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Oct 17

Because the kitchen is the heart of every home and the space we generally run to first after walking in the door, it makes sense our kitchen counters are primed for clutter. It’s where keys and mail are tossed. Where backpacks are dropped. Work and school papers strewn. Forget about that beautiful desk you bought for your child’s bedroom…homework is done at the kitchen counter or table. And it’s all over the place. Including those pencil eraser remnants.

It’s easy – and NORMAL – for counters to quickly reflect real life. It’s home and should be a comfortable space to let go and be yourself.

Since knowing all of the above is inevitable, the least and best I can do is keep the actual kitchen item clutter to a minimum. I’m sure this comes as no surprise since I’m a professional organizer that loves a clean, organized home!

cooking at the stove

If you’re looking for Sam in this house, 9 times out of 10 you’ll find me here…

Mean it.

Cooking, cleaning, organizing something, baking, talking to the kids, doing the 100th round of dishes, making my 15th coffee of the day (also mean it)…I’m found here. Nothing makes me more grateful or happier…

Nothing makes me happier than making everyone else in this house happy too – so doing my best to keep the counters clean and organized is important to me.

By nature, I’m a minimalist anyway so you’ll rarely find clutter on the counter. But we do need to have some items on the counter. Today I wanted to share some of my expert tips for how to keep the counters cleared, declutter your kitchen and I’m sharing beautiful ways I organized our new kitchen counters.

I’m beyond excited to partner with Williams Sonoma for this post to share a small sampling of their incredible kitchen organizing products!…

…and yes, you have a chance to win a few of these yourself! I had to do it, guys! Love you too much!


Minimal kitchen counters begin a few ways, but the 2 tips topping the list are…

  • keeping your kitchen gear and gadgets to a minimum by only holding onto the items you truly love AND use

  • and making the most of your existing cabinet, drawer and pantry space – this could include your garage space as well because many of the homes we work in have an overflow shelf in the garage for entertaining or bulk store items

Our new kitchen does have a lot of space – I’m grateful for it! – but have NO plans to fill it to capacity. Just like in my previous home, I’ve kept this space thinned to the items we grab for and need on the daily. With airy, minimal cabinet / drawer contents, this gives us the counter space for leaving out only the quick go-to items.


Make a plan this weekend to spend just 30 minutes doing a quick pass through your drawers and cabinets. Anything at first glance you can get rid of? Anything old? Anything broken? Any duplicates?…triplicates? Part with them. By taking a quick look you’ll be surprised by what you don’t really use or love anymore.

Starting with the coffee maker, which is a very treasured item around here, I keep the coffee beans fresh and simply organized in a glass jar…

( Olivewood & Glass Container )

The Olivewood & Glass Container is the perfect and simple way to contain your beans. I don’t even bother with a scoop – just open the lid and pour them into our coffee maker.

A few weeks ago I mentioned the various food styles we have going in the house and how I’ve been trying new recipes each week. Whether it’s a recipe found online via my ipad or I’m pulling from a cookbook, this sleek cookbook holder is so handy!…

( Cookbook Holder )

It’s sturdy and modern, yet lightweight and thin enough to tuck away when not in use. And I LOVE the panel on the left side that displays measurements, weights and equivalents…

It’s been invaluable and it’s just pretty!


Take 15 minutes to go through your cookbook collection. Did you know your local library will happily take your book donations? With recipes easily found online, it’s rare you ever need a cookbook. Although I admit they are fun to flip through, if you haven’t made a recipe from the book or it’s passed its interest point for you, pass it on.  Keep your collection to the basics and those that bring back memories.

Cooking utensils and knife collections tend to make up a lot of the counter clutter I see in client’s homes. Some families opt to have everything in a nearby drawer. But if you have or want to keep your utensils / knifes on the counter, these 2 organizing solutions are a must have…

( partitioned utensil holder | knife holder )

The partitioned utensil holder is great for keeping tools organized and from appearing clumped together in the container…

The Olivewood Knife Holder is a safe option as opposed to a drawer…

This knife holder has an insert made of flex rods that conform to the shape of your tools. The rods will not dull or damage your kitchen knives like a traditional knife block may do. I love that it holds the knife no matter if the collection is matching or not. We have a couple different sets and you’d never know when placed in this holder!…

Since the cooking and entertaining season is firing up, I grabbed a few replacements and updates, like these Olivewood Spoons…

( spoons )

For the occasional salt or butter addition, you can still find beautiful ways to store salt and butter on the counter…

( salt keeper )

( copper butter keeper )


When purchasing containers, go with the classics that never go out of style. It’s also important to consider purchasing items from a line that will never be discontinued. When you need to add another container, you’ll never be left in a pinch or with mismatched items. For example, OXO Pop containers are excellent and will never be discontinued! I love their square shape too because they nest easily in a drawer or on a shelf.

No counter is complete without a paper towel holder or snack containers! And nothing gets more beautiful than these 2 options from Williams Sonoma…

Seriously. Those jars! I am in love!…

This simple set of 3 jars have a classic shopkeeper feel and opening large enough to use a scooper. The lids have an air-tight seal to store whatever your heart desires…while keeping contents fresh! In our home, these are 3 of the most often grabbed snacks – almonds for sure being #1…

Almonds, pretzels, crackers, candy, treats, dog bones…they will all be sealed tight for freshness. And look so pretty on your counter…or really in any room! These can be used in an office, craft room or bathroom too…

I found the cookies at Williams Sonoma – can proudly admit I’ve resisted the urge to grab one. But they are making everyone else in the house very happy. Caught this hooded halloween ghost sneaking a treat…

As he should!…it’s why the cookies are here!…

( glass jars | paper towel holder | cookies )

The Olivewood collection from Williams Sonoma adds the perfect natural touch to this bright white and blue kitchen!

