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Mar 10

In case you missed the first blog about our recent outdoor improvements, you can see it all here. Yesterday I shared a post about our newly updated garden on the right side of the house. Today I’m talking all about the left side yard and updates made over there. Once again, a vast improvement from where we began.


We were up against the same hardscape issue as in the garden / fire pit area. The stepping stones were set on sand and pebbles. Hard to tell from these images but the stones were uneven and we tripped constantly while walking on this side of the house. Just beyond that gate at the end of this path is where the trash cans are located. So it’s a path we frequently walk along…

You get a better idea of the unevenness from this angle looking back the other direction…

In addition to the path requiring an update, the landscaping needed a clear, defined border. The plants were creeping into the path. The drains needed to be relocated out of the middle of the pathway as well.

And in general all required of the landscaping was a good clean up and fresh mulch. So the biggest project was first nailing the hardscape.

Carlos again to the rescue! We salvaged all of the existing stones. But first up was framing out the template of the new path. I swear, not sure if I’m more suited for completing / photographing home improvement or organization projects. I feel like I lean hard into taking images like these…they make me SO happy!! You too???…

This large circle was Carlos’ idea and I love it! Just off to the right is a door into the house where we generally walk out with the garbage so having a larger area in the middle was genius…he is such an incredible guy!…

With everything framed and ready, he returned the following weekend with a cement truck. Here comes more exciting concrete pour and leveling images…

Trust me when I say these guys completely ignore me and my camera (and drooling) standing there for hours on end. They’ve gotten to know me pretty well…


When the concrete was set they returned to add the stones. This was a tedious job and they nailed it! We could not love this path more! Have a look at the after…

I mean, I can’t even handle this! We are sooooo happy with this update…

You can see some of the lights on the ground – the lighting phase of these projects has almost wrapped up. Will share more about that in a later post. But last weekend we cleaned up the existing plants, flowers and trees and added mulch. Nothing new was added other than mulch. The flowers and plants are coming back to life for Spring…

Here you can see the results of the larger pad in the middle of the path…

We see you Dexter!…

So beautiful!…

Mulch brings everything to life!

Another detail I love is tying the path into the existing decking of the backyard. Prior to the two spaces connecting, it looked like this…

Now THIS is so much better!…It’s seamless…

We are beyond thrilled with this update. This is long lasting and so much better than the stones previously just sitting on the ground. One of my biggest passions and missions is to make homes more beautiful! Especially the homes I live in.

Looking forward to sharing more updates to the exterior…hoping to be back tomorrow with a front yard update and will also talk more about the big project we are taking on ourselves this Spring.

But before I go…one last before and after!…

Have a great day guys!



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  1. Kelsey Townsend says:

    Hi Sam!

    What a beautiful transformation! It looks so inviting and clean. Absolutely perfect.

    Question: Do they set the stones on top of the concrete? Like they are molded in. I have never seen this done before and I am in love with it.

    Hope you are having the best day!


    • Samantha says:

      Hey there!

      Thank you so much – we love it! The concrete is first poured and set…then they add the stones on top with grout in between….it was a process!


  2. Tiffany says:

    So lovely. You really have a great vision for these types of projects!

  3. Maryann Horner says:

    So wonderful, wouldn’t mind taking the trash out down that path ????

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