At Home: Simple & Beautiful Christmas Touches

Dec 6

Continuing to decorate in layers and enjoying taking our time / being thoughtful / doing it on a budget. We are hosting a Christmas party next week and hope to be completely done by then, but if not – that’s fine too because I am more than happy to add more simple layers of beauty.

This beautiful entry and staircase deserves the most beautiful decorations no matter what time of year…but especially during the holiday season. The staircase alone is stunning. From the moment I saw it I had dreams of garland and ribbons for Christmas.

Specifically cedar garland and pink ribbon.

Last week I found 10′ lengths of fresh cedar garland at our local grocery store – for a low price…

I admit, they aren’t as fragrant as I hoped, but can deal with that for the price. I grabbed a few and together we strung the garland around the banisters with fishing line…

Then I added a simple pink satin ribbon…

This is the ribbon I had on hand.

So pretty, simple and classic…

We also added a fresh cedar garland above the stove…

I found this one at our local Ace Hardware and liked it’s fullness for this space. It’s bulk would be too much for the staircase, I think. And it’s definitely more fragrant!

The sign is also from our local Ace. The decor buyer in our store is incredible – she seriously goes off the rails for the holidays. Wish you all lived here to see it. I did source a few awesome signs that are similar and those can be found on the “shop the feed” page right here.

Last night I managed to get the tree set up in the family room…not decorated yet, but not sure it really needs much other than a few glass ornaments and maybe some ribbon? Similar to the glass ornaments on the mantle…

Here’s the tree last night…

Can’t wait to share what this tree looks like in daylight – it’s a heavily flocked tree. Heavy. LOVE it!!! But will definitely be diy’ing the berries right off this bad boy…

( tree )

I was just as flocked after setting it up…by the way. But it truly is just as beautiful as the website photo. I read the reviews and noticed there were comments about the lights not working. All of the lights on this tree work fine. Just may need to add a few more strands because we love a really glowy tree.

Not a fan of the red berries, but am sure I can remove them and keep for the future.

In other fun news…our elves returned for another fun season of antics…

Can hardly wait to see what kind of mischief they cause…and the smiles they bring.

And here’s a big announcement – we rescued a dog!

Meet Dexter…

We are still sort of in shock about this development. He popped up on our local neighborhood website Saturday. In need of a home because his VERY SWEET owner could no longer care for him. He looked like the perfect size, he’s 6, already trained (no potty training required – yay!) and great with kids. By Sunday he was visiting us for a trial run and sleepover. Monday – he was ours!

Can’t believe it!

Guess who is going to be talking pet organization soon? 🙂

The weather could be better to ease us into this transition – it’s rainy, muddy and cold which makes it not so fun for him to run around on the lawn then come in with muddy paws (of course he loves the mud!). We have towels at every point of entry for dog paw wipe downs.

But the most important thing is that HE is happy and everyone in the house is too. He feels like he’s always been here – such a sweetheart and already so loving / protective. No shortage of love here or warm bed with a kid to sleep with. Everyone is taking turns.

And we are also VERY happy to know his owner – she is a sweetheart and a forever person in our life.

Was excited to share the newest member of the fam with you!

Hope YOU had a great Thanksgiving! The holiday is so close to Christmas that I feel like it’s going to be gone in a second. Don’t like that! Too fun a time of year and wish it would slow down.

Back soon guys!



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  1. This is all put together so beautifully! I love it!


  2. Chantal says:

    Hi Sam,

    Thank you for posting. Maybe some cedar essential oil might perk up the fragrance of the cedar garland on the banister.


  3. Sandy says:

    Dexter has a face that is impossible to resist! I wish you many year of joy with this sweet boy!

  4. gee dodds says:

    Lucky Dexter joining your family – what a perfect Christmas gift for him and you all!

  5. Kelsey Townsend says:

    Hi Sam!

    Congratulations on adding Dexter to the family! What a handsome, sweet boy.

    The cedar decor is so perfect. I have never used it and am anxious to give it a try. It is not something I have ever come across in our local stores.

    I hope you are all doing great and this finds you well!

    Happy Holiday’s (Merry Christmas!),


    • Samantha says:


      Thank you! We are totally in love with this guy! Some little things to work through but otherwise a GREAT dog.

      We are doing great and hope you are as well!!


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