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Mar 7

Last week while sick in bed, I spent a fair amount of time watching tv. It was a total luxury because I’m never found in bed during the day. In addition to catching up on a few shows, I checked out the daytime talk show line-up. Let’s just say – I miss Oprah. Daytime just isn’t what it used to be.

What I did catch though is that spring cleaning is starting to swirl in the air. Good for me…and you! I love to discover new inspiration and products that help get us organized. One afternoon I happened to catch Katie Couric’s new daytime show and her topic was all about controlling the clutter – specifically her home office, which underwent a major purge during the show. Perfect timing, right? It was fun to watch something organization-related while laying in bed.

Anyway, during one segment a woman touched on the digital organization topic. So much is done online now or on your smart phone. Having a digital mess is no surprise to many of us. I thought her tips were great and wanted to share them in here with all of you.

Hootsuite: This is a website/app that organizes your social networking. Now instead of bouncing around from twitter to facebook to instagram or app to app to app, all you do is go to *one* place. And it’s all organized for you on your “dashboard”. There’s an anytime free membership or you can upgrade. You can read all about the levels of membership on their website right here.

Personally, I love that everything in one place (love to save time!) and there is an analytics feature too! Pretty cool!

Postal pix: I’m sure this question doesn’t even need an answer…but how many of you are taking photos with your smart phone? Taking them on your smart phone more than an actual camera? It’s just too convenient to snap photos with my iPhone and then share them with family and friends through facebook or e-mail. The sad thing is that most of my cute photos of the kids end up living on my phone and never get printed. This app could be my answer! And yours too!

Postal pix allows you to print photos directly from your iphone or android phone. 🙂 Just choose the photos and photo print size, order and they’re delivered right to your home. The prices aren’t too bad either. Another annoyance? Junk e-mail! No one is immune to this. I already have my e-mail accounts set-up to filter out spam and junk, but what about the e-mails you do sorta want to see? Like from groupon or your favorite clothing store? It would be nice to not unsubscribe from e-mails like that – I hate missing out on a good deal. But i also don’t want to see allllll of the other “blah” e-mails they send out along with that *one* great e-mail. You know?

This is where helps! When you sign up, the service filters out all of those unimportant e-mails and puts them in a safe spot where you can see them when you want to. Pretty nice, right!? You can even go ahead and unsubscribe from everything too if you prefer doing that. You have options, friends! Your inbox can be looking much nicer with just a few clicks. 🙂

Google drive: This one is going to be very helpful for me. When I write a post for the blog, I am not always sitting at my desk at home. Sometimes I have a thought come to me while sitting in the carpool line. Or think of something while laying in bed at night. Sometimes I’m sitting at a doctor appointment. What’s great is that no matter where you are, if your document is in google drive, you can access it…anywhere…and make updates anywhere.

If you are collaborating with a friend or colleague, you can share the document too. You can even work on that document together at the same time and watch the updates being made live, right there, on the doc. Pretty cool, huh?

I am always on the look-out for new ways to keep me and clients organized so I was thrilled to hear about these last week. Hopefully my few days laying in bed can be looked at as having a purpose 🙂 If you have great apps or websites that help keep you organized, please share in the comments!

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