Simple DIY: Easy Wall Ledges

Sep 5

Happy Friday! If you have time for an easy DIY project this weekend, I have the perfect build for you – super easy wall ledges…

And yep, they are inexpensive (but beautiful) too! So if you have some wall space begging to be filled, consider this easy build / install!

If these look familiar, they are a plan based off of Ana White’s $10 wall ledge. I’ve made these ledges previously, in my Arkansas home, but left them behind because they were securely mounted to the wall. But they weren’t expensive to build anyway, so it wasn’t worth it for me to tear them off the wall. And the new homeowner’s are enjoying them…I painted them to match the interior house trim…

Since these can be made custom to fit the space you have, it also made sense to leave them behind…who knew if they would work in the new house.

Anyway….these are an easy, inexpensive build that has made a huge impact in Aiden’s newly updated tween bedroom. This was the final DIY project on my list for his space. My 4 year old went back to school this week, so while all 3 kiddos were at school (yay!) I grabbed the lumber and knocked out the build / install in one day.

I also treated myself to a pair of saw horses as a “you survived the summer, mom!” gift…


I’m currently researching table saws and since I wasn’t fully prepared to pull the trigger on that purchase, the saw horses helped me get this job done. And they will continue to be useful for additional projects….

Wow, I’m awfully fragmented / chatty this morning. Sorry! Just getting my head on straight after a busy week with so many projects while all of the kids were at school. Can’t wait to share more on that topic! Here’s a hint – GOODWILL!

Soooooo, back to the build. All you need for this job are 1×4’s and 1×2’s. Your length will depend on how long your ledges will be. Aiden’s wall needed a 3′ ledge. Here was my supply list based on 2 3′ long wall ledges:

* (2) 1 x 4 x 8’s (have 2 leftover pieces that will be put to use in another way)
* (1) 1 x 2 x 6
* Measuring Tape / Pencil
* Jig Saw (or just have your lumber store cut the pieces for you)
* Kreg Jig (not necessary, but helpful to add pocket holes)
 * 6 pocket hole screws
* Brad Nailer / 2″ brad nails
* Wood Filler
* Sander
* Wood stain, foam brush, rag
* Wood screws (for mounting onto the wall, into wall studs)
* Stud Finder
* Drill

I started by cutting the wood with a jig saw. Everything was cut down to 3’…


Once the wood was cut, I created 3 pocket holes each in 2 of the 1×4’s…

If you prefer, you can simply nail your corners together and not have pocket holes. It’s a personal preference. I connected my 1×4’s together with 1 1/2″ pocket hole screws. Used my drill for this…

Then I used my air gun brad nailer to attach the 1×2 to the front. My gun had 2″ brad nails in it from a previous job, so I used that length. The brad nails go deep into the wood so there isn’t a nail head showing after install. Again, this is a personal preference…

With the wall ledge assembled, I filled my pocket holes…

You don’t have to fill your holes, because they will likely be covered by whatever you place on the ledge, but I wanted a finished look. It’s easiest to use your fingers for this job…

Once filled, let it dry for a few hours…

Then once it’s dry, you’ll run your sander over the entire wall ledge…

I love my sander! It made these ledges smooth to the touch and took away the sharp corners.

Then it was a matter of staining the ledges. Aiden’s desk is a dark wood, so I went with my Dark Walnut stain I had on hand…

I brushed on a one good coat, then wiped it down with a rag to lessen the intensity. Do this in a well-ventilated area. And then let it dry for several hours / overnight. Since I assembled / stained in the morning, I left them outside all day and was able to install them on the wall that evening…

I used my stud finder to locate the studs and only used 2 wood screws per ledge to install…


I love how simple these are to build…and they make a huge impact. I didn’t need anything fancy in his room, but you can dress these up by adding some crown molding to the bottom or the ends. What I love most is that these bobble heads and trophies finally have a home outside of Aiden’s closet…

He was so excited to see the finished product that evening!


I’ll be back soon with his full room reveal. The light is up and the tv is mounted on the wall too – eek! With these wall ledges complete, my job is his room is D O N E! Finally!

Go build some wall ledges this weekend!

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  1. Those came out so good. May have to make some of those. and….Go Angels!!!

  2. carol jane says:

    Wow. These are exactly what im looking for to use as a wall gallery for my grandkids pictures. It looks easy, however I have never built anything in my life. Pottery Barn wants like $70 for a 4 foot shelf like this. Instead of nails could wood glue work to hold it together? I have no clue about using any of the items you used to build! And I totally don't understand how to attach it to the wall.

    • Yes, PB is costly for items like this. And since they are tucked away in a 9 year old's bedroom – these do the trick just fine! To answer your question, pretty sure wood glue would not do the trick for these. The wood is heavy and the angle they are put together…I don't see how they would hold up well. You'd definitely need to have nails. Sorry, I didn't have a lot of content or photos for the wall hanging portion because I did the job alone. But all you need to do is find out where your studs are in the wall, pre-drill your ledge where it will meet the wall stud and then attach the ledge to the wall by drilling in with wood screws. It is really very simple! But if you aren't familiar with these tools or building items, I can see how you wouldn't understand. There are lots of things I can't build (yet) because I haven't spent the time educating myself on how to use the tool, etc. Do you have someone that can help you hang the ledges once you've built them? Or someone that can build them for you too?

  3. redlotus008 says:

    Wow, these are awesome! I was wondering if it would be ok to make the whole thing with brad nails rather than just the front 1×2 panel?

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