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Sep 23

Welcome to the Simply Organized blog! Am a little anxious as I begin this journey into what is going to be a fun and inspirational blog for you to follow. If I don’t end up with many followers, no hurt feelings.

….ok maybe I’ll be a liiiiiittle bit hurt. 🙂
Worst case, at least I have an account of the projects I’ve completed and can look to this space as a resource. But I really do hope you’ll stick around to see what’s in store!
It’s not easy to introduce myself via the Internet. instead of trying to sum up who I am in a few sentences, I hope to instead slowly get acquainted with you and you with me through each new post. Just as a new friendship takes its course, I hope you’ll get to know me better over time and would love to hear from you. Because you can inspire me, as well.
What I can tell you is what I hope to achieve with this blog:
  • share home organization projects
  • share organization ideas for children and families
  • share great photo organization and scrapbooking ideas
  • help you simplify your clutter
  • …and much more.

This blog will surely evolve….as we do during different phases / seasons of life. Currently, I’m in the season of mothering 3 young children (7, 5 and 1). We are busy daily with school, sports, travel, extended family activities, church, friends, and more. I love this season of life and cherish each moment. Sometimes it can be overwhelming to have so much demand on you physically, mentally, and emotionally. During stressful times, I look to organization to keep my mind and spirit clutter free – and happy.

Organization truly is my passion!

Much to share and hope you will join me! Thanks for reading!

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  1. Kelley says:

    Can't wait to follow along! I have A LOT to learn from you!

  2. I just found your blog…love it! Yuur pantry organization inspired me to fix mine up today just in time for my in-laws to visit on Tuesday, so thank you! BTW our kids are about the same years apart…mine are 9,7 and 3(just turned)!

    • hi crissy! thank you so much for stopping by AND posting a nice comment! so funny that our kids are the same ages apart. do you have boys, girls, both? they are very fun, but a lot of energy and work. 🙂

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