15 or less: organized omelette makings

Oct 18

a few months ago i purchased new ziploc containers and lids. you know how they tend to get worn out? or you lose the lids…or the bottoms. target was having a great sale…and combined with coupons, the deal was even better. during the shopping trip, i didn’t have the kids with me so i was able to thoroughly browse the ziploc section – what a treat! normally, i would have grabbed whatever i was accustomed to buying in the past.

not this time.

wow – these containers come in so many great shapes and sizes now!
not only did i grab some of the standard containers we use for leftovers, but i also grabbed a few new sizes to try out. one of the container sets i purchased are these…

aren’t these great!?

when i first saw them, i thought it would be perfect for my children’s school snack. this year our school policy changed and they no longer provide snack for the kids. we are required to send our own each day. not sure about yours, but my kids are big eaters so i like to send a few small things for snack…as opposed to one little bag of crackers. what i love about this container is that i can send several different items AND it keeps foods from touching one another.

do you have children that don’t want their grapes touching their cheese? or their crackers touching their grapes because the crackers will get soggy?

bingo…it has worked out so well for us!

moving on….

about 3 weeks ago i ventured into making omelette’s on the weekend. my husband and i love omelette’s. however, we only make them on the weekend because on those relaxed mornings i have time to cut up our vege’s and make the omelette. the chopping can take quite a bit of time – especially if you enjoy more than 1 or 2 vege’s mixed in.

one weekend after cutting up several veges for omelette making, i had quite a bit left over. when i opened the ziploc drawer, i first grabbed for some individual baggies….then, those 3-compartment containers caught my eye.


trust me, i realize how simple this is, but it has changed my mornings for the better….

now i prep all of our omelette vege’s in advance. whenever i have a minute in the kitchen – like when the kids are eating dinner or i’m watching something cook on the stove – i take a peek at the container in the fridge. if it’s getting low, i cut up some vege’s to replenish.

now on a weekday morning if we decide to have eggs, all i have to do is crack open a couple and the vege’s are ready and waiting…..which means we have the time to eat them on a weekday….which also means my kids are eating a healthier breakfast. it’s not going to be just pancakes, cereal, or toast/bagels anymore!

see how there is a chain reaction of goodness?

this morning, while my daughter was playing and i was making breakfast, i chopped up some tomatoes and a red bell pepper…because the container was running low….

don’t the colors look pretty!

i made some scrambled eggs with tomatoes and cheese …. then i simply popped the lid back on and put it in the fridge for tomorrow!

here’s the eggs – yum!

and, for good measure, while i was waiting for the eggs to finish…i peeked into the drawers to make sure all my cooking utensils were still organized

so far so good! still looks great in there after one full week of cooking 3-4 meals a day!

have you found any great uses for the variety of ziploc containers now available? please share!

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