Organized Special Needs Paperwork + A Giveaway!

Apr 12

Popping in on this beautiful Saturday to share an organization idea as well as a generous giveaway! You guys know I love talking about organization and sharing a giveaway with you….but this giveaway is a special one. One near and dear to this mommy’s heart.

You may recall a few weeks ago I shared a product with you from the incredible company SamsillSamsill Corporation is one of the largest independently owned manufacturers of business accessories, laptop cases, media storage, ring binders and sheet protectors. Their mission is to provide innovative office solutions which protect, organize, present and transport information and digital accessories. They are constantly pursuing excellence in people, products and performance. And the company is rooted in a strong set of standards and values.

I love working with this company and love their products. A few weeks ago, they shared their awesome Trio binders with a few Simply Organized readers. The Trio binder is a great way to organize anything, but especially during tax season…

Aren’t these genius?! The Trio is a binder…

an accordion file…

and a hanging file…all in one!…

But binders aren’t only for tax season. They are a great tool to organize anything and everything. Of course, papers! And we all know how paper can overwhelm us. Even those that are totally organized (ahem).

Since April is the month we focus on Autism Awareness, and I have a sweet little boy on the Autism Spectrum, I reached out to Samsill to see if they would be interested in sharing another giveaway with my readers…specifically for those touched by / blessed with a child with special needs. And because they are awesome, they stepped right up to host yet another generous giveaway!

This time, to include their Duo Binders…

Yep! 2 winners will each receive TEN Duo Binders. Yes, I did say 10 binders each!

Their Duo binders are a 2-in-1 organizer; a file folder + a binder in one. They come in a variety of bright, fun colors!…

What better time than now for parents of a special needs child to get that paperwork organized? It’s spring cleaning time, the school year is just starting to wind down (I know, already!), and we light it up blue for Autism Awareness.

One of my most popular organization posts here on the blog is my organized special needs binder. I don’t typically share personal info, but have opened up a bit and shared a few details about my son on the Spectrum. I feel as a parent of a special needs child, it’s important for me to share and get involved. It not only helps others, it helps me find support and info too. Over the years, I’ve received many e-mails from readers that either have questions about his diagnosis because their child too was diagnosed with PDD-NOS…or questions about how I organize / structure certain things around the house to better help me and him. I have and will always accept those e-mails and I answer them! So if you need to reach out, please feel free!

We don’t allow his diagnosis to define who he is…and truly, he doesn’t either. He has consistently exceeded every goal and my favorite is when he proves everyone wrong and shatters opinions…like when someone told me he’d never read. Uh-huh. Ask him anything about baseball and he’ll talk your ears off. How does he know so much about baseball? Because he’s a voracious reader.

For those blessed with a special needs child, you know very well how much paperwork comes in, how much there is to manage and how difficult it is to stay on top of….and keep organized! It’s overwhelming for me and I’m a pro here. As I said, I previously shared my organized special needs binder


But after a few years, it was time to update using the Duo Binders. All I did was transfer the relevant papers over to my Duo and make certain everything was up to date / filed correctly. No need for the special inserts anymore because I have an accordian file in the binder too!

Streamline, people!

Since I created my original binder a few years ago, we moved to a new state, have a new therapy schedule and he has an IEP with our new school district. Now everything is organized in one convenient Duo Binder. I also included recent report cards, reports from therapists and specialists, and more. Here’s my full detailed list of categories:

* Contact Info (for various therapists we see, have seen or may see in the future)
* Current therapy schedule
* School District (IEP, School Assessments, End of School Year Reports)
* Children’s Hospital (This was our first assessment results. I enjoy seeing how far he has progressed.).
* Psych Eval (official eval paperwork + copies)
* Speech and Language Eval (official eval paperwork + copies)
* OT Eval (official eval paperwork + copies)
* Pragmatics Info and Reports
* Current school year report cards

Having all of his paperwork in one spot – and organized – is key to keeping my stress level low on this paper topic. Whenever I need to find something for a teacher, school office or doctor, I know exactly where to find it.

And now you can too!

2 lucky Simply Organized readers are each going to receive 10 Duo Binders to get organized!

We’d love to open this giveaway to those touched by a special needs child or organizations that assist children with special needs. Having a special needs child is costly with therapy expenses, special school costs and so much more. The giveaway is open to everyone, and we won’t turn anyone away, but we’d love to see a worthy family or organization in the special needs community win this wonderful giveaway!

As usual, with all of my giveaways, entry is simple. Enter one way or every way to up your chances. Be sure to share this with family and friends over social media too! We’d love to get the word out to those in need!

Good luck everyone! And be sure to check out the Samsill website to see all of their great products!

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  1. Wilma Hovius says:

    These look like great binders…We just got our first IEP for my oldest (in Kindergarten), so the adventure (the good and the bad) begins…*gulp*


  2. Kallie says:

    These would be awesome!! I have scanned most of our older IEP's, progress reports, evals, etc., which helped tame that crazy paper tiger. I do, however, still like having hard copies of evals and of course the most current paperwork, so these duo binders would be awesome! I also shared your fabulous giveaway on one of our local special needs facebook pages!

