The Gate….Pinch Me, It’s Done!

Jan 9

You read that correctly, my friends. The gate is done. The pillars are done. The walk-through side gate is done. The deer fence on either side is done. And the path from the driveway to the walk-through gate is done.

D. O. N. E.

The sweetest little 4-letter word I’ve heard in a long time. 😉

Maybe the project took months longer than it should have because of a certain gate company (ahem), but all I can revel in and focus on is the fact the project is complete and I can happily move on with my home improvement self.

With the gate finally in, the mason was able to help me finish off the pillars…


The pillar tops were added as well…

Then we poured a small concrete pad in front of the walk-through gate to finish off this area (we had to tear it up months ago to secure a solid foundation for the pillars)…

Don’t worry, that pad will fade into the same color as the driveway…

I had leftover stones and pebbles from the paths in the front of the house, so I used those to create a path to the driveway…

Love loooooove how this came together. I didn’t even plan on having extra stones when the front path was done. I had to buy the stones by the pallet, meaning there were several leftover. Just a case in point that some things are meant to be!…

Eventually there will be landscaping in this area, but I’m so glad I put my foot down with the gate / pillar dudes and didn’t allow them to cut down the oleander on the right…

I think it looks so pretty here and when it blooms this spring it will be amazing.

Every time I pull up the driveway I breathe a sigh of happiness…


Really pleased with the outcome and this is exactly what I envisioned. Way back in the summer of 2013 I had this vision. Amazing to me it’s finally a reality!

For fun, have a look at this! Summer 2013…

And now, Winter 2015…

That is the same view friends! The redwood closest to me had to come down for the driveway and there has been a fair amount of trimming. Amazing what concrete, grass and some defined areas can do for a front yard. The vision is there too! I’ll update this summer with better photos that have more foliage. But you get the idea.

Summer 2013…

Winter 2015…

Summer 2013…

Winter 2015…

For those wondering what I used for the stone facing, it’s El Dorado Stone in Nantucket

Love love this stacked stone! So pretty!

The lights on the pillars are from Lamps Plus. It’s the Kichler South Hope in bronze…

Love this light so much!..
With this project completed, it’s time to pick up all the junk around here and get to the dump. One day, one job at a time. 😉
Have a great day guys!


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  1. Monique says:

    so happy for you! it's wonderful!

  2. 13oct says:

    Congratulations!! Hats off to you. I've been following you for ages, but to see how you slowly made this property come to life is just amazing.

  3. Diva Kreszl says:

    It was certainly worth the wait to have it done exactly how you wanted it, it is gorgeous and makes such a big bold statement in your exterior landscaping!

  4. Olivia says:

    Wow your stuff amazes me! I can't believe you get to drive through that beautiful "tunnel" of trees to get to your house. How peaceful! Gate and all looks GREAT!

  5. Looks wonderful! And I love the lights!

  6. Hilary Cook says:

    It looks wonderful! Congratulations!

  7. Ann says:

    This looks fantastic! We’re using the Nantucket stone as well for a project (primarily because of how great it looked here!), and I was wondering if you could tell me where you got your pillar tops?

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