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Nov 29

friends, i sincerely hope this doesn’t convince you i have gone off the deep end. as i’ve said many times before, i am a sentimental mommy, so this one shouldn’t be too much of a surprise. right?

i have discovered a sweet way to organize and keep those treasured baby teeth.

YES – i did say organize baby teeth.

*insert sound of you running away screaming in horror*

i know, i know – is nothing sacred? not only am i organizing our home and life, butΒ noooow i am organizing baby teeth?

stay with me on this one…i promise it won’t disappoint….or creep you out! πŸ˜‰

our family has only recently had the experience a tooth fairy visit. our oldest child (7) didn’t lose his first tooth until he was 6.5. he has lost his 2 bottom middle teeth, and the top middle teeth are on their way out. given his delayed tooth loss, we figured our 5 year old still had some time before losing his teeth.

mmmmmm, not so much.

he lost his first tooth last sunday evening. we were stunned because we had only noticed his tooth was loose 3 days prior to it falling out.

this exciting experience prompted me to share this awesome tooth fairy keepsake/organizer with you. i am so glad i had already purchased his tooth fairy box. because we had it on hand, he was able to enjoy the tooth fairy tradition just like his older brother did a few months ago.

when we noticed our 7 year old was close to losing his first tooth, i searched the internet for tooth fairy books. when a big experience is on the horizon, having a book to read with our kids about that topic definitely helps to ease any anxiety. like before their baby sister was born and we purchased a few children’s books about bringing home your new baby.

anyway, along with finding a tooth fairy book, i found this adorable tooth fairy kit….



this beautiful box is something you will cherish forever!….

…and, more importantly, will keep those precious baby teeth in a place of honor. NOT in a small ziploc bag like my mother did (God bless her!). who knows, i think she may have finally tossed those teeth years ago.

when you open the large box, this is what the inside looks like….

there is a spot on the top inner flap where you can write your child’s name. parents of girls – the set does come in a pink set just for them!


[box comes without the little orange box – that was from when our 7 year old had his tooth pulled and i stuck it inside the kit]Β 

the kit includes a tooth/coin pouch, a door hanger, tooth fairy stationary (so your child can write a letter to the tooth fairy), and my favorite item….a hand crafted baby tooth keepsake box….

is that not absolutely adorable??!

when you open the keepsake box, this is what it looks like inside…

there is a clear rotating cover that keeps the teeth safe and organized. when our five year old lost his tooth, the tooth fairy put it in the correct spot…

….and inside the lid of the tooth keepsake box is a tooth chart where the fairy can note when the tooth fell out.

genius! and precious at the same time!

the night our 5 year old lost his tooth, he hung the tooth fairy sign on his door knob….just to be sure she didn’t forget to stop by that night…


and he also put his tooth inside the tooth pouch under his pillow, along with a note. he loved the experience! and i think the tooth fairy will be back again very soon because both of the boys have more loose teeth. at least i know i have this box on hand and will be prepared whenever she needs to make a visit.

we love this keepsake! and it’s such a cute way to organize something you might want to keep, but aren’t sure of how to store it away.

the boxes can be found at Baby Tooth Album.

they don’t just sell the kit i shared with you. if you would like something smaller, they have just the option for you. along with several other absolutely adorable keepsake items. check them out!

seeeeeee, i told you this wouldn’t creep you out!

how are you organizing/keeping your children’s baby teeth? ever have an item that was odd to store or organize like this? i’d love to hear! share with us in the comment section.

{when i share a product like this with you, i am NOT receiving a kick back nor am i being asked by the company to blog about their product. the items i share are actual items i have used in my own home for years, items i have recently found that have made a huge impact in my organization life, or items i think you might find useful and helpful. just wanted to mention that.
i am not a paid blogger….just doing this for fun!}

[i shared this post with the org junkie’s readers too!]

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  1. sara says:

    YES! You are the one who told me about this and I bought two kits, a pink and a blue for the kids. I love the the tooth saver and the fact you can write the date they lost their teeth. Much better then the plastic baggie I have for Hanna πŸ™‚ Love this kit!

  2. sara, i'm so glad you bought a couple. they are SO awesome! we will be buying N's in the coming month or so. i'm worried they will stop making them and then i'll be out of luck! πŸ˜‰

  3. Ordered the flap pook and door hanger! Thanks for the recommendation! Zach has 2 loose teeth and I'm anxiously waiting!!

  4. Changed my mind – got the boxes instead! Yay! πŸ™‚

  5. carriee2652 says:

    AHHHHH want this in UK. Do they ship over here?

    • hi there! i just checked their shipping policy (located on their site) and here is what i found for you…

      "Do you ship outside the United States?

      Yes, is pleased to offer shipping to all addresses, according U.S. law. The delivery time for overseas shipments may vary."

      so YES i imagine they WILL ship to the UK! yay for you!!!

  6. netty says:

    Omgosh, THANK YOU for this! So adorable πŸ™‚ My 5 year old has already lost 2 teeth and I just have them in plastic baggies (felt SOOO bad). I have three girls and am going to order one for each of them! You should get a % of sales πŸ˜‰

  7. netty says:

    Omgosh, THANK YOU for this! So adorable πŸ™‚ My 5 year old has already lost 2 teeth and I just have them in plastic baggies (felt SOOO bad). I have three girls and am going to order one for each of them! You should get a % of sales πŸ˜‰

  8. Samanatha says:

    Where do I buy one of these?

  9. Amber says:

    Just out of curiosity does this help preserve the tooth? If not how can I help prevent or slow down the natural decaying process?!

    • Samantha says:

      Good question! I’ve only been keeping teeth this way for the last 6-7 years when my first lost his first tooth. There hasn’t been any natural decaying. However, I found a tooth hiding in my make-up bag (don’t ask) and it crumbled into pieces when I grabbed it to put it away. Not sure how long it was in there (my 3 kids went through a phase of losing 3-4 teeth every 2 weeks so I was trying to keep up – the tooth fairy was busy!), but clearly the air was causing decay. The teeth in this little case are totally enclosed so this may be helping preserve them better. I also know, my kids likely won’t want to keep these – it’s just for me and I’ll show them later. They won’t last forever, sadly. Have you tried a pinterest search?

  10. FL says:

    I bought this a few years ago and loved it. As my son grew older and now the 7-8 year old teeth are coming out, to my surprise these teeth have longer roots and bigger in size. And so very disappointed the little tiny square slots in the tooth album simply cannot fit his teeth!! Now looking at it they could’ve be more generous on the design and make the slots a bit bigger and deeper.

  11. Carol Gennette says:

    This is a great item. I am a sentimental mom too. My son is now 33yo but a had a small kit when he was little and saved all of his teeth.

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