MIA Mommy Blogger – part 2

Jul 8

Hello to my very dedicated and tolerant readers! This blogger is alive and well…But admittedly stressed, exasperated, spent (literally – my checkbook is crying), overwhelmed, and a bunch more feelings that I’m too tired to muster up the energy to express. But am I happy? YES!

Hard to believe my last post was 1 week ago today! I was in the bay area all of last week spending time with contractors at the new house. It was an incredible week just taking it all in, by myself without the kids, and was even able to squeeze in some time with family and friends – which was amazing too. Let’s just say my week spent at the house was eye-opening…And wallet-opening. But my excitement trumps any issues that popped up. Or any feelings of being completely overwhelmed.I’ll be back at the house all of next week as well. Then, this move is about to be in full swing, my friends. It’s getting real over here!

For now, I’m back and ready for another great week here on the blog! This week I’ll be sharing the progress at the new house with a lot of photos (you’ve been warned), an awesome giveaway, and a great new organization project I tackled.

But today…Today, I’m so grateful to share that one of my DIY organization projects has been featured by Beckie Farrant over at Knock Off Decor. Beckie has a site dedicated to all projects inspired by the designer home decor catalogs.
Hello!!?? Where was she hiding in my blog world?
I am all about re-creating organization solutions with my own materials, so this site is going to be one of my newest obsessions. truly, I was beyond excited to receive her e-mail that said she found my project and was planning to feature it. Thank you, Beckie!
This was my inspiration from pottery barn…
Have I mentioned that pottery barn is also one of my obsessions? Am probably not alone in this one. 
I am so grateful to Beckie for taking the time to feature a DIY project that was not only necessary, but fun and easy to make. If you’d like to gain additional DIY inspiration, be sure to check out Beckie’s site….It does not disappoint!
Back tomorrow!

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  1. Crystal says:

    Can't wait to see the pictures of your new home!! Congratulations on being featured!!

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