Featured In Family Circle and Better Homes & Gardens!

Feb 3

This post is only for the sake of keeping a memory marker on the blog, not as a pat on the back or to gain loads of attention. But I was surprised last month to find myself featured in not one, but TWO magazines!

Simply Organized Featured In Two Magazines!

Yes, and funny enough I was completely unaware until 2 blog friends alerted me. Ha!

Better Homes & Gardens

Last Fall, I was honored to be chosen as a Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker and attended the event in NYC. I know, I still owe you guys the full run down and recap. Soon, I promise! My sweet sweet sweet southern friend and roomie for the event, Brittany, of Addison’s Wonderland was featured in Better Homes & Gardens with me. There we are right in the middle holding a couple granola bars!

Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker Magazine

Can’t wait to tell you all about our super COZY little NYC room. Let’s just say the room was like 200 square feet (maybe) and we shared a double bed. Good times!

The magazine did a recap of the event in their January issue. The 2-page layout is in the front of the magazine…

Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker Magazine

Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker Magazine

I recognized many of the cute faces and stories. It was fun to re-live the event for a moment and it reminded me to get my butt in gear and write that recap for you guys!

Better Homes & Gardens Stylemaker Magazine

Family Circle

Brittany alerted me to the BH&G’s issue, but 2 days later my friend Becky of Clean Mama sent an e-mail saying “Congrats!”. With it was an image of one of my most popular DIY projects illustrated in a magazine.

I immediately asked where she saw it, what the magazine was, etc. We both got a kick out of the fact I was unaware. And funny enough, she was just relaxing at a hair salon reading a magazine when she saw the article. Ha! Good thing she chose that magazine to thumb through!

Simply Organized Featured In Two Magazines!

It’s in the January issue of Family Circle and it’s my Trash Bags on a Roll diy, which is the project that brings loads of new friends to the blog on the daily. Crazy, huh?

Simply Organized in Family Circle Magazine

Anyway, it was a pleasant surprise that can also be found linked on their website.

Both were a nice perk to my new year and I wanted to share them again, for the sake of having the memory safely tucked away on the blog. Sometimes I’m blown away with what can happen when you start writing a blog, sharing your ideas and your work. It’s amazing where it can take you!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Hey Sam! Don’t be shy about posting your wins or media coverage. Your hard work is worth remembering. I put all of that stuff on my web site. Also, the haters love it!

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