car organization series: day 2 + a free printable

May 8

i’m back on this beautiful tuesday with day 2 of my car organization series! so glad you came back! today we’re talking about keeping an organized center console and glove compartment.
since i invested in a low-cost car organizer (the one i talked about yesterday), it free’d up all of the space inside our center console. prior to that seat organizer, the center console was a big jumbled mess. our console is pretty deep which made it too easy for those small items to get lost in the shuffle. see how deep and dark this console is…
now that all of those small, but important, items have been removed, the only items stored inside are electronics. i keep my car cell phone charger, the dvd player headsets, and the dvd remote…

if you have a deep console with a lot of small, but important, items floating around in there – i suggest investing in a car seat organizer like the one i shared. it will free up that console for other items you would like to stash away.

moving on to the glove compartment, here is the current state of mine…

clean, right? i really keep the items in this space to a minimum. i try to think of this as my “in case of emergency” spot. items like your car’s owner manual and proof of insurance. not extra packets of ketchup like my mom used to keep in her glove compartment when i was kid :-).
**important tip – did you know that your car’s title and registration are like gold for would be car thieves? your glove compartment is not the spot to stow away those 2 pieces of paper together. instead, keep your car’s title at home. you can either keep your car registration in your wallet or in the glove compartment. i’ve heard arguments on both sides, but our insurance company recommends both papers not be in your glove compartment.
now that we know what not to put in this small space – ketchup packets included – what are the important items to have in your glove compartment or center console?
important items:
*proof of insurance
*owner’s manual
*disposable camera – in case you don’t own a cell phone with a camera as a feature
*pen & paper
*emergency contact numbers – your contact numbers and the numbers of other services, like your car deal or auto repair shop
*critical medical information
*auto club membership card
*a small flashlight
*your car registration, if you choose to keep it inside and not in your wallet
*on star manual – if you have on star service
items of convenience:
*car maintenance schedule
*small lint roller
*small medical kit
*tire pressure gauge
*ice scraper
*maps – if you don’t have a gps system in your car
to make life easier, i created a free and simple printable checklist of these items for you…download right here!

back tomorrow for day 3 of this series – we’ll be talking about the mid-section/kids area of your car!

have a great day!

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  1. This is a great list! I made a mini-binder with all of our car info in it and stuffed it in the glove box… it is so much cleaner now!

    I'm your newest follower!

  2. M Mommy to 4 says:

    I would never have thought that anyone WOULD keep their car title in the car! That's odd to me. As far as registration, we're required to have the vehicle's registration if we're pulled over. Because I've had family members drive my car on a regular basis, it's important to me to have the registration with the vehicle. I forget enough things that it's best not to forget to hand over an important document! I'm loving this series though! It's fantastic! Hopefully I'll actually clean my car and organize it this week!

    • hi! thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment!

      i know – you would think drivers wouldn't keep their car title in the vehicle – but i have seen it! and yes, it's odd…but some people are old school.

      of course, you should always have your car registration in the vehicle, but i hesitated when thinking about posting in my blog to tell readers to keep it in the car or not. i should have some kind of disclaimer in here, i guess. i was worried someone would do something i suggested and then have something awful happen – causing me to be liable. just covering my bases – and our insurance company had that great idea of keeping it in your wallet. 🙂

      thank you for the compliment on the series. i'm glad you are enjoying it and would love to hear more about your organized car! 🙂


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