Already Crushing 2020 Goals

Jan 6

Happy first Monday of 2020!

How has your first week of the new year been? Pack away holiday decor? Clean the fridge? Declutter a few spaces? Head back to the gym or begin a home workout plan? Clean / reorganize backpacks and lunch bags in preparation for back to school? Let me know! I’d love to hear about it!

While I could say I don’t know what is going on with me…I should say, I’m seeing signs of the old Sam returning. The Sam who was motivated, focused and checked off tasks / goals like a monster. 6 days into the new year and I can excitedly share 3 goals I checked off the list. Yes – already!

2 health related. 1 business related.

All on my list for a while.


Forever and a day I’ve been saving / praying for a juicer and a spirilzer.

Yes, it’s true. And yes I am counting these as goals crushed in the new year. So deal with it. 🙂

For those reading a long time you know my love of health and fitness. It’s a part of my soul. It’s my mental health and my happy place. If I don’t work out once a day, you don’t want to know me. I’m grouchy and irritate and just an overall happier person when I’ve had the chance to move my body each day. I love healthy eating and meal planning. Making smoothies has been a constant. But juicing has been something I have longed to add to our daily routine. Juicing fresh organic fruits and vegetables. At home.


Over the last few months I’ve paid close attention to my body and it’s been asking for juice. Clean, green, healthy juice. So I paid attention to the call. And paid close attention to the after holiday sales.

A good juicer is important. But a good juicer can also break the bank.

So the other day when Williams Sonoma had a premier sale, I grabbed my favorite juicer for nearly 50% off. And Sunday morning we had our first glass of celery juice.

It did NOT disappoint!

For fun I am going to track my progress and share it with you. Not sure if I’ll share how I’m feeling in 2 weeks or a month…longer. But am going to share the before and after of drinking a glass of celery juice every morning for a period of time.

I’ve been noticing a change in my body – likely due to age and definitely attributed to stress and lack of time to workout regularly. I’ve neglected my body, health and mind because of personal reasons but this year I am determined to get back on track! And I know juicing is going to help fire me up and get my gut / body healthy again!

Not only me – but everyone in the family.

Here is the juicer I purchased…

( juicer )

It’s a Breville brand juicer and works amazingly well – so quiet too! And pretty!…

It’s regularly $525 but on sale right now for $280 – PLUS FREE shipping!

Sunday morning we made juice from 2 bunches of celery, 1 green apple and about 2 tablespoons of ginger. SO GOOD!!! It produced about 20 ounces of juice. And a lot of waste for compost or chicken food.

The juicer is quick and efficient. And clean up is easy too.

Only used a couple times but already love this juicer and can’t wait to continue using it, sharing recipes and sharing my results with you.


Another healthy kitchen tool I’ve been dreaming about is a spiralizer. Buying zucchini noodles from organic markets or otherwise costs so much money. And you never know when they were prepared. AND you never get the noodles in the size you desire. How fresh are they? It matters for the nutrients.

We LOVE zucchini and squash noodles instead of pasta but rarely have them because of their price. I’ve dreamed about owning a spiralizer, but which one? Some are flimsy. Others too expensive. Some don’t work well / get clogged or hung up. I’ve read countless reviews.

Low and behold, I found the perfect attachment to spiralize – using our Kitchen Aid mixer.

Yes, the Kitchen Aid Standing Mixer WE ALL OWN and love!

( spiralizer )

This tool not only spiralizes, it has 7 different blades to spiralize the thickness you want or peel or slice. I love a fine noodle and this plus version provides that option. And angel hair thickness. Yay!

This is another goal checked off the list and can’t wait to put it to use this week. I’ll be sure to follow up with how well it worked and what I made using it.


A small business goal checked off the list – becoming a “professional member” of NAPO. NAPO is my professional organization….known as the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals. I’ve been a member for years – both nationally and a member of my local SF Chapter. But was only what they consider a “provisional member” because I hadn’t completed 3 necessary courses to gain the “professional” status.

I mean, did it really matter for me to be considered “professional”? No. My business has been doing just fine without that title. But being a professional member does comes with benefits – such as a profile on the Professional Directory and the ability to earn specialist certificates, become a NAPO University instructor, and vote in Board elections. Being listed in the directory most definitely tops that list for me.

I’m also considering testing to become a CPO – Certified Professional Organizer. This again is a title that I don’t think I “need” but it will definitely position myself as a clear expert – not many NAPO members are CPO’s. The list is small and I’ve heard the test is brutal. As well as the studying leading up to the certification.

Becoming a CPO is a bigger goal and one I’m going to research more in the coming weeks. I don’t know – am kinda leaning into it.

Anyway, point being – I finally enrolled in the 3 courses to become a professional member and completed each during the break. Just waiting on the response that I have advanced.

Have you written out your 2020 goals? Let us know in the comments so we can support one another!

Back soon with more guys!



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  1. Jennibell says:

    Good luck with your certification. I *get* it….I always wanted a Master’s Degree even though, at the time, I didn’t “need” one. It’s been 10 years, I don’t plan to ever go back to that profession, but I can always say, “I did it”. Go for it!!!

  2. Chantal says:

    Happy New Year! Love hearing all your news.Thank you for posting.

  3. Keli says:

    Nice to hear you are crushing your goals! I was wondering how easy it is to clean your juicer? I’ve been considering a juicer for a while, but heard that some of them are a real pain to clean…

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Keli!!!

      Happy new year!

      It’s VERY easy to clean, but you do have to clean it after each use. The only thing we have had to use a sponge with / on is the mesh basket that has the blade tool attached. The other pieces are just rinsed out and then we dry immediately to keep it from spotting. Otherwise, easy!


  4. Sara says:

    I love your positivity! And that you’re celebrating meeting these goals. I think it’s so helpful and important to celebrate our successes, both big and small!

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