Video: My October 2017 Obsessions

Oct 20

This series has been a long time coming. Really excited about this! Forever I’ve been hoping to share one video per month that’s fun and different. A little about organization. A little more personal. A lot more fun.

We all love to hear from friends and family about the things they are currently obsessing over. Getting those great tips means you aren’t wasting time and money too. Well, consider me your friend…even a family member! Because from here on, once per month you can look forward to seeing a video that includes my absolute favorites. The things I’m crushing on. Sometimes it might not even be a product…maybe it’s a funny comedian (I love to laugh!) or an experience you should try. Nothing is off limits.

Well, almost nothing I guess.

I’m going to share my favorite clothing, home and beauty items, foods, workout stuff, and more. But of course each video will include something related to organization. And like with my clients, anything I recommend will be something worth the investment…if it’s something you need. I’m not product pushy when it comes to organizing, but in this line of work…I’ve seen and tried hundreds of products. I do know what works and what is simply a waste of money.

And I can promise you this….these videos will not be sponsored. These are my seriously genuine obsessions. Real. Honest. The things I am actually head over heels about. I promise.

You can see my October 2017 Favorites video right here…everything I mention is linked at the bottom of this post!…

Wanted to elaborate a bit more about some things mentioned in this video.

One thing I sorta failed to do was adequately explain what I meant about creating a new habit. I was trying to get the video content out quickly and not make the video 20+ minutes. Guess I rushed it a bit. I’m learning! Anyway, in the section where I spoke about vitamins, what I meant to say completely was that in order to create a new habit, it helps to attach it to a habit you are already having success with. The example I shared was moving my vitamins to the counter near my coffee maker. Without fail, one of the first things I do every morning is make coffee. Having those vitamins sitting on the counter means that while coffee is brewing, I take my vitamins. And I do. Every day. When they were in my bathroom, I never took them at night…which was previously how I thought the habit would go down.

So try to attach a new habit to something you are already successful with.

I couldn’t figure out how to add photos of me in my favorite outfit into the video…still learning that technology. So here are some images of me at work wearing this obsession. Seriously, it’s been my uniform for more than 2 years…

Told you. Obsessed.

These are the Zella Live In High Waist leggings and the Zella Stardust Training Jacket. They last forever and wash well. The white jacket tends to rub against my face and neck, so it gets a little make-up on the collar. It all washes out. And beautifully.

And I seriously can not not not not recommend enough my friend’s new handbag hanger! I shared it with my Instagram community a few weeks ago and everyone went nuts. With good reason! There is no hanger like this on the market. She really nailed it!…

I’ve working in so many closets and in each one there was no perfect answer for handbags. They were generally flopped over on a shelf, sitting on the floor or shoved into drawers. If you have the hanging space for your good handbags, use that space and get this hanger!…

( luxe bag care )

I hope you enjoy the video! Look forward to sharing one next month!



Zella Live In High Waist Leggings

Zella Stardust Training Jacket


Nature Made Hair Skin & Nails

Nature’s Bounty Optimal Solutions Hair Skin & Nails

Dermalogica Special Cleansing Gel


Kodiak Cakes Pancake / Waffle Mix

Kodiak Cakes Frozen Waffles (found at your local market)

Barney Almond Butter


Capri Blue Pumpkin Clove Candle


Luxe Bag Care Handbag Hanger

Multi-Purpose Bins

*Some affiliate links were used for your convenience. Thank you for supporting me and this blog so I can continue to deliver great content for you! xoxo





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  1. Kim says:

    You need to link the other products mentioned in the video too! You are so cute in the video, loved watching!

  2. Elizabeth says:

    Can you do a quick tutorial on how you tie your hair in the knot?

  3. jennibell says:

    Great video. . .sometimes printed words aren’t enough. . .love seeing you with the product. Great job! I wrote down some gift ideas as well as your phrase “attach a new habit to something you are already successful with” — great advice!

    • Samantha says:

      Thank you so much!! I’m looking forward to sharing more of these – and I’m not a huge fan of being on camera. But as you said, it helps so much to see someone talking as opposed to reading.

      Thank you so much for the comment!!

  4. Randi says:

    I loved this video! We just moved from from New Jersey to Plano, TX. We have been in an apt for 2 months but just bought a house. Very different layout than my East Coast home. One child in college, 1 teen home trying to do a major purge once again, my goal is to move in with less and have an organization system in place. Your tips are very helpful!

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