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What’s more to love than a beautiful, newly renovated kitchen? I’ll tell you – a beautiful new kitchen that is professionally unpacked and organized too! Can you believe this kitchen I packed only a few months ago transformed from this… To this… Yep, it’s the same kitchen! And it’s stunning! why should you hire a […]

Kitchen Organization

Why You Should Hire an Organizer To Pack & Unpack You


A few of my favorite things include designing and organizing spaces for the best families AND saving money in the process. The beauty of an Elfa system, especially when placed in a child’s closet, is its flexibility and adaptability over time. It will grow with your child or in any space it’s added. I’ve even […]

Closet Organization

Simply Done: Redesigned Elfa Closet


We’re all feeling the effects of Covid-19 and especially now as the new school year approaches. The high school students in our life (we have 2 in this house – 1 an incoming senior) are having a really tough time. We’re doing all we can to make the most of their final days of summer […]

SO Clients

Simply Done: Organized Step-In Closet


Sometimes I consult a client in a new space and know it’s going to take me a little time to come up with a design or a system. Sometimes I see a space and know exactly what to do. This garage wall falls into the later category. As soon as I saw this empty slate, […]

Garage Organization

The Ultimate Garage Workspace for a Florist



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