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Sep 7

This workspace project was a long time coming. 3 years and counting to keep it real. When we moved into this home 3 years ago, the previous owner left a few sections of pegboard wall in the garage. You can see that in one of my early move posts here

You guys, I’ve recently taken a walk down memory lane in this home. This is the beauty of keeping a home blog. You can see just how much progress you’ve made – especially when you feel like you’ve been spinning wheels and nothing is happening. I’ve been working after-hours on back-end blog updates. You know, those little details (like SEO) that need cleaning up after a site with nearly 700 blog posts migrates to a new platform. Yiksies! Anyway, I’m in the series of posts from the move and it’s been amazing to look back to see where the house was…as opposed to where it is now. I’m going to share a recap soon because it would be nice to have all of those projects in one blog post…and it’s fun to see. When seasons change and temps get more comfortable, people are interested in home project ideas…and I’ve got em!

Back to the pegboard! You can see the pegboard wall section above in that photo. A few things in the garage were demo’d prior to paint – I’m so glad I kept this feature! I had dreams of building out a workspace, which happened last summer (here)! And I also dreamed of using that vertical pegboard to organize tools and gadgets. It’s all about little steps, my friends. One foot in front of the next brings you from the photo above, to this…

And now this…


Prior to ordering a few wall hooks for the board, my power tools were sitting in the top drawer…

There was nothing wrong with that, however my inventory grew this summer at Haven when Ryobi gave away quite a few cool items. The tools didn’t fit in one drawer anymore and the weight was causing the mesh drawers to bow at the bottom. I had them sitting on the tabletop for the last month…


It was just time to finally make use of the wall that was intended to house them all along. It was very easy to do! All I did was order a variety of peg hooks on Amazon



You could also locate pegboard hooks at your local hardware store, but I liked browsing Amazon while looking at what needed to hang on the wall. I brought my laptop to the garage and shopped with each item / its weight in mind. I played around with the layout to come up with this…


The beauty here is I can change it anytime. Should I acquire something new, I can shift things around or add a new hook…




The items I typically grab for most often made the wall. It’s made loading my toolbar before heading to a clients house very easy. And if someone borrows one of my items, I know immediately it’s gone missing and needs to be put back.


My little worktable is clear again!…


Getting the items on the wall also created new space in the drawers below. I spent a little time re-organizing and purging items no longer needed…


If anyone is ready for a worktable like this, the elfa fall sale is still going on. It’s 25% off currently. Not sure when the sale ends, but it will come around again right before Christmas.

Really excited to have this project started. I say started because it’s sure to be ongoing with little tweaks here and there. Several friends on IG saw my pegboard wall image and sent a message on how to install a pegboard wall. I didn’t install this myself but have discovered a few great online tutorials, like this one on the DIY Network. It’s easy to install a wall like this – you just need to make sure you’ve added spacers behind it so that your peg hooks can go through. Pegboard wall can’t be added flush to a wall – it needs open space behind it.


Happy pegboard organizing!

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  1. Love how organized and lovely this is – my garage is a crazy hot mess right now and I just don’t even know where to begin. Part of me would just like to empty it all out and start over. Maybe I’ll order a dumpster. 😉 Pegboards are fantastic though – I have them in a couple of closets, and they get the job done!

    • Samantha says:

      I so hear you! There was a point in this very garage when I wanted to do that. I kept reminding myself it takes steps and stages…all in time. Same message I talk about with clients. It doesn’t happen overnight, much as we wish it would.

      I want to take a dumpster to the outside of my house. How that random stuff accumulates is beyond me! haha!


  2. kelly whited-ford says:

    It looks so nice but do you have issues with the brackets and hooks come off the pegboard? That is what I find happening often which is pretty frustrating. Do you have that issue? Have you found a work around?

    • Samantha says:

      Thank you! No, I don’t have that issue with the hooks / brackets coming off. Do you have enough empty space behind your pegboard for the components to really set into the holes? Are you talking about when you take items off the pegboard wall that then the hooks are coming off? Be sure to let me know so I can try to help…but otherwise, my components are always in place…never fall off.


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