At Home: Floating Shelves in The Pantry

Mar 26

As with any space, they evolve over time to make us extra efficient. Personally, I love adapting a space to fit our needs as we grow / change AND doing my best to make each space a BETTER version of itself.

For example, a couple weeks ago I added this great utility holder to get the brooms and dustpan off the pantry floor…

( broom organizer | cracker containers | baskets )

Previously they were standing in the corner, looked messy and I envisioned a larger recycling bin sitting below it. We had been tossing recycling into a grocery sized paper bag under the kitchen sink. This wasn’t working because we recycle a ton…and within a few hours the bag was full or recycling was toppling out when we opened the cabinet door.

Happy to report not only are the brooms off the floor, but that recycling bin dream is in place too!…

This alone is a perfect example of making something better by way of simple, inexpensive improvements. Just takes making the time and putting in the effort to make it happen. Good thing we all have some free time on our hands nowadays.


While 3 of the 4 pantry walls have a great wall-mounted shelving system, there was one wall sitting empty waiting to be made useful…

I often wondered what the previous owners did with this open wall. ???

This little cabinet / drawer combo has been ideal for storing extra pots and pans, paper products and pet food – items we otherwise don’t want sitting on the open pantry shelves. But the counter was frequently found cluttered. This is normal because any open surface without a purpose will have clutter accumulate. The toaster oven lives here and would be great for the kids to be able to pop something in but still have the counter space to prep. And the counter would be great to hold overflow fruits and veggies we don’t want sitting on the main kitchen island.

Anyway, I had dreams of installing floating shelves at some point…so with our mandated social distancing, what better time than now to cross this off the list.

Oh! Since I was hanging shelves, may as well hang some hooks for the reusable grocery bags too!…

I searched around for pretty floating shelves and landed on the World Market website. They have very reasonable AND pretty organization products. I almost chose this set of floating shelves…

( marble shelves )

I love the marble look and how crisp / bright they would be in the pantry. But instead decided to go with a wood shelf to bring in something natural to the otherwise white space. Well, that and the marble shelves weren’t long or deep enough for my preference. The longest sheet comes in at 3′ and at 8″ deep they wouldn’t be the wisest choice. You really need something 10″ deep or more to make a storage impact. They are still super pretty!

Anyway, I ultimately landed on these wood shelves and chose the 4′ length…

( wood shelves )

And I mounted them on gold shelf brackets to bring in something different…

( shelf bracket )


Was very excited about this after…

The shelf contents will change – still debating between making them a baking center or a spot to hold our collection of vases / glass entertaining items. For sure the cookbooks are staying here so as not to take up a pantry shelf.

Really excited about this simple update that didn’t cost much. And love the grocery bags off the floor too!

To hang those I used these polished gold wall hooks from Container Store…

They come as a set of 2 for only $3.50 and worked nicely with the shelf brackets.

Again the before and after…

What a difference!

Every day = one small project done. Actually, yesterday there was more than one project tackled. We started work in the powder room and can’t wait to share more about it soon! The light boxes were lowered and the sink bowl has been removed. Wallpaper is going in end of next week. Took a while to plan out the bathroom but suddenly everything is rolling / changing quickly. Can’t wait to share that update. Going to be a HUGE improvement!

Hope you’re finding small home tasks to keep you busy, motivated and active during this time! And if you are, share them with us!

Back soon with more guys!



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