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Jan 25

Don’t know what I’d do without this binder.

Yes, a bold intro statement…but very true! This binder has been my lifesaver for the last 4-5 months as I went through the process of selling our home and moving to the rental. And it’s proven to be the positive in my life as I begin the research into where we will live in the Bay Area, where the kids will go to school and managing the other move topics. There is much to stay on top of. Too many details. Too many ideas. Too many phone numbers and names and “real estate zones”. Soooo many papers. This binder is where it all lives and where I can easily find anything regarding all things M. O. V. E.

Here are some of the supplies used to create this personalized moving binder…

My supply list:

* Avery 1″ binder
* Avery big tab pocket insertable plastic dividers
* binder zipper pouch
* standard sheet protectors
* 9-pocket plastic sheet
* label maker
* misc supplies you like for your zippered pouch

Regarding the binder, my personal preference is Avery brand because I’ve found they hold up well over time and have great inner pockets to give you more bang for your buck…

Normal binders typically have one pocket inside both the front and back covers, but this binder has 2 pockets on each side…

This is what you see when you open my binder…

First item is the zippered pouch…

In the pouch I keep post-it flags, post-it notes and my favorite pen. If you’re a pen snob (like me), my favorite pens have a fine tip. I love this sharpie pen…

Next is the the 9-pocket sheet. I added this as a way to contain business cards. Since it’s a clear sheet, I have the ability to fill up both sides, holding a total of 18 business cards. Sorry I didn’t take a stand alone photo of it – doh! But you can see it under the zippered pouch right here…

You may not think one would need space for that many cards, but trust me, they add up quickly…and I may have to add another. Why? I’m touring schools, working with 3 real estate agents (as with any large city/area, the Bay Area has agents who specialize in different zones or groups of cities. I’ve already been referred to 3.), and I have new utility companies to communicate with. Having a quick and easy contact sheet was helpful during the sale of our old house (contractors, plumbers, our agent and his repair company referrals, utility companies, etc).  I know it’s going to be just as useful as I see homes, tour schools, contact utility companies, work with our summer moving company and more.

Next is the stack of filler paper…

Any paper will do just fine, but I happen to love this paper because it has a perforated edge…

Many times when I would write notes during a phone call with our real estate agent, I would have a list of “to-do’s” from him. Having that sidebar, so to speak, allowed me to quickly jot down those to-do’s and tear them off, ready for action. During the sale of our previous home and the move to this house…I went through one entire 50-sheet packet. They have been tried and tested over here!

The next section has important items…

They have been labeled, but are covered up to protect our privacy.

Here are the section names:

* old home address (holds misc items pertaining to the end of the sale)

* new rental home address (holds the rental agreement, receipts for home repairs made that I will submit to the owner of the house with a rent check)

* utility company info for the rental house

* moving company quote (We were quoted a local move and a long distance move. All of the quotes are right here.)

* moving to-do’s (Info about changing the home insurance to renter’s insurance, info about covering costs of our entire home’s contents when it’s on the moving truck driving across the country, last minute things we have to do before moving – like the sale of a golf cart, etc. These to-do’s pertain to where we are living now – in the rental house.)

The final section is the pocket insertable dividers…

They aren’t labeled now because my Bay Area research has only just begun. Once it ramps up and this section is full of info, I’ll be sure to update you guys. This section will hold the following:

* school info (admission info, registration dates, tuition info if it’s a private school, and any notes taken while speaking with schools or friends that have recommended the school to us)

* real estate zone info

* MLS listings or specific homes I want to see on a trip to the Bay Area

My ultimate plan is to have each pocket hold a specific city or zone to narrow the focus on and then directly behind that pocket will be the info about schools in that zone or area.

Told you, I’m crazy about being organized.

Once I have the need to label these pockets, the inserts that came in the package are right here tucked into the back of the binder…

A few of you e-mailed or asked about my choice in a label maker. For the last several years I have used this dymo labeler

I happen to love it and will continue using this product!

My complete moving binder…

It sits right here next to my blogger’s binder

If you have a move coming up, I would highly recommend putting everything in one centrally located spot. One of the biggest benefits to having this binder was during our actual move week. As everything in the house was getting packed up, I knew that all I had to do was stow away this binder in the car or on the kitchen counter at the rental house and everything needed was right there. Once the movers arrive, they pretty much take over. The last thing you want is for your binder/important info to accidentally get packed away with your entire office. Having a binder as your zone for everything related to the move will keep you on task. And it can contain whatever you want – whatever is important to YOU during your move. Even if it’s ideas on how to help your kids through the process.

Hope this was helpful for my fellow moving friends! This is just the beginning of move related organization around here. Plenty more to share!

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  1. Niki Lamie says:

    Oooh thank you thank you! Pinning this one b/c as a marine wifey, I see a move in my near future {eh well a move is always in my near future LOL} Will save it & use for our next PCS, which I hope is a cross country move to the west coast!!!
    Found your blog thanks to Liz Marie 😉
    ♥ ♥ ♥, Niki

  2. You had great timing for me on this post! We are looking for a new house. I won't pack until closer we find one, but I have all these to do's and ideas floating around in my head. I'm making something similar for myself tomorrow.

  3. Jyn says:

    We are moving a house with 8 kids and this is no easy feat. We had a very short period of time to find a new house because the rental house we're in needs to be renovated asap for a quick sell- so I knew I had a big job ahead of me. Along with finding a big enough house for our family, we have to pack our things, make sure kid's needs are met, my husband works from home so he had to get work done also but then our whole house got the flu! It's been very interesting! We have not found the right place yet, so everything is on hold until we can. In the meantime we have picked out 1 week's worth of clothing per child and a day's worth of dishes and packed everything else. We can just wash anything used as we use them without worrying about things piling up.

    Having the go-to binder is super important for large families where things are more likely to get thrown into the 100th 'Misc' bin. I, personally, chose a very bright fluorescent color so that when I'm looking around across the room I can pick it out like a sore thumb.
    Martha Stewart also has free moving label downloads for you to put that little colored sticker on! is the link but you can also go to Avery and design your own.
    For us- the tough part is having enough unique colors for each of our kids/rooms! Good luck all and happy moving!

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