as well…

In search of a way to get the hampers off the laundry room floor? This is cool!

Reclaim your point of entry with a simple set up like a bench, baskets and wall hooks. Nothing fancy is required. These baskets are durable…

These baskets are unique and pretty as well. And any solution like this cart that is mobile / capable of moving easily from space to space is helpful in your organizing efforts…

Always on the hunt for cool, unique and sustainable organizing containment. This is a new one I am IN LOVE with…

Forever in search of cool pet containment too. Every home we work in has a pet greet us at the door – love it! This basket is so cute, but subtle and classy!…

I am in love with some of the new Erin Condren notepads. The daily planning notepad is a great way to stay focused on your day…

I mentioned getting on top of healthy eating – a big goal in the next week or so is getting on top of all things food and grocery shopping around here. Dinner needs to be streamlined and organized for sure with all of the differing schedules. This is a great grocery list to get you organized…

Ready for a date night after the long summer? Be sure to leave behind this organized sheet of info for your sitter…

I’m back into time blocking, especially with blog writing and design projects ramping up again. Working in blocks of 30 minutes seems to work well for me. I take a quick 10 minute break to walk around or look outside, have water or go to the bathroom. THe break really does improve my concentration. This beautiful 30-minute hourglass is a great way to utilize the time-block method…

Not a huge fan of items sitting on the kitchen counter, but I know it’s necessary. And I can easily be swayed by this bowl…it comes in 3 sizes too!…



I’m sure you’ve seen the pretty acrylic Russell+Hazel stapler. I have one as well…

It’s typically $22 but just found the same one for HALF THE PRICE here!

As I continue sourcing new organization products I’ll share them here with you! There’s a lot of Labor Day sales popping up early so be sure to keep an eye out for those before you buy anything.

Hope you guys have a relaxing weekend planned! Back soon with more…



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  1. Kallie says:

    The end of the summer always seems to catch me off guard and ill-prepared. I’m right there with you – lack of routines and time to do what needs to be done (kids home!) has caught up with me and I’m hanging on. barely. I can only imagine the additional “stuff” that you have piled on top of all of that! Thinking of you today and looking forward to following your lead to get back to feeling like me again! Hugs!

    • Samantha says:

      Thank you so much, Kallie! Hope you are feeling some relief again soon as well… I can totally relate to the barely hanging on thing – yikes! Summer is tough!

      Thank you again and hugs back!

  2. Marianne says:

    It will get better. You’ll look back and wish you could tell “ your younger self” to just breathe. You are truly talented. Hang in there:)

  3. maggy says:

    You’re strong, you’re a very good woman, wonderful and so beautiful !!! I’m waiting each day for a post, I love to read them… You’re pictures are lovely too. Don’t worry Sam, you’re the best (you’re life is very full with 3 kids and you’re super organized, BRAVO )
    Big kisses from France, and sorry for my poor english, but I wanted to send you just some positiv words…

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Maggy!

      Your English is perfect! – Thank you and HELLO / HUGS back to you from the US. 🙂 You are so sweet!!! Thank you so much and I look forward to posting again soon as well! Means so much to have you here.


  4. Jann Schott says:

    Deep breaths, Sam. It’s tough getting back into a routine, & the fact you are trying to do just that in a brand new setting has to be over the top maddening, not to mention chaotic.

    May you find your groove again sooner than later.

    In goes the good air, out goes the bad air. Deep breaths.

    • Samantha says:

      So so true! Am trying to find more time to just breath, meditate and enjoy the little moments. Actually, last week I had a friend come over to do a yoga class for us – she did a home visit and it was amazing! I think Yoga is going to be a new thing for this girl. 🙂

      Thank you for the reminder!!


  5. Shannon says:

    After a crazy busy summer, I’ve just had a chance to catch up on all of your summer posts. Wow, you’ve had quite the hectic and change-filled summer! And no wonder you are craving structure. I’m feeling the same. Dealing with family health issues, taking over a family members finances, our youngest just started a crazy marching band season, and we moved our oldest to college 6 hrs away last week! All the emotions over here! The piles of everything were out of control, so I took the whole day Friday to at least tackle some paper. Felt SO much better. Sounds like we’re in this together, establishing new routines (“new normal” as they say), and trying our best to take better care of our physical and mental health. You’re such a strong woman, and I have no doubt it will come together soon. You are inspiring. Now…schedule that much deserved adult vacation!!!

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Shannon!

      Oh my gosh – my issues are nothing compared to what you have had going on. WOW! You’re amazing!!!

      And that’s all you can do – tackle one small thing at a time. It’s how I approach it as well. I have 3 boxes of scanning to do and have a date planned with those boxes very soon. It will be my one big task I do for ONE day. And then I’ll congratulate myself and do something else the next day. All in time. And moderation. So kudos for you for getting through some paper – that is a tough one!

      Hoping to get some adult time very soon – need a vacation!!!!

      Thank you for such a sweet comment!

  6. Antje says:

    Hey Sam,
    I don’t know you, just following your blog since a while. However, as far as I can say it: please relax. You are an ambitious girl with lots of personal and professional challenging goals. You have a full life, lot’s of challenges in the recent past, a family and friends and social life, a newly started little company, … And that’s alone is by far a lot more than enough. On the top you have three little kids and with them the very most important goal in your life – to bring them to fly for their own life. And if – and really just in case you would like to compare yourself against others – so, if you really would like to compare yourself and your very personal situation with others: you’re far beyond the most of us anyway already. Often we have the biggest challenge with ourselves and our own plans and perfection.
    I only can say to you: Esp. in the last months with school break and summer time, with hot temperatures and my biz I was wondering already how the hack you mastering all that ;-)) I’m self-employed as well, mother of two and have been in the middle of my all years summer-mood. The hot temperatures here alone where challenging enough. But with the kids at home, me in my home office and client appointments … gosh … and I had nothing else than that :-))
    So, Sam, please, believe, don’t be that though to yourself and allow our inner-self a bit more relaxation and sometimes even chaos :-)) Enjoy some time with your kids and summer and then, in August / September, with refreshed batteries … back to all your goals.
    Best wishes from Germany, Antje 🙂

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