Organized Princess Dresses

Aug 29

Happy Friday! Hope you have a great holiday weekend ahead…maybe a few organization projects planned? If you have a little princess living among your household, today’s easy DIY project might make it to your weekend to-do list!

I couldn’t wait to tackle this project. It was loooooong overdue and so easy!

My little princess has accrued quite the costume collection…

Thanks to Costco and their recent Halloween costume inventory, the gowns were seriously piled high!…

I was pondering a few ideas to get her gowns organized and a few involved getting them up on this open wall…

The other day I came up with a very simple idea that didn’t cost a lot of money. So today I ran over to The Home Depot, grabbed my supplies and knocked it out in about 15 minutes.

Wondering what exactly was holding the dresses before this?….

Ha! This will definitely find a new home somewhere in the house.

But back to my simple idea. It involves just 3 pieces from the Martha Stewart Collection at Home Depot…


1. 8′ Smooth Curtain Rod = $24.97
2. Starfruit Finial = $9.97

3. Bracket = $7.97Total cost = $43 – 10% off coupon

(If you wanted, you could probably create your own rod system for less money. I could have bought the wood and painted it myself. But when I considered the fact everything was smooth (no splintering in a 4 year old’s room), painted and came with the hardware, it was worth it for me to spend a little more. And…I have a 2nd rod now that I’ve cut it in half.)
I wanted a smooth rod and it was only available at my store in 8′. I only need 4′ to work in the space I had available so I cut the rod down to size using my jigsaw…

I marked the rod at 4′ and cut…


What once was 1 long rod was now 2 short rods…


I have a feeling I’ll find another princess in need of a 4′ curtain rod ;-)…so this will definitely be put to use!
Once the rod was cut, I found my wall studs and added the wall brackets…


Twisted the finials on the ends…
And screwed the rod into the wall brackets…
That was it! And all of the hardware was included! No need to roam through Home Depot finding the right wall anchors or screws.
Once the rod was in place, it was only a matter of sorting through her costumes, putting them on hangers and displaying them beautifully for my little princess to admire…

It’s much easier to see them as well as grabbing them. Hopefully they won’t just end up in a pile on the floor like they used to…

I’d say this was a small project that made a huge improvement! Wouldn’t you?…
Love the open floor space…
But this reflection is what I loved even more!…
If you have a little girl with a lot of costumes, definitely consider this simple idea!
Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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  1. Melissa says:

    Such a cute project!!!

  2. Keitha M says:

    absolutely LUV this! I am working on a project for my twincesses' dress up clothes as well. great idea 🙂

  3. Sarah Koves says:

    Is she doing well at hanging them back up? We have a three drawer sterlite for our dress up clothes because it is easy for her to get them back in. I wish I had the wall space for something like this.

    Kovescence of the Mind

  4. I love the vanity also… you remember where it is from, and the cute stool? Definitely going to pit up a rod like this, thanks!

  5. Stephanie says:

    Love this!! You’re a genius. Where did u get those hangers??

    • Samantha says:

      Awe, thank you!! I love the bar too – free’s up that floor space. The hangers are the huggable hangers found online, at costco, or at the container store. I’ve also seen them in stores like marshall’s or bed bath and beyond. They are great!!


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