Simply Done: Crushing Hard

Feb 6

Happy Friday! It’s been a busy week over here. I’m overseeing the install of 3 new closets today, but I wanted to pop in to share my latest crush with you. A little Friday eye candy before the weekend.

Me and my crew of awesome handymen were at a client’s home for several hours Tuesday morning and during that time her kitchen table area went from this…

To this…


Can you even believe these lights?…


Being a professional organizer causes you to inch over into the design world. Trust me when I say it’s not my most comfortable role to step into. I’m not a trained interior designer, but design comes into play when creating systems, closets and the overall look of a space I’m organizing. Many times people that hire me just want an opinion on their ideas (thankfully!), and in this case my client was pretty much dead set on these lights but still looking for an opinion. I’ve got my thing that’s working for me (ahem – it’s simple and it’s Pottery-Barn-esque). And I have to admit, when she first suggested these lights I was hesitant.

But my girl. She hit it out of the park…

…and taught me a lesson in how to be a bit more open-minded. 😉

I’m in love. Crushing hard. Yes. Me!…

She decided on one large, one medium and one small. Delivery was fun too. Psh. I could build the most insane kid’s cardboard playhouse with the boxes they arrived in. Still have no idea what type of truck made this delivery – ha!

Anyway, took us several hours to add the electrical and hang – each is hung individually. But the outcome of all that hard work is totally worth it. Totally! They’re gorgeous and perfectly fill in the large open space over her kitchen table.

Hope you guys have a great weekend!

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