Happy New Year!

Jan 3

Happy NEW Year you guys! Yay for 2020! Normally I am not a big “new year, new chapter” typea gal…I’ve said all along you can set and achieve goals no matter what time of year. But 2019 was a challenging one so we’re celebrating this new month and year!

There were big ups and downs…and a lot of loss. And if you were along for the ride (thank you!), you already know this well. We felt the loss through the sale of the house and leaving behind memories…but think the biggest loss of the year was Charlie…

We miss him tremendously and there hasn’t been a single day we haven’t spoken about him, pulled up a funny or sweet photo, laughed about something silly he did, photos of him playing or sleeping under the Christmas tree popped up during the season too.

Love that guy so much – he was a special one for sure…

Even though I knew it would happen, it was hard to believe just how quickly the season flew by. Can’t we just rewind the clock??


Through the busyness of it all, we stayed engaged and made it fun / special for the kids. Our elves made their return and kept us laughing throughout December. This day in particular they left us a secret message using Cherrios…

Little did we know they meant it. Around 4pm that afternoon while baking in the kitchen, there was a knock at the door. It was Santa!

He spent 45 minutes with us singing carols, asking for our wishes, taking photos, handing out candy canes…and he had a small gift for everyone. We each had a chance to sit and talk with him…including me.

No, I won’t share my Christmas wish…

We didn’t have nearly enough time to watch movies but managed to squeeze in 1 or 2. And all cuddled up with our rescue dog, Dexter…

We enjoyed the tree being lit ALL DAY EVERY DAY!…

This tree is truly stunning! Love it and if you loved it too, now’s the time to buy = off season!!

( tree )

We baked cookies. Shopped for each other. Hosted A LOT of gatherings and attended A LOT of parties. We celebrated and enjoyed. I’d say too much celebrating…but is that even possible?


Our Christmas Eve and Day were both spectacular!

On Christmas Eve we hosted 2 families we adore…cramming all of us into the dining room with additional folding tables. Italian food – yay!…

When everyone was gone and kids tucked into bed, we caught Santa in the family room!

It’s been a fun tradition to catch him in the act and of course everyone was commenting that he looked nothing like the Santa who stopped by. Or was a lot thinner. LOL! We told them he’s on one of those special gluten-free or dairy-free or keto diets. It’s popular in the North Pole as well! Maybe he has a Peloton??

After opening gifts we spent the evening with friends at their new home and then totally relaxed the following day.

What a season!


With the holidays behind us, it’s sad to begin dismantling everything. I have to admit though, I couldn’t wait to get rid of the treats. They were loaded up on one of the kitchen counters and kept tempting us. Ugh!

And deep down I was looking forward to packing everything away for next season. We are more than ready for a fresh 2020 start! That includes anything and everything Christmas tucked away securely.

Over the years on the blog I’ve shared a lot of holiday decor organization ideas. This year, on IG I shared a VERY LONG story about how I organized our holiday decorations, how they are packed and included links to products I’ve owned / loved for years. Definitely take a look at that story – I created a highlight reel you can find easily on the main Simply Organized IG Profile!


Speaking of IG, was so excited to hit 202,000 friends just after midnight on New Years! Amazing and so grateful for the positive community we have built TOGETHER on IG. We have so much fun over there – be sure to join in!


No better way to kick off a new year than with a totally deep-cleaned fridge. Billy and I spent 4 hours cleaning the entire fridge on New Years. What a great feeling!…

We pulled out every drawer and shelf too. Nothing escaped us. It’s incredible to have the contents cleaned out as well so we can get started with heathy eating / meal planning this month.

That evening we baked heathy oatmeal cookies, banana bread and homemade granola for a road trip to Mammoth…

( granola recipe )

And we made a delicious vegan green curry with sweet potato and chickpeas for dinner – SO yummy! This recipe is from my favorite vegan dietitian / chef…

( curry recipe )

Yes, this year I am back into meal planning, healthy eating and my favorite = the Sunday Fridge! Stay tuned for it all!


Setting some goals and visions for 2020 and created a pretty, simple and motivational business vision board for the year ahead…

Stay tuned for all the details behind this vision board – the post is coming soon!

Besides setting some serious business goals, I’ve decided 2020 is the year I really simplify!

I KNOW – you’re probably wondering how much more simple it can get with me. Trust me – a lot more! And I am really looking forward to it.

Some 2020 areas of focus….

Healthy eating

More gym time

Simplified life

Selling the truck for something smaller

Less stuff in the house

More routine

Am sure you can all relate and are ready to jump in with me!

I hope you had a great holiday season AND new year celebration! Can’t wait to share another awesome year of organization love with ALL OF YOU! Thank you for being supportive in 2019 through the various changes. Your joining me here, your readership, your comments, emails and more – they are NEVER taken for granted. I’ve loved connecting with each of you in the comment section and over email. Thank YOU for supporting me and this blog.

Let’s crush 2020 together!!

Back soon with more guys!

xx and positive new year wishes,


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  1. Heidi McCuddin says:

    On New Year’s Day, I cleaned out our freezer and fridge and also cleaned my oven. I’m ready!

  2. Kathrin says:

    What a great view into your christmas time , it was so nice to read.
    Greetings Kathrin

  3. Sam, I love your 2020 areas of focus! One of my goals is to stick to the routine I’ve laid out…and keep the house clean. LOL. Happy New Year! Toodles, Kathryn @TheDedicatedHouse

  4. Jennibell says:

    When I need a little inspiration I turn to you!! Happy 2020 Sam.

  5. Kelsey Townsend says:

    Hi Sam!

    Just wanted to say Happy New Year! I just set up my insta’ account so I can follow more of your amazing idea’s!

    Bring on more organizing and throw in some of your workout secrets if you are feeling up for it?! I need motivation to do actual workouts. I am a constant mover, but I am ready to amp it up!

    I hope this finds you well!


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