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Oct 14

A few months ago, I did my first ever reader survey with surprising results. I’ve been blogging for 5 years – hard to believe that! I love the variety of readers and took in each and every response. This blog is the heart of my business. It’s where everything began. It matters to me not only what I’m sharing, but that it’s 100% authentic and the content is something I love / hopefully something you want to read. Such a balancing act to keep up with since there’s a variety of readers coming for a variety of reasons. Knowing I can’t be everything to everyone, I have been thinking about solutions to satisfy those visiting for organizing tips vs those wanting to become a professional organizer vs those interested in blogging tips.

A few months ago, I joined ConvertKit and it’s been a game changer. For those not interested in the behind the scenes tech stuff (I don’t blame you!), basically – ConvertKit is my vehicle for delivering the newsletter and blog posts to your inbox. That simple. The additional beauty, however, is they also give me the option to segment my friends into lists so the content showing up in your inbox is relevant to you…and why joined me in the first place. So I’m going to really funnel down my lists to make your experience with me enjoyable and not “oh my gosh, another e-mail about something I don’t care about!!!”.

As of now, I have a spot on the sidebar and the main landing page where you can sign up to receive each blog post in your inbox. That means every time I post, I’ll send it your way. I typically blog 2-3x per week, so you would be receiving 2-3 e-mails on average.

I also have an option to join my newsletter, which is my way of keeping your e-mail to a minimum. On average I’ve been sending a newsletter 1-2x per month and it includes a wrap-up of blog posts I’ve written in that time, along with a short note from me.

Coming soon will be a group for those interested in professional organizing – more details soon! This has been a hot topic in my own inbox and on social media. Organizing is an exciting industry to be a part of and I’d love to help everyone individually, but it isn’t possible. I’ve been working on a “little something” that I look forward to sharing soon…so stand-by for more in the coming weeks!

Today?….Today I’m sharing that I’ve created a group for my blog friends!


In 5 years of blogging, I’ve learned A TON! I’m not an expert by any stretch, but what I do have is 5 years of experience (both successes and failures) and a huge network of friends that have taught me along the way. Blogging is a community. You need your community in order for your blog to be successful and grow…if that’s what you desire. Some blog for the fun of it while others blog because they’re trying to build a business or engage with an audience interested in a unique niche. I have so much information to share from affiliate marketing to blog ads to the technical side to the “being authentic” side to the social media side….to the good, bad and ugly. And from time to time I’d love to share great info.

To put it simply, I created a list where you can sign up to receive my blog posts about blogging as well as the delivery of special incentives / discounts / programs that cross my radar…

[convertkit form=4924051]

For example, I wanted to share a heads up about an amazing Blogger Toolkit that’s launching later this month. It’s such a big deal I can’t share the specifics right now. But it will only be on sale for a short amount of time and you will not want to miss it! Ultimate Bundles has gathered the most incredible resources into one HUGE HUGE HUGE package for one very very low price.

I already own a few of the resources included in this bundle – and I paid for those individually. For example, one of the programs I paid for that’s included – I paid the amount of the bundle for it. #ugh Not only will you have access to the programs I own (and will share more about), but you’re getting A TON more. I’m telling you – A TON! So much so that I’m purchasing it myself!

The Toolkit is a curated collection of 62 eBooks, eCourses, audios, and printables on blogging ins and outs from the most brilliant mentors out there. Seriously – so much is packed into this toolkit and can’t wait to share it! This kit will be helpful to someone beginning their journey through experienced blogger’s looking to up their skills.

The package goes on sale October 26 and lasts only 7 days! If you’d like to be notified when the bundle is available for purchase, you can sign up here. But I’ll definitely be back on October 26th with all the deets about this amazing kit!

Don’t forget to join my blogger group too because that is where I’ll be sharing the majority of the info during that 7-day period. Just sign up here!

[convertkit form=4924051]

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