Simply Done: Stunning Cabinet-Style Pantry

Jun 6

Not everyone has the luxury of a spacious walk-in pantry. And if you aren’t one of those folks with a walk-in, get comfortable with the fact you’re not alone. Most homes I work in have cabinet-style pantries…and they are awesome, I might add! Honestly, if I had a choice, I’d go with cabinet-style every time because when you have a smaller space to work with, you’re less likely to accumulate too much. You’re also more likely to focus on getting them super organized and efficient.

Recently, I had the pleasure of working with a sweet mom that has cabinet pantries in various spots around her kitchen. She has a pull-out pantry as well as 2 cabinet pantries. All 3 are now beautifully (and simply) organized!

With very few products, this cabinet is set up for success and ease of finding it all…

Organized Cabinet-Style Pantry on Simply Organized

Organized Cabinet-Style Pantry on Simply Organized

cereal containers // canned food risers // clear pantry bins

She has a special love for lentils and spices so we re-organized that cabinet as well. This one takes my breath away every time I see it. No need for labeling everything, just a few have labels which are hidden on the back of the jars (her choice)..

Organized Cabinet-Style Pantry on Simply Organized

Organized Cabinet-Style Pantry on Simply Organized

glass cracker jars // artisan oak jars

Pull-out pantries are quickly becoming a regular sight in the newly renovated homes I work in. These are such a fabulous idea, but they do come with weight restrictions. We were careful to add just a few items here, balanced out evenly, which includes her smaller spices, baking items and drink mixes.

Organized Cabinet-Style Pantry on Simply Organized

She already had this clear lazy susan on hand so we used it to contain her small spice jars…

Organized Cabinet-Style Pantry on Simply Organized

similar lazy susan

TIP: If you love those artisan oak jars, keep in mind they may arrive with a slight odor. She and I agreed it was a vinegar smell…and likely due to the lids being of a natural element. I was hesitant to wash the lids so instead aired them out on my garage work table for about a week. After a week only a couple still had the odor remaining, otherwise it was not detectable.


I’ve linked to the products used in these cabinet-style pantries right here in the post, but if you want to browse my entire collection of tried & true products, you can find them all here conveniently on my shop page. Truly, I only share the products that work – not only in my home, but the home of clients that are putting them to the test as well!

Happy pantry organizing!

*affiliate links were added for your convenience – you don’t pay more by clicking a link on my page!

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