Simply Done: Organized Shared Girls Closet with Elfa

Jul 1

This post is coming to you straight from the air as I fly back to my second home, Arkansas! For my long time readers and friends, you know how deep the heartstrings are tugged for this amazing state. It’s where this little blog got it’s feet off the ground and where so many personal memories were made. I’m heading there to work, matter of fact…how’s that for even more exciting?! I’m working 2 fulls day in an office / storage closet and then we’re spending the 4th of July with dear and special friends.

Can’t wait!

Since I’m held captive, figured I’d post another great client project. The transformation of this space is seriously one of my favorites to-date. You won’t believe the before / after!


This sweet family has 2 of their girls sharing a bedroom. The room offers a great walk-in closet, but the system was your average run-of-the-mill “couple of rods and shelves”.

Typically, I don’t share before images. But I wanted you to see how I transformed the space by moving the hanging to the back wall. Sometimes reworking the configuration gives you even more space. Moving all of the hanging to the back wall gave us a ton more room for drawers and shelves on the left.

You can see there are 3 hanging rods in here – overkill! Let’s get some drawers and shelves up in here please!…

Organized Shared Girls Bedroom Closet with Elfa

Organized Shared Girls Bedroom Closet with Elfa


Since we were going to be demo’ing the entire closet, mom ordered a fresh can of paint to match the bedroom walls. We demo’d, patched and painted before the system went up…all in one afternoon, if you can believe it!…

Organized Shared Girls Bedroom Closet with Elfa


After an hour of drying time (we used a quick setting paint and large fans), we were ready to hang the system. Yes, I have shared a lot of Elfa in here…and I’m not getting paid by The Container Store to talk about their system. Elfa is just a no-brainer for kid spaces. Not only is it a great solution for growing / changing kids, but it’s super easy to install and adjust over time!

Remember when I said the transformation was incredible? Have a look at this!…

Organized Shared Girls Bedroom Closet with Elfa

Organized Shared Girls Bedroom Closet with Elfa

Ahhhhh, can you even?! I’m so in love with this bright and airy closet!

The back wall offers double hanging space, long hanging space and shelves to get the shoes up off the floor. The left wall gave the girls 8 drawers, a laundry hamper and loads of shelves for toys and books mom was hoping to tuck away and get off their bedroom floor.


Once we were certain the paint was totally dry, everything went back into the closet. Mom purchased some new hangers for the girls to give them even more space, but otherwise the system itself gave them loads of room…

Organized Shared Girls Bedroom Closet with Elfa

( hangers | white basket )

Organized Shared Girls Bedroom Closet with Elfa

A few weeks later I returned to hang hooks on the right wall, behind the door. The hooks hold swim and sport bags as well as robes. And we hung this sweet bulletin board for the girls to showcase their school work and art…

Organized Shared Girls Bedroom Closet with Elfa

( bulletin board | play kitchen )

Quite the before and after!…

Organized Shared Girls Bedroom Closet with Elfa

Organized Shared Girls Bedroom Closet with Elfa

Such a fun project to work on and was excited to help another family simplify a space in their home!

The Elfa sales are coming soon so don’t rush out to buy just yet. This was purchased on sale this spring. The sales will come around again during their shelving sale (25% off this Fall) and the end of the year Elfa sale (30% off!).

Have a happy and safe 4th guys!

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  1. Nina Badzin says:

    Oooh! Looks fabulous!

  2. Jake says:

    what a transformation! love it

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