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Jan 11

The first full week of 2020 organizing projects was a huge success! Can’t wait to share these spaces! As always, you can get a glimpse into the day to day via the Instagram feed. This week we decluttered 2 garages and completed a major pantry overall.

As if the fun organizing-filled week back to work wasn’t incredible enough, it was capped off Friday night by receiving a preview of the new website! SO excited to share the reveal – hoping that happens in the next few weeks. Honestly, if anyone is going to be the hold-up, it’s me. I need to create the words, statements, headings, etc. my designer will request of me; who we are, what we stand for, why I do this, specifics about services….lots of little sections to complete. But seeing that preview last night? OMG, I almost cried. It’s incredible! Beautiful and lovely and I just know you are going to LOVE it.

The website clearly shows SO | Home is a business…not just a blog.

Anyway, you’ll see soon and I am going to do my best to buckle down to get every request into my designer on time.


With the busyness of the week, I didn’t have a chance until today to unroll our new dining room rug. This baby arrived mid-week and sat rolled up in the dining room until this morning.

I. Am. In. Love.

Do we have a new table to fit? No, but that’s fine. I like to budget and make sure it’s the right choice. Plus I’m still thrown by either updating the wallpaper or painting…and am not the best at choosing lighting. The fact we don’t have a table in here…makes me wonder do we choose the lighting first or the wallpaper OR the furnishings???

See, this is why I’m an organizer and NOT a designer! Who chooses a rug first? Me! haha! I’m probably doing this whole thing backwards.

Point is – we could not be more thrilled with this stunning rug!…

I shared the state of the dining room back in November…

That is my old office rug, which I still totally love but won’t fit under a larger sized dining table, which we definitely need in here. And it’s wool. Wool is tough to clean and wouldn’t last long in this space.

I also shared our dining room inspiration in that post…

THIS is that rug! I can’t explain to you how stunning it is in person – not only in that above photo!…

Although a jute rug, it’s very soft and perfect for under a dining table. The texture will hold up to food dropping or chairs being nudged in and out from under the table.

It’s the Diamond Jute Rug from Serena & Lily…

For now, Billy’s old kitchen table is working fine. We even made due with it and a couple folding tables on Christmas Eve (post here). We aren’t in a rush to make decisions so we’ll take our time on this investment. But seriously couldn’t be happier with this choice! It’s a favorite and one I know you will love if you’re searching for a soft, jute rug too…


Speaking of Serena & Lily, was excited to receive an email about the launch of 750 new products they recently released. Couldn’t wait to dig through all of the new beautiful items.

Their popular Riviera Stool now comes in black – wow, what a stunner!…

( stool )

I’m sure you recognize their stool in its popular shade of gray (fog, officially)…

But what a showstopper in black!

I also found these new Millbrook counter stools

A little different but a total classic…

( stools )

You guys know I love black so both of those stools speak to me. Especially when placed in a crisp white kitchen such as the above shot.

I have many Serena & Lily favorites I’ve added to the house over the last few months. Truly, I do love them and their products (AND customer service) or I wouldn’t talk about / share them here on the blog. I had to share some of their new items because I know you will love these too!


We have plenty of spaces to add updates / touches around the house. As usual I’m pacing myself and it’s on a budget. Still on the hunt for a table and chairs for the office. Still trying to find a great wallpaper for the powder room that is currently cranberry red. I found a few new favorites within their launch and wanted to share…

1  |  2  |  3  |  4  |  5  |  6  |  7  |  8  |  9  |  10  |  11  |  12  )

The classic gingham and toile? Amazing! The gingham comes in a few colors too….including BLACK!…

I am also considering this bath mat that would span under both of our master bath sinks…

( bath mat )

And I love these for the powder rooms…

( hand towels )


Be sure to take a look through their new items. They are having a bedding / bed sale – 25% off right now! Given the sale, I thought I would share my own 2 beds I updated last Fall during their sale events.

Our master bedding update…this was a favorite!…

The white coverlet is my all time must-have!!!…

( coverlet )

We are still totally in love with this bedding. It washes well and is so soft, cozy and calming. The colors make me smile every time I walk into the bedroom.

Last Fall I also shared the guest house bedding update

Another space that benefitted from the coastal casual vibe of Serena & Lily.

One of my favorite peaceful patterns – the Priano!

And last September, I shared a family behind the scenes with our new counter stools…and our new life at the kitchen counter – that was a fun and heartfelt post!

( counter stool )

Wow have they changed just since September!

I truly do love Serena & Lily – their products are exceptional and love their customer service. Also love they are a Bay Area based company…but truly – you will love their products. Mean it!

Hope you guys are having a great weekend!! Next week is another big week of organizing – look forward to helping these incredible families get their spaces sorted out. So grateful for this business AND for all of you!

Let me know how you’re doing!



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