How To Clean Pottery Barn Rustic Pendant Lights

Jan 5

While taking down Christmas decor, many of us are also deep cleaning…our bodies after all that holiday food and our homes. Ha! My fridge was the first to get a little TLC. But a close second on my list was my new Pottery Barn pendant lights in the kitchen…

I shared my new lights a few weeks ago (here) and several people commented on the blog / social media about what a pain it is to clean these little beauties. I was so sad to hear that!

But chin up, friends…I think I’ve figured out the mystery. And it’s simple – it’s a microfiber cleaning cloth for glass! Do you remember a few weeks ago when I shared this post about microfiber cleaning products? Using the same microfiber glass cleaning cloth, I was able to buff the glass on the pendants to a clear shine. No streaking!

How to clean Pottery Barn pendant lights!

Matter of fact, so clear and shiny it was nearly impossible taking after photos to share on the blog! I couldn’t get my camera to focus on the light…it wanted to focus through the light to the object behind it – haha!

To clean my lights, I first started with my favorite glass cleaner…

How to clean Pottery Barn pendant lights!

The only reason I did this is because I hadn’t cleaned the lights since they were installed last year. I dusted them, but hadn’t thoroughly cleaned them yet. There was quite a bit of dirt on the cord and light itself that needed removing. So first I started with a quick clean using my glass cleaner…

How to clean Pottery Barn pendant lights!

After cleaning, I could definitely see the smudges and streaking that were mentioned in the comments. So next up was buffing the lights with my glass microfiber kit.

Worked like a charm you guys!! Look at this shine…

How to clean Pottery Barn pendant lights!

How to clean Pottery Barn pendant lights!

No smudges or streaks – just a perfectly clear pendant light!

How to clean Pottery Barn pendant lights!

For those of you that struggled with cleaning this pretty light, I hope this helps solve your issue! If you’re interested in the microfiber glass cleaning set I have, this is the version I purchased from amazon. It’s an 8-pack for only $13…

As you can see in the background, my tree is still up. But that’s changing because I’m home sick today with my little one. Yes, for the first week of a new year! #funtimes Actually, I can’t complain…love having time alone with just her and we’re dismantling Christmas together!

Have a good day everyone and happy cleaning!

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  1. Jo says:

    I buy my microfiber clothes in the automotive dept at Target or Walmart. Large size wash great and reasonable FYI.

  2. Nancy says:

    I know this post was a while ago, but I have some lights that are similar and my lighting store told me to put rain-x on the inside and outside of the light. They said that will keep the light shiny and streak free! Just thought I’d pass it along!

  3. kim says:

    the open ones are easy to clean, the closed orbs are hell.
    If you are neat freak, like me, they will drive you batty. They fog up and look nasty.

    I live in Florida and the humidity is pretty bad. I was having to climb on a ladder every week to clean them.

    Finally, I contacted PB and returned them.

    • Samantha says:

      Hi Kim!

      Oh, I see – thankfully mine are wide open and easy to clean. Can’t imagine if they were closed…and I could only imagine with the humidity. Hope you found a great replacement!


  4. D'Andria says:

    Thank you so much for this tip!!! I just installed this ver pendant and was having buyer’s remorse as well due to all the streaks. I purchased the Amazon pack per your advice. You are a life saver!!!

  5. Indiana says:

    This is great advice. Thank you!!

  6. Cristi says:

    I too find these lights a real pain to keep clean. Going to try the microfiber rag. But additionally the little orb at the top, mine too is foggy and it’s driving me crazy. Not sure how to get inside of that part to clean it. Anyone have any tips??

  7. Margaret Wilson says:

    I called Pottery Barn about two weeks ago to see how to clean inside the top clear orb as you are calling it. Mine is so foggy and dirty. No response yet. This is regarding light 84-78170.

    • April says:

      Please share what they say. I have the exact problem and it’s driving me nuts!!

      • Nancy Klos says:

        I have these lights and emailed PB customer service about not being able to clean the “orb” above the dome. They told me there was nothing they could do to help and recommended I go to a lighting store and ask them what to do. If anyone ever got a solution, I would love to hear.

        • Samantha says:

          Oooooohhh, good question! I sold my home where these lights are located…do you mean the inner orb on the top? I can’t remember if mine were accessible or not. Hmmmmm…. And they should help you with cleaning tips…that doesn’t seem right / fair to me. 🙂


  8. Mary Anne says:

    I don’t have these particular pendant but glass Jefferson Pendant that is a reverse bell. I clean then about every 6 weeks by taking them down and using vinegar and about 2 teaspoons of cornstarch. Dry them with an old linen cloth! sparkling clean! It really only takes me about 15 minutes to take down all 3 and put back up. Hope this helps someone!!

  9. Lori says:

    I am having the same problem with my pottery barn pendants. The only solution I can come up with is to paint the upper orb black. There is no way to take these pendants apart. So frustrated!

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