Guilt-Free Organizing: A Solution For Holiday Cards

Jan 6

Happy January! I’m sure you’re well on your way to having those decorations packed up or have plans to get started this weekend. One of the issues we struggle with, however, long after the decor is stowed away is that pile of holiday cards. If you feel guilty tossing those beautiful cards into the recycling bin, this year please try my tried & true no-guilt solution! I shared this idea earlier this year, but it’s definitely worth a re-post. Enjoy!


Every home I work in has a stack of holiday cards. I see it every day. If the cards aren’t sitting on a side table or tucked into a basket on the kitchen counter, they’re in bins in the office or garage. We don’t want to part with those special cards. I get it, I know how difficult it can be to let go of so many beautiful cards your friends and family spend hard earned money on. Many of my clients even have these elaborate, thoughtful ideas as to what they will craft with the cards. But ultimately those ideas aren’t fulfilled because we’re busy.

Toss Those Holiday Cards Without The Guilt!

These days everyone has a smartphone. And in your contacts, more than likely you have the ability to add a photo to each person filed away there. Each year when the holidays end, why not update that contact photo with those beautiful holiday card photos? It’s a simple task and you’ll see those faces all year long…until the next holiday when you can update the image again.

I told you! Easy, thoughtful and you’ll gain back your counter space…AND LOSE THE GUILT! Because let’s be honest, who did this creative idea in your life? No one…but you did! You little rock star.

Contact Picture Image

Changing out the contact image is easy. I have an iPhone so I’m sharing the process for doing this in my phone.

Start by laying your holiday card on a flat surface with good lighting and snap a photo of the card using your smartphone…

Toss Those Holiday Cards Without The Guilt!

Go into your contacts to locate the person / family this image belong to. Click the edit button on the top right…


Toss Those Holiday Cards Without The Guilt!

Then click “edit” under the small image…

Toss Those Holiday Cards Without The Guilt!

You’ll be able to choose an image from your phone or take a photo on the spot. Just grab the image you choose or snap one, then move/scale to your desired appearance. And save it…

Toss Those Holiday Cards Without The Guilt!

Click done and your new image is saved…to be seen every time that person calls you or you call them…

Toss Those Holiday Cards Without The Guilt!

This project doesn’t take long and will add to your happiness all year as you connect with friends and family…and see those cute faces. Now go get rid of those holiday cards…without guilt!!

Happy holiday card organizing friends!

*I linked up this project with Tatertots & Jello and Thrifty Decor Chick

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  1. Jessica says:

    Genius, Sam!

  2. Karen says:

    Awesome idea Sam!

  3. vinomama says:

    Brilliant idea!! I’m going through my holiday cards today and I’ll definitely do this! ????????????

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