  3. These make organization so much fun. Plus, they are screaming to be displayed, not just stored or filed away. I would love these. With four kids, a hubby, two cars, and a house to maintain, organization is a must!

  4. muriel says:

    I could use these for tracking all our relocation papers.

  5. These look amazing!! I am a Speech Therapist and can think of so many uses for these!! Imagine using these instead of those floppy paper folders that get ripped or lost! Plus I could have one for each of my clients to keep testing, paperwork, evals, etc…let alone what I could do at home with these!!! I love multi-use things!!!

  6. Kathleen says:

    I love binders….these look awesome and can accomplish two ways to store paperwork, which I still do…thanks for the giveaway..

  7. RanchHouse says:

    I am an Educational Diagnostcian in Texas. I have been a Case Manager. Kudos for your paper management. Keep ALL records forever. At some time an agency will loose records needed for diagnosis / services / etc. One of my true joys was review of records beginning at birth for 21 year old senior with Downs. Age 3-21 with us and truly accomplished. Mom and the district had every record. Important also is to teach the child or other caregiver how to keep and manage these records. After high school these records continue to play on services. I have worked both ends, those with and without records. Have them ready for me and I can provide services. Lost records delay or even loose services.

  8. Oh Wow! These look fantastic! I have a granddaughter who has OCD, ADHA, and now they think she my have some Autism. She has an appointment to get tested to see where she is on the Spectrum. I would definitely use these to help my daughter and son-in-law keep up with all of her testing and doctors appointments and IEP paperwork plus all the other important documents. These would definitely be a God send to help us keep all of this overwhelming paperwork organized and right where they can find it quickly and easily.

  9. kendra nay says:

    My 21 year old son is Down Syndrome. The duo binders would be great in organizing his work, SSI and bank account info. The system I have now is not working. I'm in the process of rethinking and rearranging, to be more efficient. Thanks for this give away.

  10. Joanna says:

    I'm a special education teacher at an elementary school. I would love to win these to give to my students' parents to help them organize all their paperwork!

  11. Holly E says:

    I would use them to help me keep track of monthly bills.

  12. VAS says:

    With a new house I have so much paperwork to organize. These will come in handy

  13. My daughter has DiGeorge syndrome- and yes, we have a LOT of paperwork! What wouldn't I use these for? Ella's paperwork, taxes, bills, coupons, vacation info, etc. I've never seen a blog post about organizing special needs kids info, so thank you. Very cool

  14. I'll use these in my business! I'm curious as to how you incorporated the drop down contest box in your blog. Care to share? Thanks!

  15. Amy Johnson says:

    I have two boys with Asperger's, so I could definitely use these to keep all of their paperwork organized!

  16. Caits says:

    I would use these to corral all of my daughter's paperwork from her various therapies and insurance claims. These would be very helpful to manage that part of the stress at least!!

  17. I have a special needs guy in my life! Love having all my papers organized! Makes me soooo happy!!

  18. These look awesome! I'm an SLP working with a variety of students with special needs. My project for this school year has been to get my therapy materials organized. I've used binders, and I've used accordion folders. Neither is perfect, but the duo looks like it combines the best of both! Thanks for highlighting these. Even if I don't win, I may have to search them out and buy a few.

  19. Amy says:

    My son is also on the spectrum, has epilepsy & CP. We have a ton of paperwork that's needs to be organized.

  20. Charles says:

    These are great. So good for keeping paperwork together for home and work!

  21. LoriU says:

    Our son is diagnosed PDD-NOS also. He is now 32 and lives with us, and YES there is a lot of paperwork for his job at the workshop, annual evauations, Medicaid, Social Security….lots of paper! These binders would be a HUGE help!

  22. I have a daughter with Noonan Syndrome, Chiari Malformation and aspergers (autisim spectrum disorder) she's my oldest. My youngest has Cerebral pals. We are drowning In Paperwork, IEPs, ARD notes,Dr visits, medicaid, bills, insurance, therapy and on and on. I love this blog post!

  23. My older son is on the spectrum and my younger son has an IEP due to speech issues. I could definitely use one of these binders for each of them.

  24. Sarah Moore says:

    What a wonderful thoughtful giveaway this is. Both my daughter and my husband have epilepsy. These would be a life saver for keeping track of doctors appointments and tracking seizures and organizing important paperwork. I can use all the help I can get right now and these folders would definitely help.

  25. wagnerslp says:

    As a public school speech therapist, there would be awesome for organizing all of my paperwork and for student portfolios!

  26. I have just qualified as a Nurse at the age of 50 years old. These will keep all my paperwork organised

  27. Monique says:

    Thank you so much! I'm honored to be a winner. I'm in organizing mode…so it's great timing!

  28. Charles says:

    Thank you! This is wonderful! I have a nephew with special needs and we also have a "Fun Day" coming up at our church for children with special needs and their families. I am excited to have enough to organize some things in my own home and share some with others!

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