Simple Solution: Organized & Streamlined DVDs

Apr 4

I know I can’t possibly be the only person struggling to get a dvd collection under control. Could I?

Do you have a collection of dvd’s that looks similar to this…

No? That’s just my crew? Lovely.

I know we all love a good before and after photo, so I’ll go ahead and share what my before and after looks like first. I realize this goes against the grain by sharing these photos before explaining how I completed the project. I’m just too excited not to show you the drastic change made while organizing this collection.

Check. This. Out. ….

Yes! I knooooow! What a difference, right??

And yes, those 2 little baskets contain our entire collection of dvd’s!

Isn’t organization a wonderful thing? *deep cleansing breath in*

Words can not explain how excited I am to have completed this project. It feels so good to have our dvd’s in order and the ability to easily access our entire collection. This project was simple to complete – that is, once I figured out which solution I was going with.

First, you’re probably wondering how those cases ended up in that large bin. Or why I had those 2 binders? It helps to know where we were as opposed to where we are now.

Last month, as I was doing some daily cleaning and going room to room, I noticed a little trend: empty dvd cases scattered throughout the house. This realization made my head spin. When I say the cases were everywhere, I mean everywhere.

There were a couple in my bedroom dresser…

Several more in the office closet…

A sizable stack in one of our kitchen cabinets…(don’t ask!)…

A few in my daughter’s bedroom…

And guess what? When I put more thought into it – there were even a few in the center console of my car!…

Trouble is, once we removed the dvd from the case and stored it in our previous organizer (more on this below), the cases were left to float around the house. After we open a dvd the kids love to look at the case. Your kids too? However, once they are done enjoying it, we weren’t religious about keeping up with our system for storing them.

The cases were stored in this bin….adult movie cases were in another (just as sizable) bin…

While it’s a great bin for storing cases, the location wasn’t the most convenient —> our attic. In order to put away a case I had to get the attic key, go upstairs to the attic, dig around for the bin, and throw the case inside…

As evidenced by the cases throughout the house and car, that system was not working.

As far as where the actual dvd’s were living? A few years ago, I invested in these Case Logic media binders…

At the time, I thought they were the organization answer. And they were for a while, at least…

We had one binder for the kids movies and one binder for adult movies. But yes, you know it’s coming….there were issues with this binder:

1. Our movie collection had outgrown the binder space.

2. Over time the slots that hold the dvd’s loosened up and didn’t hold the dvd’s as snug anymore. That means when the kids browse through the binder, dvd’s fell out all over the floor. Annoying!!!

3. The binders are heavy and awkward for the kids to carry.

4. The magnetic strap that keeps the binder closed had worn down and flopped about while you flipped through the pages.

My final goals for this project were…
1. Go through our entire collection and purge what we no longer watch
(for garage sale, ebay, or donation)
2. Find a way to contain them so we could easily access all of them
3. Have a system that is easy to maintain going forward
4. I wanted our collection to fit inside the tv stand in the living room…

Once I found this awesome product…

…(which took a bit of research), the process was easy going from there. If you’ve never seen these sweet little pieces of plastic – they are heaven for an organizer like me!

You see, this….

Which is much, much thinner than a regular dvd case…

Can turn these 2 dvd’s…

Into this ONE thin dvd holder…again, this is TWO dvd’s!…
Once more, so you can really see the impact…the 2 original plastic dvd cases (on the bottom) vs. the same 2 dvd’s with their inserts inside one little plastic sleeve (on the top)…

Genius! Thank you, Atlantic!!

The rest of the project was just the time it took to sort through our collection, choose the keepers, and move the dvd’s and inserts to the new plastic sleeves. To maximize even more space, whenever possible I placed 2 like dvd’s together…


That idea also worked when I came across dvd’s with that 2nd disc. Otherwise known as the disc of “bonus features” that, as far as I know, no one ever watches. ???

As I went through the process of unloading the old dvd cases, I placed the empty case inside the old bin…

And placed the new plastic sleeves inside the new baskets – in alphabetical order. This is the kids dvd basket…

The basket on the left contains adult movies along with our favorite Christmas dvd’s…

And here is the remaining stack of purged movies…(we have several of these on apple tv now)…

Once the baskets were completed, they fit perfectly inside our tv stand…


Love, love this!

