Evolution of A New Home Office: New Wallpaper

Nov 11

Could never explain the depths of missing I feel for my previous home office…

It was perfectly me.

Bright, crisp but warm, minimal, just enough storage and then….then there was the desk. Seriously in love with it. Everything from the huge desktop work space to the 3 small but more than sufficient drawers to the gold details…

I spent hours deliberating over the wall color, choosing the warm area rug, and designed the back wall storage to fit as though it was meant to be there all along…

( office sources here )

While I was totally in love with the space, what mattered most was how I felt in it. And I felt like me.

The light, positive energy. The client projects booked and designed in here. The writing I completed. Company partnership contracts signed on the desk. Special coffee or lunch dates or visits.

There were ups…and downs. And most of my favorite memories included my favorite guy tucked in behind me…

Or at my feet…

Or sitting next to me…

Miss that cat more than this office, for sure! We are desperately missing him – all of us. He was something special.

Anyway, it was really hard to leave behind an office I dreamed of. Hard to start over again. Hard to find my place. Hard to find my writing place.

I know – there are bigger issues in the World. But that was my one little space and felt good being in it.

At the new house, I’m starting over in an office space. Getting it organized came fairly easy. (I mentioned it / shared some photos in this post) But updating the office design to feel like “me” has been challenging. The other day I think I finally figured out part of the roadblock. I don’t want to share more than this today…but what I do want to share is that this isn’t my house. The home belongs to someone else. I’m madly in love with that someone…just trying to find that place where I can write about home improvements in a way that feels good.

THE ONLY REASON I wanted to share that is because I write a lot about home improvements made on the homes I live in. With company partnerships such as Lowe’s for example, it’s also a part of my business. I share a personal side of me and my life (in small amounts) and what I’m up to improvement-wise around the house or with clients (in much bigger amounts). So I hope you’ll hang tight with me as I try to find my way and voice in this new space.

Anyway, point being – it struck me last week that this has been my roadblock on designing / updating this office space AND my help / input on other projects. In the meantime, the best I can do is what I have always done – try to make the house better. Help get to its next chapter. And I have a deep love for this house (and the people in it). It’s a special one – already with very special memories.

I have a love for making spaces more beautiful, more organized, more useful and warm, light, welcoming…comfortable and happy. Currently there’s outdoor projects going on that will ultimately add beauty and square footage…useable living space to make memories. And I have the same plans for this room. And others. I’d love to help bring this house to the next chapter it deserves while also making it a warm place for all of us to live, be together and welcome in people we love. There’s quite a bit that can be done to make this dream home all the more dreamier…more beautiful and full of life.

Sooooooo….moving on…..

I still have my desk and dreams of it one day moving in here, but that would require flooring repair as the current desk is built into the subfloor and wall. So I guess it would involve flooring AND wall repair – haha!

So here we go again – new office space, new plans and new energy!

First up on the project list was removing the pendant lights and updating the wallpaper.

I spent hours searching for pendant lights. Remember these…

They were hanging directly over the desk…

After spending too much time searching for a replacement, we ultimately decided to remove them and add 2 canned lights. My handyman made a quick visit to help with the update…

Much cleaner and allows the beautiful window details to shine.

With that behind me, next was trying to narrow down a wallpaper. Spent way more time than I’d like to admit searching online…and when my eyes began to cross, I called in my friend Kimberly to help. She’s a local designer and has helped with other spaces here. She has a serious talent for choosing fabrics and textures – a real gift! And I knew she would be a huge help in choosing wallpaper.

My hope was to have a focus wall within the large white built-in on the back wall. Something woody and natural…but was dreaming of this room being white and bright.

Many of you saw the previous bright pink floral wallpaper and my friends on IG LOVE it. Each time I shared a photo from the space I received countless messages asking the source of the wallpaper. I feel sorta badly telling them it’s long gone now….

The wallpaper wasn’t awful, but definitely dated, busy and bright. It also cast a pink hue onto anything I photographed in the space – which made photo editing a little tough. You can see the pink casting down onto the white desktop in the above photo.

Have a look at this room now!…

Can you even believe it??!!!

Yes, it’s the same room!

It’s far from being finished but this is a major improvement and think the office is very happy with itself…

Next up is…

  • Sourcing a couple chairs and a small table for the left side of the room – I’d love to host team members for meetings or they’ll need a table to open up their laptop for working with me or to sit while we chat. The people I love need a place to sit in here too.
  • New desk chair
  • What is going on the wood focal wall? Open floating shelves for photos? A piece of art? Nothing?
  • Shelf and cabinet decor – we need something living in here…plants?
  • Bring in my white area rug from the old office?

Not sure – still working on it and space planning the wide open floor.

I’ll share more updates as the room progresses, including a more shots of the white paper. It’s been tough to get the camera to focus on the paper details because it’s white. The camera sits in focus mode and the shutter doesn’t close – haha! But if you’re curious about the wallpaper sources and need to know right this second (don’t blame you!), the wood chevron inlay wallpaper is from Schumacher (found here) and my favorite white paper is from Phillip Jeffries (found here).

Hope you had a great weekend, are enjoying an extra day off today and liked this little update. Can’t wait to hear your thoughts! And feel free to chime in about what should go on that back wall.

Back soon with more!



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  1. gee dodds says:

    You are SO good! I also love a subtle look and wasn’t sad to see the pink wallpaper go… ???? Wishing you happy times in your new office, your new house and especially in this new chapter of your life. ????

  2. Kelsey Townsend says:

    This is turning out beautifully Sam! Sadly, I miss your old office, too. It felt special in the pictures…maybe it was Charlie? I miss seeing him pop in and out of your post’s, too.

    Sadly, we just lost our big guy, Bucky (the cat), the beginning of October. It hurt big time. I feel for you, still!!

    This office is going to do big things though, I can feel it! Can’t wait to hear about the rest and see this unfold. Sending lots of hugs your way!


    • Samantha says:

      Hi Kelsey!

      Thank you for the comment and for sharing about your loss – I’m so sorry! These pets – they have their special way in…love them but hate losing them. Especially too soon.

      I’m hoping to pour a lot of positive energy into this office AND the rest of the house, thank you! Looking forward to it…and to have you along for the journey.

      Thank you again and hugs back!

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