Sunday Ramblings: 2020 Goals, More Christmas & What’s Happening

Dec 15

As usual, lots going on around here and never enough time to come in to share on the regular. I figured a random late night Sunday post full of several topics might be a fun way to catch up with you.

Hard to believe Christmas is 10 days from today. Also not hard to believe I only just started my shopping TODAY. Yay Sam! Psh. Anyway, we’ve had incredible December weekends with fun holiday parties…and even more parties to come. On Friday we hosted our very own Christmas party with nearly 60 people. It was SOOOO fun …. So fun I didn’t want the night end and definitely feeling the party planning letdown emotions. I’m going to share a bit about our party next but before we welcomed everyone in, I finally got around to adding ornaments to the tree.


Yes, there is in fact ornaments. You may not be able to see them because they are so neutral / tone on tone. But trust me – they are there. Ha! These are all ornaments I already owned and loved.  Most are a mix of Pottery Barn and Target…gotta love that high end / low end mix up…

Still in love with this heavily flocked tree…

( tree )

Not sure everyone feels the same love as me, but I think it’s pretty darn magical.

Never gets old walking through the family room with this view. I wish every month was December…

The old paper garland made it out again this year – still love these!

These were purchased from Pottery Barn a couple years ago.

( house ornament | heart ornament | Eiffel Tower ornament )

Even though several ornaments were purchased years ago, was surprised to see them still available on the PB site! I linked a few above for you. But right now ornaments are 40-50% off so if you enjoy topping your gifts with an ornament or giving them as hostess gifts, it’s a great time to grab something beautiful at a discount. This is one of my favorites…

( mercury glass tinsel reindeer )

How cute is that?!

I also noticed today is their last day for 25% off + free shipping. Looks like I’ll be doing some late night online Christmas shopping in addition to blogging!

I added a couple of old wreaths to the kitchen fireplace…

These were also from PB from YEARS ago….these go back to the Arkansas house. They’re a classic! Just added a pink satin ribbon. And added the paper garland in here too. At some point we need to figure out what is going on the wall above the mantle…

( paper garland )

So bummed the glitter paper garland isn’t available anymore. Was so cute!

I think I’ve layered in enough for now. We’re hoping the elves bring us a real tree one day this week for the kids to decorate it together with their ornaments.


We are definitely in the Christmas spirit after hosting a party on Friday night. We welcomed in 60 of our dearest and did not want the night to end. The laughing, talking, sounds, smells, THE FOOD and drinks…all amazing! We both found ourselves not talking at a few points just so we could take it all in. Nothing makes us happier than surrounding ourselves with the people we love AND welcoming them in to celebrate / make memories here.

The food was catered by one of our most favorite people on the face of the earth! There are not enough words ever to describe this man and how much we adore him…or how much I admire him for everything he manages to accomplish / create. He owns a local coffee shop and several restaurants…AND he is the creator behind Vidsig, the platform I utilize for virtual client sessions. One of our favorites that he owns however is Rooftop. If you are local to my area, you MUST go!…

I wish I had more photos of the food…I managed to snap a few appetizer shots but then the night got away with me. Above is his tuna tartare and the insanely amazing burrata. SO GOOD! We also had lamb meatballs, short ribs, potatoes, shrimp risotto and more.

I assembled the cheese platter with a little help…

And I also did a simple dessert table with all sorts of sweets the guests could pick up easily – no plate required. Chocolate covered pretzels, mini cakes and brownies, cookies, candy…all very fun and of course don’t have a photo. Boo!

We adore our Jeff and his Melissa…

And yes…this is my Billy.

Meet Billy…

He has no idea I’m sharing that photo so let’s see how this one goes over….haha!

Love him too much to not finally share him with all of you. At least now you’ll know who I’m talking about when I gush!…if I can only get him into more photos / videos while we’re doing projects together. Gonna have to be sneaky in 2020.

This man is everything to me and feel so fortunate to have met him. No amount of blog posts could possibly do him justice. You just have to know him to get it.

He’s the guy everyone loves and hope he never stops loving me.

Was an incredible night and forever thankful…

Fun times and admittedly VERY sad the weekend is coming to a close.

2020 GOALS

This is in no way a full list of business goals – that I’ll share later in a post all its own. But here’s a quick and dirty list of goals / changes at the tip top of my list:

  • Updated website
  • Video content
  • Hiring lead organizers
  • Saying NO to projects that aren’t in my zone of genius
  • More blogging

Have experienced discomfort with a few recent projects along with having several revelations. Mainly comes down to knowing what my zone of genius is and not letting people dictate the types of projects I accept.

Organizing is a tough business in the sense there IS in fact a lot of design involved. But in no way am I an interior designer. People tend to love the aesthetic behind this brand and see projects I have worked on in my own home, so they think I’m totally capable of helping with interior spaces. Fact is I’m not. And it’s been proven. Plus it totally stresses me out because it is NOT what I do best for other people. In 2020 I am only dedicating this business / myself to black and white organization. That is my sweet spot and where I shine so it’s where the focus will be.

I’ve also been feeling the frustration of not having like-minded organizers on staff. I have a great team, don’t get me wrong. They are dedicated, high energy and amazing – we have a lot of fun together. But we need organizers on board who understand space planning and have a fire in their gut to take charge, design and implement. Have a deep love for organizing and want to immerse themselves in everything organization related….they really have a dedication to this career / profession. I’m not the only one struggling to hire – am hearing it from fellow small business owners I am close with. It’s tough to have employees. And even more difficult to dedicate yourself to training – it’s a lot of work and takes a lot of time away from your business. So once again I am on the hunt to hire!

