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Feb 3

welcome to my weekly wrap-up of small projects i accomplished this week – each in 15 minutes or less!
you may notice this is a slightly new feature. when i started the blog last year, my hope was to share one project each day that took me less than 15 minutes to accomplish. it was called “one-a-day”. remember seeing those? well, after a while, i found that i wasn’t able to get in here daily to share them. i had really hoped to have more time and we all know how it is – best laid plans – it just wasn’t working for me. and that’s fine – we all need to fine-tune our goals, right?
so from here on, i’m going to work on several small organization and cleaning tasks each week and then share a weekly wrap up with you on friday.
what kind of projects? they are going to be very small. these are typically org projects or cleaning tasks that i see around the house each and every day – but don’t always have the time to get them done. after a while, those little things add up and really bug me (and my husband). maybe you have the same issue?
in addition to knocking these tasks off my never-ending to-do list, my goal is to hopefully inspire you to do the same!
here’s what happened around our home this week!
1. sorted through our collection of master bed sheeting. since we have a great sized master closet, but don’t have a linen closet, all of our bedding lives in this dresser…

we have collected quite a few sheet sets over the last few years. it was time to sort and purge…

i pulled out 2 sets that we never use (which went into the ebay pile – they are in excellent condition) and the rest were folded and placed back inside the dresser…


i used a method of folding where you put the sheets inside the matching pillow cases. a friend taught me that trick a few years ago. in addition to the purge, folding our bedding this way actually free’d up 1/2 of a drawer!…

2. i sorted through the boys artwork in each of their bedrooms…

it was time to remove Christmas and even some Thanksgiving!…

here was the pile of keeps that remain…

3. i cleaned our daughter’s bedroom chandelier. i really wish i had snapped a few before shots. it was so dusty it looked gray!…

but now – sparkling clean!…

4. i sorted, cleaned and purged our spice and tea cabinets. in our kitchen we have hidden away built-in spice racks…

shamefully, i can’t remember that last time i went through our spices and teas. it was looking pretty bad…

but here is the awesome after…

there were many, many expired spices in our collection. i think we forget that spices have an expiration date too!

and there is 4 small items checked off my to-do list! do you have any small cleaning or organizing tasks to cross of your list? let’s do them together each week and share our results!

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  1. Using a dresser in absence of a linen closest is a GREAT solution. 🙂

    I also enjoyed your post on tips to sell items and will link it on my organizing FB wall next week.

    Cheers & Happy Organizing!

    • oh, and I'm so completely jealous of that pull-out cabinet for your spices!!

    • hi heidi! thank you for the sweet comments! and thank you SOOO much for linking my selling tips on your FB page. after i post this reply, i am going to check out your FB page. i just started a page over there too! anyway, we have found great success with selling items in order to make a bit more income. it's been totally worth it for us and know it would be helpful to others – esp those who may be hurting during this economy and those with job losses.

      i checked out your site today – very cool! thanks so much for stopping by!

  2. wow – you are SO organized!

    Hope you will visit my blog and enter my GIVEAWAY!
    Just Tututiny

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