New Video Blog: DIY Custom Drawer Dividers

Feb 22

Yesterday, I shared a blog post about creating customized drawer dividers

Today, I’ve got a new video blog to share with you about the same topic. If you are planning to complete this project in your own home, I hope this visual will be helpful. Or at least just make you laugh out loud.

Major apologies in advance for this one. #wow

It’s my first real video tutorial and, gosh, I can not stand seeing myself on camera (anyone relate?). And apparently I have some favorite words like so, ummm, then….the list goes on. We are all our own worst critics and I can totally handle that. But I really wanted to share this visual with you in order for you to *see* how I scored and snapped these dividers. I can promise you though, the more videos I make the better they will get….and hopefully shorter too – ha!

Anyway, you can find the video right here on my you tube channel, or you can watch it here in this blog post. Enjoy a good laugh! But really, I do hope you feel inspired to do easy DIY organization projects in your home. I promise you will only feel happier with a more organized home!

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  1. Olivia says:

    I love the video! It's very informative and easier to understand vs. text/pictures. You're hilarious with your "notes" in between parts in the video.

  2. Millie says:

    Sam I deeply appreciate all the things you teach. I personally am a devoted blogger and organizer and I wondered if you know where I can find a cleat container that I can purchase to organize all my manicuring needs. I have them in wicker baskets but I would love to put all (22) nail polishes in a clear easy access container. I also have to have it accomodate the polish remover, cotton balls and filers. I have checked every store imaginable online but no one has one that would work and that its clear…any suggestions.

    • thank you so much! and i love a good challenge, so i want to help you figure out this nail polish storage issue. do you mind e-mailing me a pic of your nail polish bottles? are they all the same brand? i'm guessing not and i'm asking b/c that will help me find something with little compartments, if that is what might work. i'm going to shop around and think of a few diy ideas for you.

  3. Samantha, I thought this video was done perfectly! I especially liked how you showed us all of your drawers. Those are items that many of us have in our drawers or cabinets and do not know how to go about organizing them. Very informative 🙂

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