Organized Little Girl Hair Accessories + A Summer Organization Instagram Series

Jul 25

 Way back in the day when I first started this blog, one of the first simple organization projects shared was my girl’s hair accessory organizer. Years later and I’m still organizing her hair items this way.

Mind you, more hair, different house, very vocal opinions….but same old organizer!…

2 of my 3 kiddos share a bathroom. Outside the bathroom is a supply cabinet…

Recently I shared the contents and how I’ve organized it

One item that recently moved from Natalie’s bedroom closet to this closet is her larger hair accessories. When I do her hair (and the boy’s hair – typically this is when school is in! Ha! Summer has settled in over here!) it’s in front of this mirror outside their bathroom, and directly across from this cabinet…

All of the other hair supplies are inside this cabinet…


So why I was leaving this accessory organizer in her closet? Don’t ask. Maybe summer has taken over my mush brain too?!

In any event, it’s now working much better right here…along with everything else…

When we brush hair and get ready in the morning, Natalie picks out the accessory of her choice…

Then we get ready in front of the mirror…

Gorgeous, darlin!…

If you have a decent supply of hair accessories, try this system for organizing them. This is actually a jewelry organizer that I grabbed at Target many, many years ago, but it works perfectly well for clipping hair items onto. At the end of the day, after brushing teeth, the clips go right back where they belong…


Wondering where the rest of her rubber hands and tiny clips are? I organize those in a compartment organizer…

And tuck it away on a shelf in this supply cabinet.

Speaking of compartment organizers, I have a fun summer instagram series going on. It’s called “Compartment Organizers 50 Ways” and I’m on day 15….so you haven’t missed too much! Once the series is completed, I’ll compile the entire list of 50 ideas for you right here. But if you want to get some little things organized this summer, while you’re enjoying a more relaxed schedule, be sure to check it out!

Curious to know more? Here are days 1 – 15!

Day 1 — Organized Doll House Accessories…

Day 2 — Organized Sharpies:

Day 3 — Organized Picture / Wall Hangers:

Day 4 — Little Girl Hair Accessories:

Day 5 — Band-Aid Boo Boo Kit:

Day 6 — Organized Nuts & Bolts:

Day 7 — DIY Snack Tray for Road Trips and More:

Day 8 — Organized Command Adhesive Strips & Hooks:

Day 9 — Organized Tea Light Candles:

Day 10 — Organized Apple Cords & Headphones:

Day 11 — Organized Celebration Candles:

Day 12 — Organized Small Baking Supplies:

Day 13 — Organized Batteries:

Day 14 — Organized Nail Supplies:

Day 15 — Organized Girly Hair Accessories:

35 more days to go…and truly, I could add another 100 ideas to my list. Compartment organizers are one of my absolute favorite solutions. Why? Because everything has a place, yet it’s all in one contained space, easy to see, grab and put away. Instead of throwing everything into a bin where you’re digging, isn’t it easier and nicer to see it all in this fashion?

Maybe it’s just me and my crazy OCD ideas, but I LOVE these organizers! Be sure to join me on Instagram as I continue the series throughout the summer.

Go organize something and have a great day!

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  1. Melissa says:

    Hi Samantha, thanks for all your ideas looking forward to reading more. Can you tell me though, where are those clear organizing boxes/trays from?? 🙂


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