Aug 8

You guys, am not exaggerating when I say this house is quickly becoming my happy place. My (very long) list of projects are slowly healing me and chipping away at my southern homesickness. Yesterday, my happy place got even warmer when the carpet installers arrived. Something about the smell of new carpet. Right!? Does wonders for your soul.

It’s the little things.

The carpet was installed in the 3 kid bedrooms. These are the only carpeted spaces in the house. Everyone has an opinion on carpeting vs. Hardwoods in a bedroom. Personally, I love carpet in a child’s room. Especially for my 3. They frequently play on their bedroom floors. Carpeting makes it more comfortable on their little knees and bodies.

And of course, I went with a stain resistant version. I do have some remaining brain cells.


Here are the 3 rooms prior to carpet….



These 3 floors had seen better days. You may notice, although there aren’t any close-up’s, there is scratches, gouges, and general wear & tear from being in this house for at least 20 years (my hardwood dude’s guesstimate). Therefore, I had no hesitation to cover these bad boys with carpet.

As with the paint, I sorta agonized over the type/color of carpet to go with. But ultimately chose a carpet that would be forgiving in a child’s space – a shag type with stain resistance and a color that would hold up. I worked with a local carpet one store and chose tigressa grandiose carpet in their gateway arch color…

For those in the market for carpeting or any other flooring, I had the best experience with carpet one. the employees were very helpful in person and over the phone. I asked them to measure the 3 spaces when  I wasn’t in town and they had no issue doing that. They kept the square footage on file. Then when I came to visit a few weeks ago, I walked into their showroom to pick carpet. They gave me a price and install date on the spot…And what sold me was the fact I can exchange this carpet within the next 30 days if I don’t like it!!!. This made me feel better about picking the carpet that first called my name. In the back of my crazy mind, I knew if i didn’t like it, I could go back for choice #2.

But, ooooooh no! I am loving choice #1 and there is no chance they’ll return to rip up this beauty…







The color looks great with the 2 paint colors in these spaces…

I’m keeping the cedar floors in the 3 closets, but eventually the hardwoods in the hallway will change. I’ll talk more about flooring soon. Several of you asked why I would be re-doing the floors….Because I guess I’m an awesome photographer (not!) and you can’t see the damage. More than 1/2 the house is a hodge-podge of hardwood varieties…And much of it was demolished by powder post beetles. Again, more on that soon – with more accurate photos.

Since the carpet and padding is thick, I quickly realized the closet and bedroom doors would need to be trimmed. The doors wouldn’t go back on hinges/rollers. Oops! told you – only have some brain cells remaining….

One thing leads to another, right?…

My door trimmer was here this morning working his magic…

Finally, the outcome of new carpet and trimmed doors in the kid’s rooms…




My door guy also fixed the floor guides for the closet doors, straightened the closet door hanging rails, and oiled everything for easy opening and closing. Time to fill these rooms with furniture, clothing and toys…

…Moving trucks pull in within the hour. Let’s do this!

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  1. Looks wonderful! Can't wait to see the space filled with furniture … it looks so fresh and inviting.

  2. Lynnsey says:

    I totally agree on carpets in the bedrooms! I put new carpet in my kids rooms when we moved in – and in our bedroom too. I really prefer carpet in a bedroom, it just feels cozier. I like the carpet you chose too!

  3. Simply LKJ says:

    Looking good! I know you will be glad when your belongings are in the space.

  4. I love carpet in the kids rooms too. I opt for wood in mine with a cute rug. It looks like everything is coming together. Happy for you!

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