Simply Done: Grandma’s Organized Game Closet

Feb 17

What’s more fun than spending time at Grandma and Grandpa’s house? Spending time with them and having a closet full of toys, games and crafts just for you!

I recently had the pleasure of working for a very special Grandma. She was referred to me by a client, which is the best kind of referral. When a client refers a friend or family member, it means the World to me. While I typically work for mom’s / families, to be totally honest…I’ve enjoyed the generational change. Her mom has a few hot spots around the house and we’ve been working our way through each one week by week. Before Christmas, however, this toy and game closet needed attention. With the holidays approaching, Grandma knew the kids would be around quite a bit. So in a few hours the closet went from this…

Organized Toy & Game Closet

To this…

Organized Toy & Game Closet

*Sorry for the yellowish / blurry images. This spot was hard to photograph. 

Organizing this closet was simply a matter of taking everything out, purging unused or worn out toys / games, categorizing and then re-containing in some cases so that all is now easy to find. And more importantly, easy to put away! This top shelf made me particularly nervous. I had visions of everything toppling down on someone…

Organized Toy & Game Closet

Organized Toy & Game Closet

When it’s organized behind a door, I opt for clear containment. In this case, you don’t even need to label anything. You’d be surprised how many clients opt for no label…so this works nicely.

It’s always amazing to me how much can be accomplished in only 2-3 hours…which was about how much time it took to tear this closet apart and put it all back together! If you’re struggling to organize spaces around your home, my tip is to create of list of the areas you’d like to tackle. Then once a week, set a timer for 2 hours (less even) and completely dedicate yourself to the space. Don’t leave the room to put items away somewhere else…that can be done after. Stay dedicated to the task/area you’re working on. I promise, you’ll be amazed how much you accomplish!

Happy organizing, friends!

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