To wrap up, I thought you may like to know the final project cost and where you can find these items should you choose to do this project in your own home – which I highly recommend!
*atlantic plastic sleeves: $13.99 each at target. I did find them online but they were more $$. I purchased 4 boxes and have about 15 remaining sleeves for any new dvd’s. Each sleeve holds 2 dvd’s, which means one box of sleeve’s holds 50. You can really maximize your dvd storage space using these!
*2 woven baskets: $3.35 each on sale at michael’s.
Total cost = $62.66
(Your cost could be less or more depending on how many plastic sleeves you require).
Once again, that amazing before and after!…
Makes this organizer smile! 🙂

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  1. I use boxes I got from IKEA made to hold DVD's in the cases. I place mine high on our bookshelves away from the kiddos. From what I can tell you might be able to get about 4 or 6 boxes on the shelf. 2 to 3 on each side. Just an idea! Good luck!

    • hi rebecca! i would love to see the boxes you used from ikea! we don't have an ikea in this area…maybe even our entire state :-/. do you have a blog where you shared your project so i can see the boxes? i think i have an idea narrowed down, but am still looking for inspiration! thank you so much!

  2. Great project to tackle, I love it. BTW this weekend I organized my coupon binder based on information I got from your site. Will create a post this week and link back to your site 🙂

    • hey there! thank you! as you can see – the issue is out of hand! and maybe we'll watch more movies together as a family once we get this issue squared away. 🙂

      so excited to hear about your coupon organization! i can not wait to read all about it on your blog! i get so excited when anyone else shares coupon organization with me – i do realize i am crazy 🙂 but i love to inspire people to save money. we can all do it! i still can't believe i'm almost at $600 in coupon savings this year. i didn't know i was saving that much so the ticker is an eye-opener for me.

      i'll be reading along with you on your blog! 🙂

  3. K Coake says:

    Great idea and I love the space savings! Thanks for sharing.

    • hi there! thank you so much for the comment. i love the space savings too. i truly can't believe how much space those old dvd cases take up as compared to the plastic sleeves. it really makes an impact and would be great for someone living in a small space.

      thanks again!

  4. This is a post of pure happiness celebrating products that create a system that works. If only US dvds would play on Australian players otherwise I would so offer you money for the Jungle Book and Max and Ruby dvds you are purging. I still store our dvds in their cases but inside Ikea boxes too. I will see if I can link to a pic on my blog for you. BTW I found you through 'Delightful Order' linky.

    • awe – thank you so much, fiona!!!

      yes, if our dvd's worked with your players i would def have sent those movies your way. i've heard great things about ikea boxes, but we don't have an ikea anywhere near us – pretty sure there isn't one in the entire state :-/

      i'm heading your way to see your fun clutter post on your blog. thanks for hoping over from delightful order 🙂


  5. Brandie says:

    Hi! I stumbled upon your blog while reading a "bragger" blog on the KCL coupon blog. You had your blog address, and while enjoying my quiet cup of coffee I decided to check out your blog. What great tips you have!!! 🙂 So glad I took a few minutes to read it. I love this idea and we are currently in the process of re-doing our family room. We ordered a sectional (before I read your blog) from Nebraska furniture mart because I LOVED the one I saw in a fall Pottery Barn magazine…. If I am not mistaken, it is almost the exact same one you have in your pics! Too funny! After reading this post, I am inspired to organize our dvds to go along with our new comfy couch to improve family movie time! :)Keep the wonderful and inspiring ideas coming!!!

    • hi brandie!

      thank you so much for stopping by, browsing around…and leaving such a sweet comment. thank you!

      i am so glad the dvd organization idea may work for you. our collection was driving me crazy. not to mention, it's such a hassle going through all the clunky dvd cases…so this streamlined approach has really worked for us. and it's still in great order and condition. the plastic sleeves hold up really well and i haven't had to replace any of them b/c of tearing.

      yes, our couch is from PB….it was a gift to ourselves a few years ago. we had been using the same couch set from before we were married. it felt like we were still living in college or something. so, it was a big treat for us to buy it and get a little more grown-up feel to the living room :-). our old couch set is now in the playroom.

      thanks again for coming by! and i will definitely keep my crazy ideas coming in here 🙂

  6. ***Sharon*** says:

    Sold. I am totally sold. Darn DVDs and DVD cases all over the house….I am SO OVER IT! Thanks for the tip! 🙂

    • hi sharon!!

      i am SO glad this post was able to help you! it has been several months with our new DVD system in place and we LOVE it. so much better than those annoying plastic cases.

      you are welcome and thank you for the sweet comment!
      samantha 🙂

  7. Robin says:

    We are a military family and had tons of DVDs and it required many boxes to pack them each time we moved. I put my DVDs in the case logic cases that hold like 100 dvds with covers. I have one for kids movies, my husbands "man" movies and one for everything in between. I works great and we only have 3 books to pack now. You can buy the case books online at case logic or at best buy. Well worth the price. And to top it off you can recycle the dvd cases. Local libraries will take them and check local recyclers. Thanks for all the great tips!

