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Oct 28

yours truly is the ultimate sentimental mommy….especially when it comes to the art our children create. the paintings, the handprint/footprint art they’ve done over the years, homework pages…..i even have coloring pages from when they first started coloring at age 1.
i know – pretty bad!
like most parents, i treasure these little pieces of art. i’m a sucker for everything they create that i have kept much of it, but i have kept myself in check as they get older. my oldest is now a first grader so there isn’t as much art coming home….instead we’ve ventured into lots of worksheets, tests, and homework coming home. so there’s a little less art to collect…

even still, with 2 of our 3 children in school, there are a lot of art projects and papers that come home – daily. my old system was to leave them in a cute little stack in a basket on one of our kitchen side tables. that way anyone visiting would have the opportunity to see their work. or when my husband had the time to look through the stack, he could easily see what the kids were up to at school that week.

when the week ended i kept only the pieces i couldn’t live without and separated them by month in a bin …. like this one….(i have bins for each of the boys – yes we have a lot of these!)….

{by the way, once my office closet project is complete, i will have a much better storage system for these papers. can’t wait to share that with you!}

let’s face it – the weekly stack wasn’t exactly a good way of showcasing their talents.

i always admire the walls of art shown in the pages of Pottery Barn Kids or Land of Nod catalogs. don’t they always look perfectly put together? as much as i love those companies, i don’t always love their prices. so i set out to create my own art string for each of the boys bedrooms.

first, i looked through our tool boxes and found some old fishing wire. that was easy.

second, what to hang the fishing wire with? then i remembered i had these….

these are from the Command Adhesive line. they not only sell the strips for hanging framed photos, but they also sell hooks. i used these last Christmas while hanging stockings. since these strips are re-useable, i still had them, along with some of the leftover adhesive.

ok, so i have string and hooks for hanging….but i didn’t have clothespins or clips for hanging the art. that next day i happened to be one of our local big super markets and found these….

i liked these because they were lightweight plastic, blue (these were for my boys rooms, of course), and they were inexpensive for a big bag of them.

then all i did was hang the hooks on the wall with the Command Adhesive, tie the string to each hook, and then hang up the artwork with the clips…..SO easy……

now not only can we see the beautiful art they create, as well as homework spotlights from the week, but my kids can see them too. they are so proud to show off their hard work…..

in my 5 year old’s bedroom, i made a double row of art string because he is in pre-k and there is way more artwork happening than actual homework. and i love how this art string really holds up…there is so much art work hanging here!…..

he has a HUGE empty wall in his room that needed some sprucing up. he doesn’t need another piece of furniture in there and we aren’t sure about a wall hanging for that spot yet….so this was the perfect solution for the time-being…

and now their work isn’t sitting in a stack somewhere. it’s up where everyone can see and admire it.


{i linked up tis project with gingerbread and orgjunkie!}

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  1. Oh I just love it! So sweet and perfect in the space, and it is just wonderful you got it out of that bin so it can be displayed proudly! Thanks so much for sharing! xoxo!


  2. awe! thank you, jen!! xo back to you!

  3. Laura says:

    That's awesome and a lot less expensive than the curtain rod method I was thinking of using at my sister's. Thanks!

  4. @ Laura – thank you! i did see your curtain rod idea and thought it was wonderful! so smart! i wish we had an ikea in our area! i am seeing so many great ways to use their products, but don't want to pay shipping expenses 😉

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