Guest Room Ready for the Holidays + Tips For Making Guests Feel At Home

Oct 23

Throughout the changes over the last year, it goes without saying we are very excited to celebrate the holidays this year. We soaked in our final Thanksgiving and Christmas in the old house knowing it would soon be on the market in the spring. We decorated. We hosted Thanksgiving, Christmas AND my great nephew’s 1st birthday. We didn’t let anything stop us from continuing to make memories there. Hard to believe 1 year ago I sat in my old home office wondering exactly where we’d be right this minute.

Never dreaming we would be where we are today. Seriously – no idea.

I am so grateful. So happy. Hopeful. So. In. Love.

This holiday season all of us are really looking forward to celebrating this new chapter surrounded by friends and family. Not only do we want and need a little down time / rest, spending time with the people we love is top of the list…and we want them to come visit and STAY for an extended period. But before they arrive, guest rooms and bathrooms need a little sprucing. Old bedding and towels need updating.

If you are a part of the Simply Organized Instagram community, you may have seen a few glimpses into a 50th birthday party we hosted over the weekend…

It turned out beautifully and was a great test run into hosting guests for the holidays, because 2 separate couples spent the night in guest rooms.

Our new home has 2 spaces for guests, one being a dream detached pool house. Day to day, this space is designated as a hang out for the kids and their friends…but when guests visit, it’s all theirs. As we head into the holiday season, we couldn’t wait to refresh with new bedding and bath items to pamper our guests. Not that the location or view isn’t already luxurious enough!…

Serena & Lily is a favorite! Recently I shared our new calm and peaceful master bedding

throw pillows on master bed

We are aiming for that same coastal, casual vibe out here in the guest house too – so it had to be Serena & Lily yet again!…

In usual Sam mode, we’re pacing ourselves with the additions around here. It can be costly when you move and find the need to outfit different spaces / scenery. I’m not letting the fact we don’t have an actual bed or headboard keep us from decorating and getting the space prepared. So if you are in that same predicament, don’t stress. Just get it set up as cozy as possible and your guests will love it!…and return!

I did want to mention however that Serena & Lily is offering 30% off beds right now – not just their beautiful bedding collections! I’ll be taking a closer look during the sale (going on through October 28th as that will be a significant savings!), but not putting added pressure on the pocketbook. THIS BED THOUGH….

Would that not be perfect out here?!?!

Moving on…

To refresh this pool house guest retreat, we chose bedding, pillows, bath items and a new mirror from Serena & Lily

The duvet and matching shams bring in the perfect botanical touch to this outdoor space…

( duvet | shams )

I love the soft print and that it’s two-sided, giving us two looks to play with…


A cozy gray coverlet provides guests the option of removing the duvet for just a warm blanket…you never know if guests run cold or hot at night…

( coverlet )

This is the same blanket I chose for the master. I really love this blanket! It has a pretty texture, is light-weight, soft and the perfect blanket to cuddle up with.

Since this is a pool house and guests will definitely visit in the summer, we opted for linen bed sheets. And these are seriously to die for!…

( sheets )

These come in a range of colors and have a relaxed, effortless style – again, perfect for this casual space. They are extra soft too! I think I love these the most out of everything we chose.

For an extra touch I added a throw pillow and this gorgeous mirror over the bed…

( pillow | insert )

( mirror )

The mirror makes a subtle statement without overpowering everything else. And since I’m unsure about an eventual bed frame, it’s a nice compliment above the bed. I’m sure we’ll keep it here – it works in this space. I already owned the rug so that was a bonus – the mirror goes very well with that too!…

( rug )

Heck – forget about the guests – I’m ready to stay the night!…who’s joining me??…

This guest space has a full bath as well so I added a few new bath and hand towels, washcloths and a soft bath mat. Nothing better than fresh towels as a guest when visiting someone, but they have to be good towels…not chinsey and not the type that doesn’t absorb water…

The Napa bath collection is SOOOOO soft and thick…you’ll want to double check their bags at the end of their stay. Your guests may run off with these!…

( hand towel | washcloth )

The hand towel and washcloth are dense but not bulky. They are super soft and light-weight.

