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Mar 27

Happy *almost* Friday, everyone! Do you have something fun planned for the weekend? With spring upon us, do you have some spring cleaning plans on the calendar? If you’re planning to do some cleaning, this awesome deal, for Simply Organized readers, couldn’t arrive at a better time!

ePantry, a fellow San Francisco-based company, has become a recent addiction. We have all experienced that dreaded moment when you realize you’re out of toilet paper. Or you just spritzed the last bit of your favorite countertop spray. Then you’re left running to the store spending way more than you planned because you needed something in a pinch. Maybe you even end up choosing a different product because the one you typically buy isn’t on sale that week.

Worry no more!

ePantry uses technology and a truly beautiful user experience to replace stressful last-second errands with a service that’s fun, economical, and that you can feel smart using. ePantry cares about your family (future generations included), and all of the products they sell reflect those values — making it easy to keep your home, family and our World clean.

And they are seriously the nicest people ever!

Ordering from their website is beyond easy and it really is so pretty to look at! Here’s how it works…

You’re asked a few questions about your household, choose the products you want, and ePantry suggests a schedule for future deliveries…which you can change at any time!

What kind of products? ePantry carries only the Earth’s best! They currently carry Mrs. Meyer’s, Method, Seventh Generation and Green Forest. And every product they sell has been rigorously tested by industry experts for health, effectiveness and environmental impact. The employee’s at ePantry use every product they sell. It’s their passion to get the best products on the market into the hands of their customers. And they never forget that mission!

I love Mrs. Meyer’s products and typically grab these at a local retailer. Although they cost a bit more, they are healthy for our home and for the environment. So I was super excited to find ePantry sells this brand…and for less than I would normally spend! My first order was easy to place and, because I also live in San Francisco, it arrived on my doorstep – for FREE – the very next day!!!…

The soy candle is my new favorite!

I love sharing great organization, home improvement, and home cleaning ideas / products with you guys. And I always feel sad when I offer a giveaway that only 1 or 2 of you can win. This time ePantry has delivered a deal for ALL of my readers!

Oh yea – that’s how we roll here in SF.

Everyone will receive $10 off your first order PLUS free shipping! Just by using promo code “BeSimplyOrganized” during check-out, you’ll automatically have $10 taken off your order and receive FREE shipping!


So jump on over to the ePantry site right here and enter your BeSimplyOrganized code to get some free stuff and free shipping! It’s an offer where everyone wins…thank you ePantry for loving my readers as much as I do!


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  1. Lorena Toro says:

    Yeah! I'm signing up now. Thanks for the great deal!

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