One Day I’m Going To Get Organized – Purging Frames

Nov 13

Earlier this week we spoke about that ol “one day I’m going to….” idea. A lot of us do this, and with good reason. We’re busy and it’s important to enjoy / live in the moment, instead of focusing on those little (or big) things you’d eventually like to do. But there are times when you hit a breaking point ….and this is very true when it comes to getting things done around the house and getting organized. I’m a professional organizer and even I allow projects to sit around. My project list, however, are things I should be focusing on, because they involve cherishing and respecting my family memories. I shared my “one day” list earlier this week (right here) and didn’t waste any time getting started.

I mentioned I already dropped off our old family movie reels, VHS tapes and 35mm slides and they are in the process of being transferred to DVD right now (yay!). While I await their return, I jumped on an easy project – sorting and purging picture frames.

Seems simple, I know. But over the last 20+ years I’ve accumulated an interesting collection. They have moved from SF to OC to Little Rock and now back to SF again. Many being collected along the way and all living in different homes, in different decors. During that time my taste has matured / changed, I’ve had 3 children, and have added tons of great friends and memories. My frame collection needed a good purge. I also fall prey to a great frame sale at Pottery Barn, Restoration Hardware, even Target. I grab one on sale without having a photo ready for it so it gets tossed into my collection and most times is never filled / displayed.

When those 35mm slides return, you can bet I want to be ready to frame some 1960’s memories!

I started by pulling out every frame that isn’t currently being used in the house…

I quickly sorted through the frames, removed old photos, threw the donations into the moving box you see and organized the keeps down to this…

I was brutal for sure, but had to be. If they aren’t being used, they aren’t being loved or displayed. Maybe someone else will enjoy it – so out it went. I’m really happy with my remaining collection.

Next I walked through the house to check on frames currently displayed. Those were all ok, however photos should be updated – and that is on my “one day” list too!

I noticed there were quite a few frames that are in great condition and I like the style, but the silver plating was scratched or the paint color wasn’t my taste anymore. So I grabbed a few frames along with some spray paint and made a quick, easy, inexpensive update.

Silver, black and white before…


Gold and teal now…


When they were dry, I found a new spot for them in the office…

My home office is gray with accents in teal, gold, silver, black and white. This was the perfect spot in the house for the frames…

I filled the frames with a few of my favorite organization quotes…




And a couple of my favorite faces too…

What once was sitting in the guest room closet is now loved and on display.

And I love seeing that box of old frames in my donation pile! With my frames sorted and purged, time to move on to the next “one day” topic. Will be sharing soon!

Oh, if you like the quotes I framed…you can grab them below. Enjoy…and go purge your frame collection!…


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  1. Sam, you just read my mind. We moved 2 months ago (actually, almost 3 – where did the time go?!?) and I have yet to hang much on the walls. My frames are currently still in a few large boxes – I need to purge, and what a great idea to paint the frames! I think some of them will stay after all, after they get a face-lift! 🙂 Thanks!

  2. This is perfect, I was looking at my frame collection this week thinking I needed to start figuring out which ones to keep and which to donate. LOVE the gold and teal. Hope you have a great weekend!

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