Simple Solution: Contained Plasticware

Mar 18

When I’m working with clients, we tackle organization in the moment. As we work through a space, I’m paying attention to what needs to be contained as we near the end of a session. This generally means I’m shopping around their home for containers. My goal is to finish the space and have everything contained neatly before leaving. There are definitely times a purchase is necessary or we’re brainstorm ideas, but for the most part – it’s amazing what you can find by simply walking around your home.

This simple solution is a great example of shopping your home first.

I was working in a client’s laundry room a few weeks ago and as we emptied cabinets I noticed the amount of party supplies.  Not only party supplies, but the plasticware was off the charts…

She entertains and plans birthday parties for each of her 3 children and extended family. There was so much volume truthfully because it wasn’t organized or easily accessible. Meaning when she had a party, she would purchase more from the store because she couldn’t find what she already owned.

Not to mention, plasticware in general is not an easily contained item. Especially those forks!

As we neared the end of our 3 hour session, I was shopping around her home and discovered these hidden away up high in a kitchen cabinet…

They were brand new and still in the packaging. In my eyes – these 3 were perfect for containing spoons, forks and knives!

We even found an additional one to contain her serving size plasticware.

Once it was contained, we set up a cabinet where she can now find all of her party planning supplies…

Nothing fancy. Just organized, easy to find and accessible. And no more trips to the store to purchase additional plasticware…which means she is saving money!

If you’ve got mountains of plasticware, consider this idea for containing and managing your supply.

Since we’re in her laundry room already, I’ll share her newly organized cabinets and clear folding surface…

She has a very tight laundry room. And it’s a walk-through space…the garage door is to the right and the family room / kitchen is to the left. It’s easy for items to get plopped down in this space as they come home and walk through. Wish I had the before photo…we got carried away and cleared out the entire room in 20 minutes. 😉 Too excited to get organized, I guess!


These cabinets are difficult to work with because they’re very high and super deep. But since this is what we have to work with, we’re making due. When cabinets are this high, it’s not easy to come up with a better solution…other than tearing them down and making them better (Open shelves? Definitely too high for pull out drawers.), We worked with what we had and now the items she needs on occasion are tucked in the back, while the items she needs daily are up front…

And we shopped her home for every container you see in these cabinets as well!…

Getting organized doesn’t cost a fortune!

I love this clean and clear folding counter!…But I loved her smile even more!

Have a great day guys!


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  1. Love the idea of shopping your home first before going out and adding to the clutter and spending money on more stuff. It's amazing what you can find!

  2. Leslie B says:

    I had a lot of extra party utensils floating around the pantry and I ended up getting small bins from the dollar store and putting the extras in ziploc bags. When the next party comes around, I just pull out the bag and set the utensil station up.Clean up is extra easy too! These plastic containers are great too because they're stackable.

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