How To Deep Clean Without Chemicals

Aug 2

What you may not be aware of is that in my business I not only organize, but I clean for clients too. This just makes sense since pretty much everything is cleared out of the space during the purge / sorting process. I’m sure you can agree that nothing feels better than walking into your newly organized space than knowing it’s also totally deep-cleaned! That look on a stressed-out mom’s face when they know it’s clean AND organized – it’s priceless! It’s an extra service I love to provide and they generally don’t even know it’s going to happen. Everything is cleaned from top to bottom…all the way down to vacuuming on my way out.

Over the years I’ve tried so many cleaners on hundreds of surfaces. Do they work? Sure. And don’t get me wrong, there is definitely a time and space for using cleaning products (ahem, a teen boy’s bathroom – yep, I have one of those!) But the growing trend is for chemical-free and eco-friendly when and where possible. I get it, I feel the same way about healthy cleaning in my own home where 3 children and pets live. So in addition to offering my own arsenal of eco-friendly cleaning products, I now offer clients a totally chemical-free option that cleans using just an e-cloth and water.

Seriously. Just water! And guess what? It’s amazing!


Ace Hardware has an exclusive line of cleaning products, one of which is a large variety of e-cloths. There’s an Ace walking distance from my house and I’m there all the time. It’s been great when I need items in a pinch because it’s so close. There is also an Ace in nearly every city I work in. One day when I popped into the store for materials, I saw their e-cloth collection. What stopped me was noticing their e-cloths clean a variety of surfaces from kitchen counters and sinks to windows and mirrors.

I see and touch it all in a home so I love knowing all I have to bring along is a small collection of e-cloths…and water is available in every home…so there’s that! Easy!

I grabbed a few varieties and gave them a shot – and I was blown away with how amazing they work! And again, with only water! Cleaning with the e-cloth’s was fast, easy and most importantly – eco-friendly and chemical-free.


Ace offers a large variety of e-cloths but my personal favorites are those I had to share with you. My favorites are:

Glass & Polishing e-cloth

Nothing gets glass more spotless! p.s. this item is on sale at Ace next month for $5.99!

High Performance Dusting Glove

My favorite for getting in between strings in blinds and behind electronics. This glove will also be on sale in August – only $19.99!

Cleaning Cloth

This has been great in most spaces from the kitchen to the bathroom.

Bathroom Cleaning Cloth (set of 2)

These work so well on my porcelain sinks.

Electronics Cleaning Cloth

Ummm, fingerprints on your TV screen? Gross stuff on your iPad screens around the house? Yep, this one has your back!

Window Cleaning Cloth

I have a lot of windows around my home and these work perfectly to let us just see outside…not see all the marks and handprints.


Another huge selling point is that I no longer have to lug around tons of cleaning products or refill my supply when low. As a small business owner, saving money is important to me. I never knew how costly it was to run a business until … well, I started one. Good thing this is my passion – haha! Anyway, I save a lot of money not purchasing cleaning products each month. All I have to do is wash and dry my e-cloths and they are ready for my next client project.

Most e-cloth varieties are guaranteed for 300 washes. If you wash them once a week, it would take 6 years to reach up to 300 washes!


It’s been a while since I shared a fun video with you guys, so guess what?…You can watch e-cloth in action with me cleaning a few surfaces around my own home! Couldn’t wait to share this with you…

I truly hope you enjoy this video and that if you have been on the hunt for a chemical-free, cost-effective cleaning option, you found it here today!

Don’t forget e-cloth can be purchased exclusively at Ace Hardware! 

how to deep clean without chemicals simply organized

A big thank you for Ace Hardware for partnering with me on this video! Thank you, Ace!


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  1. How much do you charge to clean and organize a client’s home

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