The Uncluttered Mother’s Day Gift Guide

May 2

As a mother receiving gifts on Mother’s Day or a child giving a gift to your mother, isn’t it great to give / receive a gift that’s not only loved, but one that’s useful? Purposeful? Meaningful? Doesn’t cause additional chores? Helps brighten your day, keeps you organized and doesn’t add to the seemingly never-ending clutter at home? Personally, I tend to overthink when it comes to gift-giving. My last desire is to give a gift they have to figure out how to return or feel badly about donating. And I spend time thinking about what the recipient has casually mentioned they liked or wanted.

A solid tip that will guide you to a great Mother’s Day gift (or any type of gift!) is think about what YOU would like to receive, while also keeping their taste in mind. This should be pretty easy if you’re a mom yourself. For example, in my case and that of most moms I know, we rarely spend time taking care of ourselves. We probably go to the gym, but don’t spend time getting new workout clothing. So consider some new workout clothes from Nordstrom or a nice workout bag or new water bottle. An idea that’s never old is a nice foot massage certificate to a local spa or if that’s not in the budget, a nice foot spa for home like this one! Maybe an appointment to a local skin care spa so she can finally track down that perfect daily sunblock for her face and hands. For moms, it’s generally those little things for ourselves that never get attention. We don’t have time!

Just remember to keep in mind what you would consider clutter in your home and avoid those types of gifts. #nomorecoffeemugs

While I never give the gift of clutter, sometimes giving a little gift is necessary or a nice touch. So I put together this small uncluttered gift guide!

Trust me, I’m a mother myself and a professional organizer. I work with people’s stuff all day long and see what goes to donation centers. I put a lot of thought into this guide and what I could truly use if someone gifted me. You can click on some of the images below in this collage to get right to the product for ordering, or read on for my thoughts about each!…

  1. You Look Lovely Compact – What woman doesn’t need a mirrored compact in her purse? I don’t even have one, which caused me to add this little gem to my gift guide. No more checking your teeth in your smartphone camera app. It’s less then $10 too!
  2. Caterpillar Bud Vase – This petite bud vase would look perfect on her kitchen windowsill or in her bathroom. The right size to bring the perfect amount of cheer to any space. Comes in 2 sizes starting at only $20!
  3. Dish Towels – Every mom could use new dish towels – they get dingy so fast. And these 2 options will remind her of you every time she uses them (here and here). Only $8 each!
  4. Ringly Aries Bracelet – Jewelry meets tech with a stylish twist! This bracelet connects to mom’s phone and then notifies her with lights or vibrations. She programs when she wants to be notified, which means she won’t be annoyed with anything other than the necessary. Amazing!
  5. Family Roots Framed Art – A precious take on a traditional family tree. Would look perfect on her entry table or as part of her gallery wall – only $25!
  6. Dear Mom Jewelry Tray – Give mom a little spot to drop jewelry at the end of the day – and make it easy for her to find what she needs in the morning. This small tray doesn’t allow much to accumulate either so clutter isn’t likely. Only $13!
  7. Colorblock Gray Vase – Just a little bud vase to add a touch of pretty to her bedside table, kitchen sink or bathroom vanity. Don’t forget to fill it with her favorite flower on Sunday! Only $10!
  8. Home Is Where Your Mom Is Pillow – There is never a reason to not have a comfortable throw pillow for mom. While sitting on the couch watching Housewives or relaxing in bed reading a book, a pillow will save her back. And the message on this one is so sweet – just $16!
  9. Stacking Apothecary Jar – A great set of 3 jars that keeps her favorites organized separately and vertically! This is a great set for entertaining or for organizing her jewelry or bathroom supplies.

Hope you’re able to find something in my gift guide, especially if you’ve been struggling to locate the perfect gift.

I’d like to wish all of the moms reading this a very special day / upcoming weekend! Hope you’re totally spoiled and pampered…or have plans to do something that is all about celebrating YOU! Happy Mother’s Day everyone!

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