Organized Freezer: Top / Bottom Style Fridge

Aug 27

Last week I shared the details behind my organized freezer drawer in my garage fridge…
Many of you reached out to ask about additional ways to organize a freezer…for example, a fridge that’s a top / bottom model. In my home, the kitchen fridge opening is super tiny. It’s meant for a 1960s size fridge. Clearly, since then fridge styles and sizes have changed. While I’ve had to adjust quite a bit to life in my tiny kitchen with my tiny top / bottom fridge, I’ve still managed to make the most of this small freezer…

To organize the inside of the freezer, I used 4 handled storage baskets and 1 small multi-purpose bin. Both are inexpensive products from The Container Store.

The multi-purpose bin is great for storing frozen yogurt tubes. I put these in school lunches or the kids have them as a snack. And it makes us of the vertical space…

The handled baskets are great for storing any kind of frozen food by category. The handles make for easy grabbing…

I don’t use anything special in my freezer door. Like most freezers, the door already has to 2 compartments. I keep it simple here and use what’s available…

So easy, you guys!If you have a top door freezer like this model, and you’re struggling to keep the contents organized and easy to find, try these inexpensive products! And keep in mind, any product I recommend is generally useful in other areas of your home. So if you outgrow the system or it doesn’t work for you, these solutions can be used in countless ways in other areas of your home!

Go organize that freezer and have a great day!

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  1. justasiam says:

    What tips can you suggest for organizing a chest freezer?

  2. aclark says:

    I also could use suggestions for the chest freezer? Ours is like a black hole, never to be seen again storage!

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