The website desperately needs an update because it screams BLOG when you arrive on the home page. The blog isn’t going anywhere – not to worry! But when you arrive at the new home page you’ll clearly see this is an organizing business AND I’m available for hire. The services will be outlined, with a real shop page, great contact forms and the new blog design is going to be clean and minimal and I am SO excited. I’m working with Rachel Earl on the design / customizations…she’s incredible!

Video is on the way too! Our first videos will be shot in January – these are going to be the “process” videos. One of my dreams has been to have a video for potential clients to experience what happens from the moment they complete the contact form all the way through to a completed project. We have an incredible garage AND pantry on tap for these 2 videos and can’t wait to get them into production. Of course, I don’t want to be on camera…it is NOT me. But it’s part of the deal so for the next few weeks I’ll be working on how to get comfortable in front of the camera, working on scripts, etc.

And of course, with each year one of my goals is MORE blogging. I love this little blog and it’s where this little business planted its roots. Expect more of that in 2020…as long as I’ve been successful with hiring. LOL!


Hard to imagine we are mere days away from 2019 coming to a close. It was a HUGE year in our life – in a lot of ways. Ups and down, sadness and happiness, closing of one chapter and the beginning of a new one. I have so much to say and share about what happened this year and a blog post in the drafts. For tonight all I can say is I can’t change anything that happened in 2019. I did my best with what I knew, what I had, and did it with a big heart. I managed (for the most part) to stay positive and took the high road, focused on what mattered most (the kids). All I can do is learn, grow, listen, work on being a better mom / friend / daughter / aunt / sister…..girlfriend…business owner. Focus on putting more good into the World. More happy, content, organized families.

I hope you guys had a great weekend! Back tomorrow with great gift ideas. … off to get some Christmas shopping done! And maybe some sleep too.



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  1. Kelsey Townsend says:

    Hi Sam,

    Thank you for sharing Billy with us! I am so happy for both of you!

    Side note: I just finished organizing my parents home. I weeded through many closets, drawers, storage area’s, spare rooms (that my siblings and I have moved out of years ago), and the kitchen. Let me tell you, it was due. My parents are neat, and clean, but they like to hang on to ‘stuff’ and it is overwhelming when you open a closet door. It is much calmer and feels lighter when I walk in.

    I too am in love with organizing. Glad we can share common ground and always love hearing your stories. You are truly inspirational!

    Lots of Hugs,
    Kelsey T.

    • Samantha says:

      Hi there!

      LOVE hearing that you were able to help your parents – what a gift! It’s incredibly helpful to help our parents let go of things…it really is life changing. And we don’t need the “stuff” as you said 🙂

      Glad I was able to share Billy with all of you…finally!

      Your comments are so sweet – so grateful I can inspire you! Thank you so much!!!


  2. Shelley says:

    Glad to see you cone a full circle Sam!

  3. Ellie says:

    Yay, Billy! I’m so glad you’re so happy. You are a beautiful couple and you are such a catch. Merry Christmas!

  4. gee dodds says:

    Well, you have given this elderly follower a lovely early Christmas present! I have been following you for years and always thought what a special person you are – committed, private, loyal and very hardworking. You and Billy make a fine couple and I wish you all the happiness you deserve! Happy Christmas and may 2020 make all your dreams come true…

    • Samantha says:

      Omg – you are TOOOO sweet!!! THANK YOU!!! For everything!

      We are very happy and was excited to share a photo of us to bring you guys in a bit more. Wishing YOU a wonderful Christmas and 2020. I am ready for the calendar page to turn – I can tell 2020 is going to be great!


  5. jennibell says:

    I really like it when a new post from you comes across on my feed! I can imagine how hard it is to Good luck with the hiring — I am a trainer and I can’t say enough about how important that part of the onboarding is as well as continuing to develop ALL team members. One of the directors in my company recently said, “I want our training to be so good that xyz company wants them, but our company is so good that our associate would never leave”. Lofty goal, huh?
    Before my current position in an 800+ employee company, I worked for a small business — only seven of us! The book “Traction” is appropriate for both. It was truly business-changing for the small business I worked for, as far as focus and “staying in your lane/letting go” (I understand the need to control it all and take — even when they aren’t in your wheelhouse) and is helping me now as I develop my department within my new company. It is a really, really good book and actually a pretty quick read the first time through — if you like it then you dig in for a couple more rounds 😉
    Merry Christmas to you and Billy and the life you are creating together. You inspire me!!!

    • Samantha says:

      Awe – thank you SOOO much for these awesome words of encouragement AND for the book recommendation. Definitely going to check it out – maybe the library has a copy I can read. I need all the help I can get! Hiring is hard enough…but the training is equally hard, if not more so. Loved hearing about your experience.

      And thank you! We are having fun and we’re very happy…looking forward to Christmas this year! It’s going to be busy and wild with 5 kids here…but so looking forward. Hard to believe in ONE WEEK!!!


  6. Shannon says:

    Happy New Year! Finally catching up on your recent posts. So fun to meet your Billy! You look really happy, and wishing you the best in health, personal and business in 2020!

  7. Susan says:

    Those are great photos of you and Billy! Hope to read your love story someday and so glad you finally shared him with us! Wishing you love, happiness and organization!

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