You may be wondering about a few things – or maybe just curious? Looking for a specific resource – like paint colors?

Wondering how I got started in this crazy career as a professional organizer?

Hope you’ll find your answer here. If not, just shoot me an e-mail. I love reading your notes!

Where Do You Live?

I live in the SF Bay Area. Was born and raised in San Francisco. Have lived around the country and am grateful to be back home!

How Did You Get Started As A Professional Organizer?

I’ve been organizing professionally for more than 4 years. And this question ranks very high in my e-mail inbox. So much so that I’m currently developing a small side project that gives me the chance to share the full scoop – and help others get started in this field too! If you’d like to join my professional organizer tribe and receive my free mini e-book with my top 5 tips for getting started, check out this post.

What Was Your College Major?

Human Services / Counseling.

Did You Have To Go To School To Become A Professional Organizer?

No, you don’t. You can however access wonderful education and resources by becoming a member of NAPO.

What Is NAPO?

If you’ve heard me mention NAPO and are curious to know more about it, here’s your answer right from the NAPO site…

“NAPO is the National Association of Professional Organizers. We are a group of approximately 4,000 professional organizers dedicated to helping individuals and businesses bring order and efficient to their lives. Our vision is to have the World recognize the value of organizing and turn to NAPO as the leading organizing authority. Our mission is to develop, lead, and promote professional organizers and the organizing industry. In addition to serving professional organizers, we aim to help consumers and those interested in becoming professional organizers. We offer programs, information, and guidance for each of these groups.”

I’m a member of NAPO National as well as an active member in my local chapter here in San Francisco. I currently sit on the marketing committee and moderate their Instagram feed.

What Are Your Interior Paint Colors?

My full list of paint colors is shared in this blog post. You can also see how I beautifully organized the paint remnants in this blog post!



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