    • robin,

      that is a wonderful idea!!! one of my best friends uses a system similar and she's a military family, too! funny!

      and thank you for the recycling tip! love it!

      all the best,

  8. Ashley says:

    I LOVE this idea!! Definitely doing this!! I am so sick of the endless empty case laying around!! Thanks for the idea!!

    • ashley,

      thank you so much and i am SO glad this idea will come in handy for you! i don't like the empty cases too – they take up SO much space!

      you are welcome and thank you again for the kind comment,

  9. Stacy says:

    I LOVE Atlantic DVD sleeves! I also use them to organize our DVDs. What a space saver! I blogged about it here:: Love your baskets as well. I made my own to fit into our DVD tower. And for those left over DVD cases? Please check out my projects using the cases!

    Found you on iheartorganizing!! 🙂

    • hi stacy!

      thank you so much for the sweet comment! YES, the sleeves are a space saver – and totally worth the small investment. the system has really worked well for us.

      yay – can't want to drop in and see your projects. thank you for sharing your blog with me!

      all the best,

    • Linda says:

      I just read the post on organizing dvds. After reading it, my first question was, "What does one do with all the dvd cases you have left? Just pitch them? (Landfill nightmare,I imagine!) Then I saw some of the cute & clever things you did with them, Stacy. Your ideas fit into the genius category. I have printed out the instructions for my husband, aka, Grandpa to make a couple of checkers cases for grandchildren who are just now old enough to begin learning how to play. You made my day!!!! Thank you, again. Linda Dietz, aka, YaYa.

  10. mkelly says:

    THANKS for the info on the Atlantic sleeves. I have been looking for something like this, as the "binder" idea wasn't going to work for us. This might.

  11. Brilliant! My hubs and I were just talking about ideas for organizing our TONS of DVDs. My husband is in the film industry (he films the interviews on the bonus features that nobody watches. LOL!) and we have 5 kids, so LOTS of movies! He wants to keep the cases and put the movies into the computer for Apple TV. I am cool with the Apple TV idea, but I want to get rid of the cases and organize the discs into cases or baskets. I love what you've done! I'm totally doing this. I showed my hubs and he likes it too! Thanks!

    • hi sarah,

      thank you so much for coming by and leaving such an enthusiastic comment! love it!!!

      am SO SO glad the idea may work for you! yes, if you have a husband in the film industry, i can only imagine how many movies you have to handle over there. wow! AND you have 5 kids? you're my hero! 🙂

      whoa – you can transfer movies to apple tv? we have apple tv too and was not aware we could do that?!! i would love to do that – any chance you have a blog where you can post a tutorial?

      all the best!

  12. Have no idea what I just did, but I managed to delete your comment. Haha! I'm replying on my iPad and sometimes random things happen in this world on an iPad! 🙂

    Sorry about that!

    I did read your comment however before I deleted it and I wanted to say thank you so much!!! Am so glad my idea is helpful to you!

    All the best,
    Samantha 🙂

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  16. I have several dvds that are in zipper cases, which means I threw away the cover. Did you still put the dvd's with no cover in the sleeves? I've got 4 Zipper cases full of dvd's and no covers, and then I've got several movies still in the cases. I want to do this, but don't know if it would be worth it since I don't have a lot of the covers to the actually movies to go in the sleeves. HELP!

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  18. I'm wondering how you would handled TV seasons and preserving/storing the box art? The majority of my collection is DVD boxes, when they were ALL the huge cardboard boxes? It's super annoying and takes up a ton of space. Any answers would help. pls email me in case your response isn't sent back to me.

  19. adrienne says:

    I am reorganizing my stuff for a week now. Found a hudreds of DVD sleeves. no idea what i will do with them.. any great lightbulb idea?

  20. Hey I was in the process of doing this as well and was wondering how your collection has held up over the last two years?

  21. Natalie says:

    Love this idea. I am actually trying to figure out what will be the best solution for my family for dvd storage and was wondering how well this is holding up for your family? I know the plastic in some dvd cases can become really flimsy after a few years of use but I really want something like this to work.

  22. Mandi says:

    Just got my sleeves in and made the switch. However, i'm having trouble finding storage bins. Any link you can provide that had the dimensions? of could you provide? MUCH LOVE & APPRECIATION!!! You are AWEsome 🙂

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