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Mar 26

With spring here and summer on the way, I’m on a mission to update this little screened-in patio. The patio faces the backyard / pool area. There are future, future plans for this space, but until I can move forward with those plans (read = $$$$), this is going to be a room where we can entertain, chill out, have weekend morning brunches, and more.

What are the future plans? Not totally sure. It depends on what happens in the kitchen, to be honest. If this space needs to become interior square footage, that’s what will happen. But if we can work out a good kitchen remodel plan, where this room remains exterior space, then I’ll change it up into something that will compliment the future outdoor BBQ area.

For now…it’s a screened-in patio that will be a great place to hang out and entertain in this spring and summer. And I was getting tired of not only how it looked out here, but the fact we weren’t using the space at all because it was very dirty and not very comfortable. Yes, a sad reality to have this great indoor / outdoor space and to not be using it at all.

So, for the last 10 days, I’ve been working out here getting a few things done already. You’ll see a few progress shots in this post. But there’s way more to come. First let me show you where I started.

This patio can be accessed from both the playroom and the kitchen, which is where this view was snapped…


There are 2 sets of french doors (between patio and house) and one single screen-type door (between the patio and backyard). When we moved in, I placed our patio furniture in here to keep it from being exposed to rain and dirt. It fits well in here…


That said, the issues? To begin with – the paint. The paint was an old olive green on the walls and ceiling…


The green paint really tinted the way everything looked out here. It felt very very green. It reflected green into everything…even into the house….

I have nothing against green – I love that color. But I wanted to brighten it up out here.

And the french door trim was a bright, bright white…


It was evident the previous owners added both sets of french doors on their own. You can tell by the seal job around the doors. There was also tiny nails hammered in around the ceiling perimeter. Possibly for hanging lights at one point?…

The walls had holes from old wall hangings, random cracks, etc…

Next was the floor. I’m still not totally sure if the flooring is paint or a sealant of some kind….


It was certainly peeling like a paint, but doesn’t feel like paint. It’s strange.

Beyond the paint and floor, I wanted to keep my current patio table and chairs. I’ve had them for nearly 7 years and they have held up beautifully. I also want to add more elements to the room, like a sectional for lounging. Before buying anything, I put together a moodboard on Olioboard. I had never created one…but, hello genius! So helpful to see everything I am drawn to all in one visual. I’m obsessed with this website and can’t wait to design more rooms at this house and for organization clients!

Here’s the design plans I came up with 2 weeks ago….

I’m going for a calm, serene environment since you can see the pool from this room. And I’m looking for comfort, since there will be a lot of chill time in this space…and a lot of football watching in the fall. Oh yes, that’s a mounted tv in the upper left corner of the moodboard. 🙂
First up, I emptied the patio and painted the ceiling, walls and doors….
The walls and doors are Behr Silver Drop. The walls are a flat and the wood trim walls and french doors are a low-sheen finish…
The ceiling is Benjamin Moore Sea Pearl…
If you’ve been reading for a while, you may recognize this is the same color combo as my kitchen and living room. Since the patio is located right outside the kitchen, I wanted the room to flow seamlessly with those spaces. I also wanted the doors to sorta disappear and not stand out as much as they had been. Remember how shocking they were? You can see the paint color palate through these doors…as well as the bright white french doors again here…
Basically, I want the walls to sorta disappear while I’m out here. I want the outdoor beauty to be the only focal point. Well, that and I wanted to have the furnishings in this space have the real pop of color. Now when I decorate out here for any season, the decor will shine…not the walls or checkerboard floor.
Trust me, I’m no designer or interior decorator….this is just my own personal preference and opinion.
With the patio now painted a fresh coat, it was time to tackle the floor. I’ll be sharing more detail later this week about how I installed this carpet (yup = myself!), but I ended up going with Flor carpet tiles. Check out this little sneak peak of the finished product!…
Can you believe the difference?!? I absolutely love this carpet!!!
Remember the before…
And now after paint and carpet tiles…
Love love loooooove this!
Next up? I’ve moved the patio table and chairs back into the space and ordered a new set of chair cushions. Tomorrow an electrician is coming over to talk to me about mounting a tv and adding lighting out here. There is absolutely no lighting – inside or outside of this room. With the ceilings as low as they are, I need to know if I can add ceiling lights at all. If I can, I am leaning toward those you can see in my moodboard. But depending on what he says, the lighting may change to more of a flush mount / low-profile ceiling light. I keep imagining a chandelier out here.
Lots more to share! I’ve been a busy body around here…yes, besides the patio I’ve also added newly updated garage lighting and I have a great client before and after to share with you guys! Back soon!
If you are interested is seeing my Olioboard up close…and want to see the specific items I’ve chosen, you can find my profile right here!

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  1. Unknown says:

    Such a cozy and inviting space! I love all the remodeling you have done to your new house. I can't wait to see all the other new things you do. I know it will be amazing!

  2. Zoe T says:

    I'm always amazing at how a coat of paint and an updated floor can make such a difference. It looks fabulous, I can't wait to see the finished images! x

  3. Jen C. says:

    What a transformation! You are rocking this one for sure! This room will be the delight of the home this summer, and how good that carpet will feel on bare damp toes coming in from the pool. Carpet tiles…. who would of thought it? But, they're perfect!

  4. It looks so much better! Inviting and serene! I can't wait to see the finished outcome!

  5. Jessica says:

    Silver Drop strikes again! 🙂 I just love it, too.

  6. Tiffany says:

    I haven't had a lot of me time lately, so i'm way behind in reading posts! You've done a great job with the patio area thus far and I can't wait to see what else you have in store.

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