Elf on the Shelf 2013: Days 1 – 8

Dec 12

Our elves have been up to a lot of mischief this Christmas season. The kids are totally enjoying their company! If you’ve been searching for some new elf ideas, hope I’m able to help a little bit by sharing what our little guys have been up to. Today I’m sharing days 1 through 8.


Our elf Freddie returned this season with an extra set of eyes, a girl scout elf named Daphne. They had a “we’re back” party for the kids complete with gifts and treats…

Daphne brought along a new skirt…

And it appears Freddie may be doing some baking…






If you’re looking for the Santa Claus letterhead, if can be found right here.

The evening before day 2, I pulled out all of the Christmas decoration bins. Overnight the elves got into the Christmas tree lights and strung a web of lights all over the playroom. It was actually kinda pretty…







On day 3 the elves found mommy’s lipstick and had some fun in the bathroom…






On day 4 the elves were notified by Santa that he had not yet received wish lists from the kids. So Freddie and Daphne hit up Pinterest to find this adorable wish list


The elves asked the kids to complete their wish lists on day 4 so they could bring them back to the North Pole that night.

The elves found our rainbow loom kit and set out to create the longest loom ever!







On day 6 the kids woke up to find 3 perfect little graham cracker houses waiting to be decorated. The elves had assembled the houses overnight using royal icing. They left additional icing on the table along with a variety of candy to decorate…




The elves were perched high up nearby on wreaths so they could watch the kids decorate…





How did I know this would happen?! The elves discovered the new swimming pool, but decided that 29 degrees was even too chilly for them. Instead they were docked near the spa enjoying the view…



Wouldn’t it be great if these elves would really work some magic? The first thing I would wish for was a completed driveway / front yard. Too bad that won’t work! In the meantime, the elves were trying to help Mom by playing foreman on the construction site…


Back soon with the next round of elf antics!

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  1. Melissa says:

    so cute! love your elf ideas!

  2. Brilliant! I love seeing what other families elves get up to. Merry Christmas!

  3. What a fabulous post! Great ideas. Have a lovely Christmas! (Would love if you linked up with our Elf on the shelf blog hop http://lifewithmunchers.com/elf-shelf-blog-hop-elftakeover-wk2/) x

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