You can see how much I’ve been able to organize while still leaving the counters pretty clear. These organizing solutions are seamless and beautiful too!

When Willams Sonoma reached out to partner with me for this blog post, I didn’t think I’d be able to narrow down the products to share with you. Their organization collection is vast, stunning and always classic – as Williams Sonoma is. Broken down into several categories, you can choose from finishes of Olivewood, copper, ceramic, walnut, marble and more. Whatever type of kitchen organization you need – they have it. Everything from cookie jars to bread boxes to food containers to drawer organizers and of course they offer all the tools you need day to day…or for the upcoming holiday season!

There is no better time of year to declutter your kitchen – with guest season approaching, show off your organized kitchen and clutter-free kitchen counters.

You can see the entire kitchen organization collection here!


As a thank you for being such incredible readers, Williams Sonoma has offered a generous giveaway! And I’ll be shipping it directly so there may be an extra surprise in the box!

1 lucky Simply Organized reader will win the Hammered Copper Butter Dish, a medium-sized Olivewood Glass Container, and a Ceramic Utensil Holder. For giveaway entry, just follow the directions in the gadget below…

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Hope you enjoyed another peek into the new kitchen and came away inspired to clear your own counters. Look forward to sharing more of this beautiful, sun and kid-filled happy space…

Thank you for reading and good luck in the giveaway!

Back soon with more organization love…



*Williams Sonoma partnered with me for this blog post. They contributed a few of the items I’ve shared as a gift to me for sharing my opinions and thoughts…which are all genuine and my own. All images were taken by me or when I’m pictured, were taken by Jenn Hoffman. Some affiliate links were used for your convenience. Thank you for reading and supporting this blog so I can continue to deliver excellent content.

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  1. Jackie says:

    Love how bright and airy your kitchen is…simply perfect!

  2. Susie Wilcox says:

    Your kitchen is gorgeous! Thanks for the give away. Love Williams Sonoma items.

  3. Karyn Woodard says:

    Lovely kitchen!

  4. Jennibell says:

    So I had already clicked on the copper butter dish and snack containers as I was reading…great choices for the giveaway 😉
    Your new kitchen is BEAUTIFUL!

  5. Kristin says:

    I love those glass canisters!!!

  6. Isaida says:

    The glass canisters and the partitioned utensil holder are my favorite. Your kitchen is so beautiful and inviting. Thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Bethany Harrington says:

    Really enjoyed this post! Just renovated my kitchen but am still figuring out where to put utensils, etc. Your selections from William Sonoma are great ideas for my own kitchen. I especially like the ceramic utensil holder and the knife holder!

  8. Marianne says:

    Your kitchen is beautiful. Happy that you are on the road to your better self. TY for your blog.

  9. Aimee says:

    Such a beautiful kitchen. Love all your tips!

  10. Jenn Murphy says:

    Your kitchen is absolutely beautiful! I think my favorite in this post is either the glass canisters or the utensil holder…too hard to decide, love Williams Sonoma!

    • Samantha says:

      I know – the utensil holder is so great! Normally those types of canisters are too small and the utensils get all bunched up in the bottom, are hard to get it and out. This has been so useful! Love it!


  11. Ana K says:

    What a beautiful kitchen! I love the glass containers!

  12. Melody says:

    What a peaceful kitchen! That’s my goal for our home….. working towards it. Thanks for your inspiration!
    I LOVE the copper & glass butter dish!

  13. Sarah Link says:

    That cook book holder is so neat! I love your minimalist approach to things!

  14. Pat F. says:

    The ceramic utensil holder is beautiful as is the glass containers! Williams Sonoma has so many nice things! Thank you for the opportunity to win. I have a problem with disorganization and always appreciate your ideas! By the way, your kitchen is gorgeous!!

    • Samantha says:

      Awe – thank you! We love it too! Such a blessing and grateful for the space to bring everyone together.

      I love the glass containers too! They have been VERY useful and loved…


  15. Lorrie Lethco Bazzi says:

    Gorgeous!! These compliment your kitchen so well while being functional (great combo)!!

  16. Christyn B. says:

    I love the divided utensil crock!

  17. Jessica says:

    That butter keeper and the paper towel holder would be a lovely upgrade in my maple wood and blue kitchen ????

  18. Kathy says:

    I love the glass containers, and they are a beautiful compliment to your gorgeous kitchen.

  19. Michelle J. says:

    I love the set of 3 jars!

  20. Tiffany says:

    What a beautiful kitchen. I’m waiting on pins and needles to do a renovation on mine. I can see incorporating some of your tricks used here. I’m a huge fan of using trays for decor/corralling, and I’m giving one area the side eye. Why in the world did I not think to do this before?!

  21. Rachael says:

    ALL of the Williams Sonoma stuff is so pretty. I do get overwhelmed by it all though. I like your idea of minimalism in the kitchen & suggestions. That would probably help me. Your kitchen is gorgeous too! ☺️

  22. Dorie says:

    Gorgeous kitchen and I love all things William Sonoma. Thanks for producing such a great blog!

  23. Whitney says:

    I’m entering again! That copper butter keeper! ????

  24. Grace Cho says:

    Such a bright and clean space! Love it!!

  25. Lori Miles says:

    Love love everything al William Sonoma. The glass jars are so nice on your counter. I’d love one on my counter to hold my Nespresso capsules. Thanks for idea of jars.

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