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Oct 21

Fall is definitely – finally – in the air around these parts. SF had a heat wave come through, but over the last week it’s been colder in the afternoon, evening and morning. When the temps drop, it begins to feel like the season is here. This is one of my favorite seasons and it’s such a shame this time of year passes so quickly. I mean, look at football, for example. We’re like halfway through the season already.

I’m crying right now just saying that out loud.

There’s also excitement in the air with the World Series beginning tonight. Go Giants!

And halloween is fast approaching.

I’ve had the indoor and outdoor halloween decor set-up for a while. My plan was to share my little tour when the gates were up and decorative lights were lining the driveway. But guess what? Sadly, there won’t be halloween decor up the driveway this year. Next year for sure! We had yet another hiccup with the gate (I’ll explain later) and that held up the electrical being finished. It will definitely be ready for Thanksgiving and Christmas though….so look out – Sam’s going overboard with driveway decor this Christmas to make up for the loss of halloween.

Today I wanted to share the little bit of halloween fun we have going on outside. First of all, I had to freak out the people walking along the regional trail. The front of the house faces the trail and these furry little guys with beady red eyes have been a big hit…





My plan was to hang a few more on the gate. But again *sniff sniff* next year. 😉

Some friendly faces along the path to the front door…


And they look adorable at night…

They are from Target by the way – have owned them for a long time…

When you arrive at the front door…

I hung a pretty garland (from Michael’s) and added white lights.

Oh and this little guy…

Mailbox isn’t done yet as well (boo!) or he would have been out there on the street. Remember him from the Arkansas house?..

Next year. Next year.


I picked up a new friend from Costco. Kids named him Skelly. He’s a Giants fan, if you didn’t notice…

For fun, thought I would share my post from Halloween 2013. You know, back when we were surrounded by dirt and had no outdoor lighting? My, how much a home can change in a year’s time. The old front path is gone…

And then there’s Halloween 2012, in the Arkansas house. I miss that house so much…

I’ll share the interior halloween decor later this week. Have a great day and GO GIANTS!


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  1. So cute!!! Love it all. I've only put out a BOO sign. Maybe next year… haha

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