But this bath towel!….I love the details and the tassel fringe!…

( bath towel )

( bath mat )

Our guests who stayed Saturday night were very comfortable! And it was exciting to finally have someone stay here. For the last several months we’ve had dreams of updating and getting it guest ready for the holidays – and beyond. Other than a few extra touches we’d like to add, we’re going to keep it pretty minimal.


Sometimes we forget what it’s like to be a guest in someone’s home…so I put together a few of my top tips for hosting people overnight…


To really get a feel for what the experience will be for your guests, spend the night in there yourself! 



In this space we added a bedside table on one side of the bed, a chair with a throw blanket on the other. Guests love a light but also room to rest items such as books, eyeglasses, their phone or ipad, a jacket…


Nothing worse than getting cold in the middle of the night and having to ask or search for something. Better to over-plan…then under.




As a guest I love to have extra space to lay out clothing or keep a luggage open. Sometimes when we host we forget what being a guest can sometimes be like – the less clutter you have in their space, the better. That way they can be a visitor in your pretty space, but also have room to be themselves.



If there’s a lock on the door, even better. Especially if you have children in the house! If your guests are traveling from a distance, they may be tired at certain points and want a little privacy or a nap. Giving them privacy and space to totally relax is important. 


Speaking of kids, don’t forget about them if they are visiting. Toys, a pack-n-play, snacks – you can ask your guest before they arrive what would be the most helpful. I remember those stressful, exhausting days of traveling with small children. Anything to help a weary parent goes a long way!


And if you have a tv in the room, make sure it’s operational and has instructions on how to use it. Many times at night when guests can’t sleep the first thing they do is turn on the tv. 

I’m sure you also have great tips for hosting guests – please leave them in the comment section for us to enjoy…or laugh about!


If you fell in love with anything in this post, I have it linked throughout the blog and right here for your convenience!…

Priano Duvet

Priano Shams

Montauk Coverlet

Positano Linen Sheets

Topeka Mirror

Olympia Pillow

Healdsburg Bath Towel

Kenwood Bath Mat

Napa Bath Collection

Hope you enjoyed this peek into our newly refreshed guest space. Serena & Lily is offering 30% off now until October 28 during their Sleep Well Event. Be sure to check out the bedding and beds at a great discount! Just in time for the holidays! Everything is beautiful, light, airy and peaceful. We can’t wait to welcome in even more people for the holidays…

I’ll be sure to update you too as anything changes!

Thank you for reading guys! Hope everyone is doing well – hard to believe we’re approaching Halloween! Whoa!!!

Back soon with more!



**Serena & Lily provided the bedding, mirror and bath items to me at no cost, but I was not compensated for this blog post. Opinions shared are 100% mine. You will never pay more by clicking any link on any post on this blog. I provided the links out of convenience for you. Photos including me with taken by Jenn Hoffman. Thank you for reading and supporting this blog so I can continue to deliver great content for you guys!

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  1. Wilma says:

    The space looks lovely, and the tips are practical. The only thing I’d add is that if you tend to have tall guests, a bed with a footboard may not be the best idea–I know my husband and brother (6’3″ and 6’5″) need space for their feet to hang over the bed a bit!

  2. I suggest a flashlight that plugs in to power (charge) it, & turns on when electric goes down. We have one in our kitchen. Luckily the power rarely goes out here.

    Maybe a mini-fridge with the bottled water. I have some medical supplies that need to be refrigerated & a fridge where I’m staying would be ideal.

    One last idea is one of those multi-use power strips that chargers can be plugged into, along with USB cords. It’s a bummer having to find an outlet for the cords!

    Beautiful guest room! Your home sounds like a dream!

  3. Ronda Petrin says:

    OK, I need a visit to the Samantha Air BNB!

    Beautiful Space and I am envious of your Holiday Guests. So glad to hear you are doing well. Send some magic my way, will ya?

    • Samantha says:

      Hello there!!!

      How are you? Excited to see some progress shots so send them my way as you have them! 🙂

      All are welcome here – looking forward to and hoping for a guest filled holiday season!


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